Zach: What I'm Gifting This Year

Assistant Manager Zach is a true connoisseur, seeking out the most interesting, unique and high-quality products to carry at the store. He's developed our now robust Men's Section, added to our line-up of effective herbal remedies for health, and sought out some incredibly delicious honeys to fill our shelves. Here he gives his top gift picks for the holiday season, great ideas for men and women alike!


Patchouli Shaving Soap by Bower Studio  This is hands down the best shaving soap I have ever used.  Hand-Poured in Boston, it features Activated Charcoal as a mild exfoliant and skin detoxifying agent as well as a beautiful Patchouli scent that I look forward to every time I shave.  The packaging is beautifully printed and has tons of gift appeal.

The Wild Medicine Solution by Guido Mase  This book is a great gift for those in your life who are interested in nature, herbs, and alternative health.   The Wild Medicine Solution is both informative and accessible; leaving the reader feeling more informed and motivated to engage the natural world in their everyday lives.  Guido Mase’ is a well-known and respected herbalist out of Burlington, VT where he teaches and practices integrative medicine.

Cabin Sprays & Resin Colognes by Juniper Ridge  New to Cambridge Naturals,  these amazing room/body sprays and solid-colognes are beautiful, not only in smell but visually as well.  Entirely hand made with wildcrafted resins and oils produced by Juniper Ridge themselves, these are a great example of terroir.  With multiple scents for the discerning noses in your life, these are sure to be a hit.

Salt Lamps by Aloha Bay  Just in time for the short-days of winter, beautiful Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps from Aloha Bay to fill our lives with warm, beautiful, soothing light.  Mined from a single salt mine in Pakistan that has been in operation for over 4,000 years, pink salt lamps

Varietal Honeys by Savannah Bee Company  I am a huge, huge fan of honey.  And not just run of the mill, OK-but-not-great honey, but delicious, subtle, wonderful honey.  With offerings from whipped Winter White Honey to Southeastern Tupelo Honey, the gourmet honeys from Savannah Bee Company out of Savannah, Georgia are one of my go-to gifts this year.  Acacia, Georgia Wildflower, and even a honey whose purchase supports the “Bee Cause Project” to educate future generations on the importance of bees, bring some sweet into your life!