BOOK REVIEW: Yoga Mind, Peaceful Mind: Simple Meditations for Overcoming Anxiety

Book by Mary NurrieStearns LCSW RYT and Rick NurrieStearns 
Review by Elizabeth, CN co-owner

Actually doing yoga - practicing the postures - has many well-documented health benefits.

… But sometimes the physical demands of the actual postures, or just the demands of life in general get in the way of a regular physical practice of the postures. If that is true for you… then this book is your perfect answer.

In Yoga Mind, Peaceful Mind, two long-time yoga teachers and writers present an approach to anxiety relief that may allow you to overcome your anxieties and life stressors. This book emphases the contemplative aspects of the yoga tradition. Rather than focusing on the physical aspects of yoga, it allows us to access a variety of very useful daily meditations.  

The book does not focus on yoga postures or asanas, rather it provides us with the tools to refocus ourselves through the use of targeted mediations, healing affirmations, insights and a series of teachings from the yogic tradition.

This book works well for mental yogic healing and allows those with physical disabilities to access the yoga traditions.