Steph Zabel, M.s. / Flower Folk Herbs

Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144 • steph@flowerfolkherbs.com • www.flowerfolkherbs.com

I teach people about herbalism--the art and science of plant medicine--so that they can live a more vibrant, healthy and connected life. I offer ongoing herbal classes and private wellness sessions. My work focuses on educating and inspiring people about herbs -- I teach about local plants, herbal medicine-making techniques, plant identification and useful herbs that every household can use.


Jennifer Edgar / Kindred Naturals

PO Box 498, Truro, Massachusetts (MA) 02666 • info.kindrednaturals@gmail.comwww.kindrednaturals.com

Brief Description of Your Business: Kindred provides herbal consultations and classes for women, as well as comprehensive doula services including lactation counseling, childbirth and newborn education, product consulting, and registry development. Inspired by the wisdom and art of Western community herbalism and the midwifery model of care, Kindred offers methodical, evidence-based support while embracing the unique and intuitive dimensions of healing, birthing, and womanhood.

I am currently living in Washington, D.C. and I spend summers on Cape Cod where I offer classes and consultations. I am available to travel/teach/consult in the Boston area in July and August, and I am always available for phone consultations. Please contact me for further details.


Nature Cures Clinic / Cathy Picard N.D.

250 Eddie Dowling Highway, North Smithfiled, RI 02896 USA • 401-597-0477 • drcathypicard@yahoo.com

I am Naturopathic Physician, in practice since 2005. I have a general Natuopathic family care practice. I have a special interest in behavioral and developmental disorders in children. I am board certified in Integrative Pediatrics. Alongside the Naturopathic cornerstones of nutrition, herbalism and homeopathy, I work with a European system of homeopathy and biologic medicines known as Biotherapuetic Drainage, and I do Bowen Therapy. (for more info, see my website www.drcathypicard.com) I got my start in the Natural Health industry in the mid 90's as produce co-manager at what was then known as "Cambridge Natural Foods". :)