Gray Hair, Don’t Care

While we have some excellent and effective natural hair dye kits, a rising number of mature and younger women are choosing to let their gray roots grow and their silver locks show. And, it’s hard to find great information on how to manage and even enhance your natural greys - most Google searches result in tips on how to darken, color or hide them! Below, some tips for unleashing those sterling strands and letting them shine:

Article from  MAN REPELLER  featuring five silver-haired beauties.

Article from MAN REPELLER featuring five silver-haired beauties.

Tip #1 Silver hairs tends to be drier than your original hair color. Keep it extra hydrated with a weekly moisturizing hair mask while you shower. We recommend Josh Rosebook’s Enrich Masque and ACURE Deep Root Conditioner.

Tip #2 Don’t shampoo every day - instead, use hair rinses (see tip #3), dry shampoo, and even cleansing conditioners like Alaffia’s Coconut Reishi Cleansing Conditioner to keep your hair clean and hydrated without stripping your natural oils away.

Tip #3 Nettle leaf rinses - which are great for any hair color - help to keep hair soft, shiny and healthy. Grey hairs can be brittle and break off, resulting in those short spiky little white hairs at the top of your head. To keep them growing long and luscious, try a monthly Nettle rinse. Pour 16oz boiled water over 3 tbsp nettle leaf (which you can find in our bulk section), let steep overnight, strain and pour the cooled rinse over your hair in the shower. Allow to sit for 5-10 mins and then rinse out.  

Tip #4 A good Skin Hair & Nails multivitamin can help with hair growth and strength - especially necessary to protect those delicate gray strands - we recommend Megafood's Skin Hair & Nails multi, which contains the usual suspects like Biotin and Silica, as well as a “Beautifying Blend” containing herbs like Nettle and Horsetail.

Matr Boomie 1920's inspired silver headband

Matr Boomie 1920's inspired silver headband

Tip #5 Add a new hair accessory to show off those lustrous pearly locks! We’ve got several sparkly headbands and elegant hair clips from companies like Matr Boomie and Oberon Design. You’ll be amazed at how many compliments you’ll get when you choose to let your silver hairs show.