Not Just Skin Deep: Five Favorite Sunscreens For Glowing Summer Skin

By Mary, Customer Service Specialist & CN Blog Contributor

If the last heat wave was any indication, the sun remains strong even as summer’s end looms ever near. Like most health conscious consumers, we at Cambridge Naturals are especially careful what products we use on our body’s largest organ: our SKIN! I don’t think I’m alone when I say the scent of SPF-laden sunscreens I remember from my childhood has no place in my current beach bag. I guess with age comes a higher standard for skincare, among other things.

A fully stocked shelf of sunscreen can be intimidating when all you want is one bottle to get the job done. I’ve narrowed down our collection to a few favorites from skin-brightening to toddler-approved.

For Everyday Sun Soakers: Badger Rose Tint
This sunscreen gives your face the protection it needs without the white sheen! The sheer tint is just enough coverage to even out skin tone and the ingredients nourish and restore tired skin. The luxurious rose essential oil-based scent makes this an easy choice for daily use.

For Tightening & Brightening: Andalou BB Creams
Want a product that has more than one function? Andalou Naturals makes multiple BB creams that do just that. These BB creams, or Beauty Balms, blend sun protection with coverage, moisturizers, and antioxidants that nourish skin. Depending on your skins needs, whether it’s aging concerns or oil control, Andalou has multiple options so you can find your perfect match.

For All Over Protection: Thinksport Regular
This is the official staff favorite in terms of full body sun protection for long summer days spent outdoors. It absorbs almost immediately and feels like a moisturizer rather than a suit of sun armor. Bonus - it's water resistant for up to 80 minutes!

For Fussy Kids: Badger Kids
Some kids loathe sunscreen entirely based on the scent alone. Can you blame them? Luckily Badger makes a sunscreen with these kids in mind. Their Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Kids Sunscreen Cream has a clean and natural tangerine and vanilla scent that is nice and sweet. On top of that, it absorbs super well, so they won’t have any reason to complain!

For Little Ones: Thinksport Baby
Just like the all over ThinkSport Original, this one is great to have for trips to beach with a baby. Just as highly absorbing as its counterpart, your little one will be able to crawl their way through sand castles sunburn free. Confession: I’m deep into my twenties and I love this one for my own sensitive skin. Don’t let the name fool you, grown ups can use this one too!