Ali Mischke, Advanced Structural Integrator, Registered Yoga Teacher

2464 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 315A, Cambridge, MA 02140 United States • 617-257-6857•

Ali offers intelligent body therapy for healthy posture and lasting pain relief. Structural integration is a system of deep-tissue bodywork and movement re-education. Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Ida Rolf, structural integration brings about lasting improvement to your posture, your movement, and your ability to adapt to the changing demands of daily life. Structural integration seeks root causes, rather than addressing symptoms. Our habits and hobbies, past injuries, surgeries and emotional stresses all affect how we stand, sit and move. Over time, we develop body-wide patterns of compensation that create chronic discomfort, make us prone to injury, and guzzle energy just to hold ourselves up against gravity. Ali addresses restriction in the fascia (the connective tissue that holds every cell together), nerves, arteries, and sometimes organs to unwind global patterns that contribute to the symptoms you are experiencing. As your body recovers its natural length, freedom and balance through manual therapy, Ali guides you through simple awareness exercises that help you use and maintain that newfound freedom. For more information or to book a session online, visit