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It will be cold. It will be gloomy. It will be RESTORATIVE.

By Bex, Supplements Buyer & The Naturalist Contributor

Over the past several weeks, we've heard so many of our customers describe feeling inundated with physical, emotional, or political toxicity. The state of the world can take a deep toll on one's body and mind - immune health, stress response, sleep, you name it. While you're preparing to take meaningful action to clean up our planet and our society, it's also so important to also 'clean house' on a personal level and prepare yourself for dark times ahead.

Now, I’m not being fatalistic here, talking about dark times... rather, we’re shifting into the barren, frigged, overcast months when some lucky animals get to hibernate. It will be cold. It will be gloomy. It will be RESTORATIVE. Remember that, ok? While it's so tempting to linger in our beds, we suggest taking action and choosing to feel better! Healthy bodies, healthy minds = can't lose. So, what are some of our favorite self-care tips for tough times?

SNOWBALL FIGHTS! (Just kidding, sort of… actually, running through snowy woods is one of my favorite winter remedies.)

The real answer though: bid good riddance to toxicity! Purify, detoxify, rejuvenate and usher in the most life affirming foods, supplements, lifestyle and body care products. If the word detox conjures up gnarly images of cold-pressed veggie juices that make you shiver at this time of year, don’t fret. There are plenty of warming ways to fuel the body and release all that toxic gunk (think: nourishing soups and teas.) In the next few blog posts, we’ll share some ideas with you on how to purify your phenomenal vessel from the inside out and the outside in, but for now, here are some quick and simple ways to get started!

A pot of Pu-erh tea - one of our favorite restorative rituals. Photo via Rishi Tea.

A pot of Pu-erh tea - one of our favorite restorative rituals. Photo via Rishi Tea.


  1. To start (and this one won’t cost you any money,) we encourage you to take three slow deep breaths every time it is all feeling like too much. Just three mindful inhalations and exhalations. See how good that feels?

  2. Make yourself a pot of tea and DRINK IT slowly. Here are some tea suggestions from a few of our brew-loving staff members: Caleb, Rishi Pu-erh; Brenden, Guayusa tea; Jess, Organic India Tulsi tea; Caitlin, Traditional Medicinals Nettle tea with 1tbsp South River Dandelion, Leek Miso; Vicki, Mugwort tea from the bulk section; Bex (that’s me!) Four Sigmatic Reishi Tea. Stop in and ask us why we love these particular teas and brews!

  3. For a little something more, gift yourself one of the beautiful journals or notebooks from our lifestyle department and write down all the toxic, difficult feelings and actions you want to release this season. Then make a list of the nourishing feelings and actions you want to invite into your life, and the steps you can take to help manifest those dreams.

  4. Next level: Pick up a bottle of Cleanse and Fortify by Maine Medicinals, a surprisingly tasty tonic that “supports the gentle elimination of toxins.” With cleansing and restorative herbs as well as adaptogenic balancing herbs, this is a pleasant way to ease into detox.

  5. Keep reading the blog for ideas on how to filter out the crud and replace it with things that support your well being. We're here for you!

Not to be nosy, but you may need a Neti Pot!

By Bex, Supplements Buyer & The Naturalist Contributor

What’s that ceramic wonderland hanging out in the Sinus & Eye Support section by the supplements desk? The rainbow pottery assortment is a colorful tribe of neti pots! While they are neither teapots, nor genie lamps, neti pots can pretty much function as both for your nasal passages. If you find yourself complaining about seasonal allergies year round, if you constantly feel like you’re swimming underwater, or if you’ve yet to shake that stuffy, sniffly, cranky, leaky bout of the morning blaaaahs, you might want to try nasal irrigation!


Nasal irrigation is a support system that stems from Ayurveda, the 2,000 to 5,000 year old traditional healing modality of Vedic India that was developed to assist one’s yogic path. This ancient practice involves flushing the nasal passages to support the release of mucous buildup, congestion and other potential ickiness that gets stuck in your nostrils and sinuses. Neti pot flushing assists the airways to promote deep and clear breathing, which is a major boon for yogis and non-yogis alike!


Our nostrils are the primary passage of air in our bodies - so pollutants, debris and other irritants can sneak into our system and get caught there, bringing on an onslaught of, well, snot. Other people that are particularly booger prone prefer flushing to picking because (just in case you didn’t know) fingers are dirty.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, autumn is the Vata time of increased wind and cold. As chill sets in, leaves fall, mold forms and ragweed goes nutso, so it turns out that now is a great time to start flushing and prep your schnoz for the frigid winter months.


It miiiiight feel a little goofy to shove what feels like a piece of dishware up your nose to encourage that feeling you would get when you accidentally snort water through your nose while swimming - but I assure you, after a few practice sessions, you will be diving into the practice!

Your neti pot will come with instructions, but basically, you will be letting water travel from one nostril to the sinuses and back down the other nostril - then you will switch sides and repeat! Remember to always use lukewarm previously boiled, sterilized or diffused water as regular tap water can introduce some pretty funky critters into your nose.



Now that’s totally up to you. We carry gorgeous Baraka and Coryell ceramic neti pots as well as an assortment of (BPA free) plastic neti pots. While they are all super-functional, some might fit into your bathroom aesthetic better than others.

Soon you will be a neti pot devotee! And if after a while your nasal passageways are so clear and moisturized that you decide the practice is no longer necessary, you can always use the ceramic vessel as a landing pad for your latest experiment sprouting seedlings!

RegActiv Probiotics: Immune, Heart and Liver Wellness through Antioxidant Support

This post was originally published back in December of last year. We have RegActiv probiotics on sale in the month of July - save 20% off!!

By Miles Sarill
Supplements Buyer and M.S. Candidate - Experimental Medicine

In the last thirty years, the market for probiotics has evolved and grown greatly. No longer is the sole capsule of Lactobacillus acidophilus the only option; rather, the aisles are populated with a multitude of products each touting “more than 10 bacterial strains” with anywhere between 5 and 150 billion cells per capsule. This boom in the probiotic market is partially fueled by both consumer interest as well as novel research into the microbiome.

Read more in the original post:

Featuring: Holy Sponge!

This blog post was written by Caitlin, our Assistant Body Care Lead and an intrepid product tester! Read below to learn more about Holy Sponge! and what a Menstruation Activist is. 

I remember the first time I tried using a tampon - it was terrifying. I felt like I was taking a foreign object and entering a foreign place. Over a short period of time (no pun intended), I got used to using tampons, and they easily found a way into my monthly routine. To me, there was nothing friendly about a tampon, and pads just simply were not appealing. Now that I have grown well into my womanhood and learned to love my body and my monthly cycle, I have also learned to love the power of choice as a female consumer! Enter: the Holy Sponge!

Partners in Wellness: Vitality Works

You've probably seen our Cambridge Naturals Brand herbal tinctures around the store - we carry a wide selection of affordable, high quality single herb and herbal blend CN tinctures, as well as some dried herb capsules and over 30 essential oils, to meet our customers' growing need and passion for herbal remedies. These herbal tinctures are manufactured for us for us by Vitality Works in Alberquerque, New Mexico, led by founder and award winning herbalist Mitch Coven.  For over three decades, Vitality Works has striven to provide leading edge medicinal supplements of the highest quality, purity and potency. They offer an unmatched expertise in direct sourcing of botanicals, and their meticulous attention to detail and consistency of the manufacturing process has given them an impeccable reputation for quality. We are proud to work with Vitality Works on our Cambridge Naturals Brand herbal products! Below is our interview with Craig from VW:

Partners in Wellness: Interview with Cristina Ciccone from Gaia

Gaia Herbs is one of our top herbal supplements suppliers - and we've worked with them for decades. They manufacture high quality liquid tinctures and liquid phytocaps as well as dried herb extract capsules. Much of the raw material comes from their amazingly gorgeous organic farm in Brevard, NC - as well as organic farms in Italy and Costa Rica. Their "Meet Your Herbs" platform puts transparency right at your finger tips - just use the QR code on the bottle to discover exactly where and how the extracted herbs in your bottle were grown and processed.

Cristina Ciccone, our Gaia representative, is one of our favorite reps to work with! She is incredibly dedicated to her work and a self proclaimed "herbal nerd" - we've come to her with many complex questions about herbal medicine over the years and she always responds with a thoughtful, detailed answer. In honor of Partners in Wellness week, we've asked Cristina to answer a few questions about her work with Gaia: