The Minimalist Makeover: Simple, healthy and all YOU, with five beautiful products

This guest post was written by Kristin Jorgenson, one of our favorite customers and sales brokers, who works with Dr. Hauschka skin care. Kristin has gorgeous skin and wears flawless, minimal make up, always looking completely radiant when she pops in the store.

The Minimalist Makeover is for anyone who wants to achieve a healthy, natural look using just a few skin-loving, non-toxic cosmetics. The look is also known as “YOU, on the best day of your life.”  

You: hydrated, healthy, rested, and happy, on a gorgeous, breezy summer day, sparkling, in love.

Before applying any make-up, one must care for their skin with a gentle cleanser, toner and the appropriate day cream for their skin’s current condition. I love Dr. Hauschka’s Quince Day Cream for its clean finish and protective antioxidant ingredients.

Here are the top 5 products I use when performing a Minimalist Makeover, all by Dr. Hauschka Skin Care:

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Dr. Hauschka Foundation: This is a brand new formula that I’m wild about. It goes on smoothly and evenly on a well-moisturized face. The foundation contains oils of coconut, apricot and macadamia, which sounds like dessert but lends to hydration and smooth, protected skin. The coverage is light to medium, never heavy, allowing the skin’s natural radiance to come through - but effectively concealing any blemishes or colorations that are inconsistent. I’ve found this new foundation to work as well as a concealer when sponged under the eyes - which was a nice surprise, and keeps us on our theme of minimalism.


Translucent Bronzing Tint: This product is well loved by make up artists everywhere for its perfected formula and unbelievable versatility. The liquid mineral tint contains olive oil and beeswax for a hydrating, blendable application, anthyllis (a healing botanical extract present in many Dr. Hauschka products) and witch hazel for a toning effect. The bronzing tint can be mixed with day cream, sunscreen, or foundation to deepen the shade. It can also be applied strategically with fingers, a makeup sponge or a makeup brush to contour areas of the face, which would naturally be touched by the sun. 


Rouge: I love rouge. The right rouge brings the face back to life almost instantly. Dr. Hauschka has really accomplished minimalism by providing the only 3 rouge shades one could need- a bright coral, a rosy pink and a soft nude. These mineral rouge powders contain silk powder, lending a slight luminescence in the light, as well as witch hazel and sage to soothe and refresh. Dr. Hauschka’s International Make-up artist Karim Sattar taught us to ad a touch of rouge to the eyelids to give a youthful look. I’m hooked on that technique.


Mascara: Natural mascara is sometimes the product that brings people to natural cosmetics due to eye sensitivity. Many people, however, transition to natural mascara more slowly because they believe that eyelashes aren’t as affected by chemicals as the skin is. I’d like to challenge this! Dr. Hauschka’s Mascara contains delicious smelling Rose Petal Wax, soothing eyebright and black tea and neem leaf extract the strengthen lashes. For more oomph, the volume mascara is a firmer formula with a great volumizing brush. Ingredients such as candellila wax, beeswax, neem leaf extract and cane sugar result in plump, long and healthy lashes for beautiful, expressive eyes. 


Novum Lipstick: This is my favorite decision to make when finishing a makeover. By this point, the person is relaxed and their skin is looking fresh and dewy. Using hair, eye, skin tone and colors/type of clothing I choose either a pop of color or a shade very close to their natural lip color. Dr. Hauschka’s Lipstick Novum is the most hydrating lip color I have ever used thanks to Vitamin E rich Moroccan Oil, Jojoba Oil and protective Rose Wax. Lipstick Novums come in 4 amazing shades, Sand Dune (a copper nude with hints of lavender), Miraculous Rose (a tawny pink), Laid Back Apricot (a warm peach) and Exhilarating Berry (a gorgeous shade somewhere between raspberry and wine that looks different on every person I’ve ever used it on).