Staying Hygge This Season

In Denmark, the winter nights are long and cold and very dark (sounds pretty similar to Boston!). Those savvy Danes combat this seasonal dreariness with the art of hygge (pronounced 'hooga') a word that roughly translates to "coziness". This means things like lighting lots of candles, cooking meals and playing games with friends and family, wrapping up in warm blankets and reading good books by the fireplace. 

After the excitement of the holiday season has passed, incorporating hygge into your daily life can help keep that warm, festive spirit alive throughout the winter. Here are some ideas to help you bring the art of hygge into your home!

Hand-poured candles, like these ones from Manready Mercantile, were a huge hit over the holidays. The warm, woodsy scents like bergamot + teak and cedar + sage will transport you to a little log cabin in the woods where your flannel-wearing friends are sitting around the fire, sipping hot toddies and telling tall tales. Perfect scents for this cozy time of year!

Nothing says hygge like a piping hot mug of something delicious. Our bulk herbs buyer Maribeth put together an amazing Mulling Spice Blend with organic spices from Mountain Rose Herbs. Add a couple teaspoons to a pot of cider or wine on the stovetop and let simmer for 20 minutes before serving. We also suggest brewing up some Chai Wallah Organic Chai Spice Tea Blend (which won a Yankee Magazine 2014 Editor's Choice Award) with your favorite dairy or non-dairy beverage and sweetener. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 8.25.19 PM.png

Hygge is more than just "cozy" - it's about letting go of stress, being present and truly enjoying the moment, even in midst of winter. This Joy Tonic from Urban Moonshine is blend of aromatic herbs that are traditionally used to support the nervous system, restore a positive mental attitude, promote a relaxed feeling when overwhelmed or overworked, and relieve occasional sleeplessness. Enjoy a teaspoon of this delightful tonic and embrace the hygge feelings!

Who doesn't love pancakes?! Instead of waiting in line in the cold, host a party of friends for Sunday brunch at your house and whip up some of these incredibly delicious Teff Pancakes from Love Grain. Ethically harvested in Ethiopia, teff is a tiny grain with a nutty flavor that packs a powerful nutritious punch - full of amino acids and high in protein, calcium, and iron. The perfect energy-filled hygge breakfast food to enjoy with friends!

Part of feeling hygge is about being comfortable and happy in your skin, even in these months of cold, dry air and not enough sun! This pure, cold-pressed Moringa Oil from MoringaConnect is a wonderful antidote to all of those winter skin challenges - including dryness, excema, psoriasis and general dermatitis. It balances skin tone and provides much needed antioxidants and vitamins.

This beautiful aromatherapy diffuser from NOW uses ultrasonic technology to release a cold mist, filling your home with the pleasing, hygge scents of the pure essential oils of your choice. The cold mist maintains the integrity and holistic properties of the essential oils. Use a single oil or an enticing combination like lavender & peppermint or clove & orange!

Let us know how you're staying hygge this season!