Six Autumn Essentials to Get You Through 'til Winter Break

The holiday break is just around the corner, folks! Alex put together this list of six must-haves for getting through the fast-paced autumn season in style:

Simply Curated: These small sized travel candles are beautiful and smell great. I love the idea of being able to bring them with me on my travels! Simply Curated uses 100% pure soy wax that is sourced from the US only, as well as domestically sourced wood wicks. They are always hand poured and phthalate free and oh so pretty!

Klean Kanteen: recently introduced these slimmer mouthed insulated bottles. Perfect for the winter, they will keep your coffee or tea hot literally for hours. Or for that hardcore New Englander, it will keep the ice in your cold brew from melting. Either way, you will be cutting down on those wasteful to go cups and sipping on something delicious!

Soul Sunday: This beautifully branded aromatherapy roll-on are made from coconut oil and 100% pure essential oils. perfect for decompressing on the go, you can apply this oil to your temples and wrists and breathe in!

Perfect Fuel: These little bites of energy will satisfy your chocolate craving while providing a quick boost! This Boston based company makes bite sized chocolate with ginseng, espresso or chia. All delicious and help get you through your day or work out!

Pure Life GABA-Max: Stressed? Me too. That’s okay… with a little bit of GABA, one may feel chill within no time. The main ingredient of this formula is compound known as Phenyl-GABA, a derivative of the well established endogenous inhibitory neurotransmitter in our brains, GABA. When taken orally, Phenyl-GABA crosses the blood-brain barrier and may support feelings of relaxation. While many like this product, please do consult your physician when trying any new supplement!

Herbalogic Fixed Focus: Herbalogic focuses on Chinese herbal blends and use three methods of extraction, water, glycerin and alcohol, to provide you with an extra potent and unique product. Their Fixed Focus blend helps support mental clarity and concentration without making you feel wired or jittery.