Not Just Skin Deep: Alex's Picks

This is the second post in our series Not Just Skin Deep - the products our staff use every day in their body care routines. Alex is one of the buyers in our body care department and has a background in cosmetology. She's scouted some wonderful new items for the skin care section, including A Wild Soap, and is always on the look out for amazing natural make up products!


1. Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil

This organic castor oil has been a great addition to my oil cleansing routine. I like to mix it with organic sweet almond oil and a touch of rosemary essential oil to create a facial cleansing solution in place of a traditional face wash. Castor oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and is a bit astringent, which is helpful for removing impurities from the skin.  Heritage Store’s castor oil comes in a nice big glass bottle, cold-pressed, pesticide and paraben free, the company also tests the oil to be free of solvents and chemicals. My skin is still adjusting to this cleansing method but so far I love it!

2. Bamboobino Baby Washcloths

Ok, so these are supposed to be for babies, but why not get some for yourself? I like to use these after oil cleansing my face, run it under hot water to gently steam the skin and wipe of excess oil. These washcloths are seriously soft! Added bonus, bamboo fiber is hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties. The company Bamboonino uses organically grown bamboo and cotton and is working towards become a carbon neutral company.

3. Evan Healy Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid

I really enjoy this product, I use it as my moisturizer before I apply my make up. The name pretty much sums it up! Super light, has a more liquid texture than your average moisturizer. Featuring tamanu oil, pomegranate seed oil and organic, sustainably sourced argan oil, it leaves my skin feeling balanced. Despite the fact that there is so many beneficial oils in the product, it is still super light. Evan Healy sources the argan oil from a protected and self governed women’s cooperative in Southern Morocco.

4. Hurraw! Moon Balm

Love this lip balm. First off, it smells amazing, almost like a vanilla cookie! It is intended as an overnight lip balm, as it contains soothing chamomile and a blend of therapeutic oils including meadowfoam seed oil and rosehip seed oil. However, I wear mine during the day - it’s certainly creamy, but I don't find it to be too heavy. And I can’t get enough of the scent! Hurraw!’s balms are vegan, raw, organic, fair trade and they also use sustainable argan oil from the Berber Cooperative in Southern Morocco.

5. A Wild Soap - Sea Scrub Bar with Sea Clay and Kelp

We just brought this line of soaps into the store. They come from a family owned company in Austin, Texas that uses organic and sustainable palm oil, wildcrafted herbs and unique essential oil blends. The Sea Scrub bar is my favorite. It has a super light and refreshing scent (palmarosa, cassia, vetiver are just some of the unique essential oils used!) that is blended with pumice, sea salt, sea clay and kelp. Refreshing, lots of lather and mineral rich!

6. Dr. Hauschka Liquid Eyeliner in Black

If you enjoy makeup and are forever trying to achieve that perfect cat eye, then this liner is for you! The brush on this eyeliner is crazy delicate and thin to help with precision. The eyeliner liquid is infused with eyebright and neem oil to help sooth and rose wax to help maintain color throughout the day. I definitely am still working on the perfect cat eye, but getting closer!

7. Mineral Fusion Sheer Moisture Lip Tint in Adorn

Another product new to our store, I love that this helps round out our cosmetic selection providing a quality yet cost effective (and cruelty free) lip color option or all ages. My favorite color is a rich plum called “adorn”, the darkest of the fun hues mineral fusion offers. It goes on pretty light - the color intensifies as you apply more to your lips. The consistency is super smooth, almost like a gloss, which is great. I keep it in my back pocket and reapply as needed!