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In my practice acupuncture and massage combine to give optimal results. I also do Reiki. These three modalities each move the body's energies in similar ways but with subtle differences. Electromagnetic forces in the body have been my fascination for more than two decades. Working with these energies creates significant changes and can restore body functioning to normal. This is how the body is catalyzed to heal itself. I treat a wide range of disorders with these techniques, specialties are in treating: headache, gastrointestinal disharmony, joint and muscle pain, fertility, sciatica, among others.


Acupuncture Partners

Sarah E Fuller, M.Ac., Lic.Ac. | Rachel Hartstein, B.Sc., Lic.Ac. | Zach Parsons, M.Ac, Lic.Ac

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With over 35 years combined experience in the healing arts, we provide the highest quality acupuncture care, in soothing private treatment rooms, at some of the most affordable prices in the Boston area. Our practitioners are nationally-known educators who employ the ancient art of acupuncture combined with a modern understanding of biomedicine and energy medicine. We pledge to work in partnership with you; to act with integrity and compassion; to administer healing care in a safe and supportive environment; and to educate and inspire you to make healthy choices for yourself.


Denise Patnod Acupuncture Patnod, MA, Lic. Ac. M. Ac.

22 Hilliard Street, 1st Flr., Cambridge, MA, Greater Boston Area, MA 02138 • 617-820-6864 •

Acupuncture and guided meditation offered to populations seeking holistic focus for healing. Provide student discount and Invoices to BXBS for reimbursements. Specialized in : PAIN, FERTILITY and ANXIETY imbalances. Call or, email Denise Patnod, Lic. Ac. for more information, all calls returned promptly.

BODY + ENERGY WORK / Acupuncture + TCM