Taking Care of Pets!

By Cailla, Customer Service Specialist and Mama of Rico

I became a Mom this summer, a proud Mama of an 80-pound stray Pit Bull mix whom my boyfriend and I affectionately named Rico. Estimated to be about 2-3 years of age, Rico is in his prime teenage years full of endless energy, a tinge of mischief, and so much LOVE.

Not having been a dog owner since I was a child, I spent last spring reading up on animal diets, healthy supplements, local obedience classes, and the newest exciting toys so I could be as prepared as possible. Of course, most of this went out the window as soon as we picked him up from the pound as he came with his own personality, wants, and needs (yes Cailla, it’s not all about you).

What I took away from all my research was the same philosophy I have adopted for myself: The importance of a balanced diet of clean, wholesome foods and a limit of chemicals and synthetic materials as much as possible.