Why we don't stock vapes

By Zach, Supplements Manager + Co-Director of Purchasing

We take health seriously. We curate our selection. We agonize over our products. Many factors contribute to how we evaluate products and brands: ingredient sourcing, base ingredients, testing methods, and dozens of other variables are taken into consideration when choose (or choose not) to stock something. In light of that, we want to talk about vaping. Yes, vaping. Specifically CBD Vapes. But before we get there, let's lay down some base info.

Vaping nicotine is considered a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, no doubt about it. But what about those who just vape nicotine and don't smoke cigarettes? Early research shows that vaping nicotine vapes alone may increase risk of cardiovascular disease, including stroke and heart attack risk vs not vaping at all.  And some researchers have proposed that vaping while also being an active cigarette smoker may actually be doubly bad for your health. So it seems like vaping itself isn't inherently 'healthy' and is potentially 'unhealthy.' 

So what about CBD vapes? 

Based on anecdotal reports and our understanding of physiology, vaporizing CBD does likely have a very high absorption rate because it bypasses digestive processes and enters the blood quickly through the lungs. As a result, it may have a more noticeable, 'fast' effect compared to a tincture, oil, or pill.

But there is still controversy to be hashed out around the potential health benefits and potential health risks of CBD vapes. The pens themselves are made of metals, plastics, and sometimes glass. In most all E-Cigs (AKA Vapes), high temperature pieces of metal or quartz wrapped in metal wire are what actually vaporizes the CBD oil. Multiple studies done by prestigious institutions like Johns Hopkins, the NHI, and others have shown that the vape pens themselves may expose the user to unnecessary intake of toxic metals like nickle, cadmium, and lead.

As a health focused business, we aim to provide solutions for health. While 'vaping' CBD may be an effective tool for some people, we believe that ingesting it orally and using it topically has broad potential health benefits. Therefore CBD can be effective without the potential exposure to toxic metals that vaping and potential health risks that vaping may have. We appreciate the value vaping may have, and the need it may fill, but at this point, we have decided not to stock any CBD Vape products. If a CBD Vape is what works for your health, for your needs, 'more power to you.' We support you on your health journey!

Beautiful fields of agricultural hemp from our partner SunSoil in VT.

Beautiful fields of agricultural hemp from our partner SunSoil in VT.

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