Not Just Skin Deep: Nate Goes Poo-less!

Finding the perfect low-maintenance but effective body care products can be a lot of tiresome trial and error - especially if you're a man! Our grocery manager Nate recently went "pooless" (more on that below) and has cultivated a selection of products that meet his discerning standards for quality, efficacy and ease.  

Nate says...

No matter what shampoo I used, they all dried my scalp out and left my hair frizzy. For the past few months I have been 'Pooless - that is, I don't shampoo my hair at all anymore. Now, before you wig out in disgust and stop reading, let it be known that going 'pooless has proven quite a revelation for the health of my hair - little to no scalp flakes with a soft, silky 'run your hands through it' feel. Here's a run-down of my all-time favorite low-maintenance body and hair care products that leave me feeling so fresh and so clean.

Acure Argan Oil Conditioner

Since going "pooless" I only use a conditioner, and even then I only do it two times a week. I am an active guy, yoga everyday, and if I didn't at least use a Conditioner on occasion I fear my hair would be one thick dread lock. The Acure Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner rinses cleanly and leaves just the right amount of oil in my hair, preserving moisture and volume.

John Masters Herbal Cider Hair Clarifier

There are times that I need a bit more cleansing - I walk everywhere and the toxic city environment gets in my hair making it feel thick and heavy. Periodically, I use the John Masters Herbal Cider Hair Clarifier. The main ingredient is Apple Cider Vinegar but it also has lovely herbal extracts to soften and strengthen. Three cap-fulls diluted in about 10 oz of water slowly poured over the head is all it takes to clean without stripping. It's the perfect compliment to the conditioner - I find I only need to do it once or twice a month!

Thesis Beauty Gentle Face Wash for Oily Skin

As with my hair, my face also thrives when I do the bare minimum. I used to use very sudsy cleansers that stripped my face of oils and left it dry. To combat that, I would then put on a day cream, but my skin always felt either too oily or too dry. I am fortunate to work here at Cambridge Naturals - whenever the phrase "there must be a better way" runs through my head, I know the solution is at my finger tips! Meet Thesis Foaming Facial Cleanser, love this brand! Local, but more importantly for me, clean . . . clean in its awesome organic ingredients and clean as in how it rinses off. It foams enough to keep the skin under my ever-growing beard clean without drying it out! A little bit goes a long way, so one bottle lasts me a couple of months.

John Masters Argan Oil

In summer, all I need is a face wash, but as the dry winter roars in I need a little extra moisture. I use Argan Oil to moisturize my hair and skin, especially my face. I put a dime size dollop on my hand and rub my palms together before evenly spreading it out on my face and beard. I'm always impressed by how well it absorbs - I don't look oily at all and my skin stays plump and itch-free. We sell lots of different brands, but I prefer the John Masters Argan Oil because it has very little smell.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

My beard can hide clusters of untapped oil reserves, its always scary to find and humbling to extricate. Pimples! I am far to vain for this! I have found the solution for these instances as well. Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser is a sugar-based facial scrub that sloughs off dead skin, even under my beard. The sugar starts abrasive but quickly softens and dissolves as it scrubs, perfect for what I need!

A modern man with a face care regimen!

Care about your skin, go organic!