Not Just Skin Deep: Our Natural Body Care Rituals

The truth is, when it comes to body care, the products you use every day go more than skin deep. At Cambridge Naturals our mission is to provide you with the best choices in truly natural, healthy and effective body care products that you can feel good about putting onto your body's largest organ: your skin. Whether it's five or 15, each of us on staff has body care products that we just can't live without. They make up our daily body care routines, helping us start and end each day feeling clean, refreshed, beautiful.

In this new blog series, our staff will tell the story of the products they use every day in their own body and beauty care rituals. Zack, our Assistant Manager and champion of our improved Men's Section, is the first one to step up to the plate! Read on for all of Zack's favorites...

(1) Black Willow Bark Shaving Soap by A Wild Soap and (2) Vegan Shaving Brush by Omega

I love shaving, but it took me years of razor burn as well as trying different products and techniques to get to this point. If only I had known about natural shaving soaps! Now I look forward to shaving instead of dreading it. This is an incredible shaving soap infused with Black Willow Bark extract to sooth irritation and Activated Charcoal for exfoliation. Shaving soap is an often misunderstood body care product; it will work on its own but works amazingly better if you use shaving oil and a shaving brush. I like the Omega brand Vegan Shaving Brush and the Badger Shaving Oil. The key is to take your time and turn shaving from a chore to a joy.

Using a wet shaving brush, rub the shaving soap until a dense lather develops and then gently brush the lather into your oiled skin. And only shave in one direction before rinsing off and re-lathering!

(3) Clay Dry Deodorant - White Pine by Adama Minerals

How many deodorants does one have to try before they find the right one?! I have searched high-and-low for a deodorant that works through my entire workday that doesn't irritate my skin and doesn't smell like I'm wearing cologne. This is one of my new favorites, it goes on smooth without friction, smells 'clean', and gives me a good 6-8 hours of full effect. It also comes in three other scents. Two or three swipes and I’m good to go for the day.

(4) Scalp: Follicle Treatment and Volumizer for Thinning Hair by John Masters

Like a lot of people I rotate shampoos and conditioners every so often.  And despite my best efforts, my hair is thinning fast. Some shampoos and conditioners can help by volumizing it or giving me a better balance of cleanliness and moisture, but this spray from John Masters is the best solution I have found. It is light in texture like water, is full of scalp stimulating herbs and essential oils, and leaves your hair and scalp feeling fabulous. Mist on after toweling off and gently massage into the scalp and hair.  It’s no “miracle hair loss cure!” but it has helped improve my scalp and I like the way it leaves my hair looking, clean but not frizzy.

(5) Neem & Turmeric Face Wash by Himalaya

Oily skin can be a struggle, especially when you’ve got blemish prone skin too. This face wash from Himalaya is a great pick for anyone with oily, blemish prone skin who doesn’t want their skin drying out immediately after washing. Not only does it leave your skin feeling super-clean, it smells like fresh marjoram! I like to begin my day with this wash and end it with something more astringent.

(6) Lemon Thyme Hydrosol and (7) Sea Algae Serum by EvanHealy 

What can I say about EvanHealy… their products are simply the best. Their Sea Algae Serum is a slick, lighter serum that is packed with natural antioxidants and beneficial oils and leaves the skin feeling smooth and looking radiant. And I love using their Lemon-Thyme Hydrosol for its oil-balancing and anti-microbial properties. It is honestly my favorite smell in the entire world.  After washing your face morning or night, spray liberally with hydrosol and finish with one or two pumps of this serum. Heaven.