New Tonic Blends from Oregon's Wild Harvest!

"Everything is interrelated. Healthy food is our medicine. Growing herbs on a holistic farm is just another quest in our path to provide customers with only the healthiest plant material available on the planet." - Randy Buresh, Co-Founder, Oregon's Wild Harvest

The power of herbal remedies and food as medicine is a synergistic relationship between all of our senses coming in contact with a plant or blend of plants. The experience begins with our nose, scent triggers a response in our body that yes, this is good, show me more.

As we begin to taste, we wake up our cells to the medicine as it enters our blood stream. Finally we begin to feel the nuances and effects of the herbs or food we have just consumed. This can happen in a matter of seconds and linger long after we've sipped our tea or eaten our breakfast. 

Here at Cambridge Naturals we patiently awaited the arrival of certified biodynamic herbal tonics by Oregon's Wild Harvest. They are here! We are elated to share this limited run of supplements that were made in small batches, only from the plants the land yielded. We are honored to be one of the few shops to carry these products. Below I share two of the six tonics that I've quickly become a fan of.

HappyBelly is Oregon's Wild Harvest's take on herbal bitters. Fresh burdock root, artichoke leaf, fresh dandelion root, peppermint leaf, and yarrow are combined to create a delicious, powerful blend of herbs to support healthy digestion. A serving size of only 1/2 a teaspoon is recommended and the taste is warm and spicy finishing with a hint of sweet licorice root and cinnamon bark. I've used this blend before a meal to promote healthy digestive juices and afterward to keep gas and bloating at bay. With the colder seasons upon us, I can see myself using this blend to promote circulation and especially to help break down rich, hearty, and sometimes indulgent meals. 



Namaste is a blend to soothe a frazzled or anxious nervous system. This is possibly one of the most important tonics for me, especially during times of transition, whether that be seasonal or just throughout my day. Some of my strongest herbal allies make up this blend: fresh milky oat tops, fresh passionflower tops, skullcap tops, and fresh lemon balm. With a hint of lavender, just the aromatics of this blend quickly quiet my overactive system, bringing me into a state of calm peace. I not only find this blend to be helpful during stressful situations, but it has been important for promoting a deep, restful sleep when I can't seem to quiet my mind. 

Here at the store we offer 4 other flavors, creating a 6-tonic rainbow of herbal support. We'd be happy to talk to you about all of them and find the best blend for you. 

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