Summer Camp Survival!

This blog post was written by Mary, the newest addition to our team! Mary recently graduated from UVM Burlington with a degree in Nutrition & Food Science, and is a major camping enthusiast. She has fond childhood memories of packing up her trunk for several weeks in the woods!

It's that time of year again. Time to pack a bag, or if you're like me pack a trunk, and GO CAMPING! Summer camp is one of my fondest memories from my childhood and I'm happy to see the tradition of overnight camp still holding strong. We've had so many visits from parents anxious to collect all of the products required to keep campers happy that we decided it was time to share our favorites. Whether you're looking for the right sunscreen or sunburn relief, Cambridge Naturals has you covered.

The best thing to pack to ensure a good outdoors experience is anything that helps prevent future discomfort from happening in the first place. This means loading up on sunscreen and bug spray, and we have plenty of that! It can be hard to choose which is the best when faced with a wall of options that all seem to blend together after a minute or two, so I've rounded up my favorites. Badger's Active Kids SPF 30 sunscreen remains a favorite. This locally-made cream is perfect for fussy kids who normally resist applying (and re-applying) sunscreen thanks to its tangerine and vanilla scent. Note: although 100% certified natural and made with 99% organic ingredients, it is not edible - however delicious it smells! If you need something with higher protection, ThinkSport has SPF 50+ and options for babies, kids, and grown ups, all of which rub in easier than most zinc-laden creams. As Stream2Sea's featured retailer of the month, we are happy to say that if (or should I say when?) a sunburn should occur, you can also get their Sunburn Relief in both full and travel size.

Bug bites and all the evil they bring with them are a growing concern, as are the common deet-containing sprays. Luckily we sell Badger's Anti-Bug line and it is now 10% off through the month of July! This includes the Anti-Bug Balm and the After-Bug Balm, both with plenty of certified organic oils that skin loves and bugs hate. So all your bug bases are covered at a discount.

Although camping requires a certain "back to the land" mentality, some of us find it difficult to give up our civilized dispositions so easily. There's no shame in wanting to be one with nature while also smelling and looking good.  To make things easier I recommend everyone's favorite all-in-one product, the legendary Dr. Bronner's, for all your body and hair washing needs - available in eight essential oil-based scents. This cuts down water use and gives campers more time for the fun stuff. If you or your child is especially lazy in the hygienic sense we sell Action Wipes for a decent full body cleanse with one giant wipe. 

Now for the fun part: the stuff you put all your new stuff in! We have a plethora of cases for toothbrushes and soaps by Radius. Kids and adults alike can choose whatever color fits their personality and they can be found right next to our travel size section filled with the cute, mini sized version of your favorites soaps and toothpastes! If you already have some larger products stocked up, we have GoToobs for easy transfer into a travel friendly and spill proof containers. 

Let us not forget, once the kids are dropped off, there's care packages to be sent! We have plenty of shelf stable treats and funny cards to surprise your favorite camper with.