Maribeth's Peaceful Heart Tea

:: to uplift mood & spirit ::

Maribeth, our herbalist-in-training on staff made up this delicious tea blend to lift the heart and bring light to the spirit during these cold, dark days of our New England winter.

A good mood can often support our immunity, bringing us up out of the dark and helping us to find peace in hibernating. This tea has helped to lighten the weight of this deep winter and remind me of the beauty of slowing down to rest. Also great on the go to calm the anxieties and stressors of traveling through a snow-blanketed city as we soldier the last weeks of winter. 

Holy Basil to relax mind and body and bring positivity and warmth. 
Hawthorn Leaf & Flower to bring peace to the heart and calm to the nerves
Rose Petals to remind us to love our experiences, each other, and ourselves
Calendula Flowers to remind us of the warm sun, illuminate the darkness, and aid a sluggish system
Rosemary to rejuvenate, clear, and uplift our spirit

I enjoy this tea all day long as winter continues to visit us here in the North East. The ritual of making tea itself has a calming, soothing effect and allows me to slow down as winter intends. This blend of herbs not only works on the emotional body, but supports digestion, our lymphatic system, and strengthens our blood during these more sluggish months. 

Grab a pre-made package of Peaceful Heart Tea at Cambridge Naturals - or make your own! Feel free to add any other of your favorite uplifting herbs to this recipe: 

1/4 cup Hawthorn Leaf & Flower

1/4 cup Holy Basil

3 Tbsp. Rose Petals,

2 Tbsp. Calendula Flowers

1 Tbsp. Rosemary

Use 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. of this blend to your mug of hot water. Steep 10 - 15 minutes, covered. Strain, breathe deep, sip, and relax. Add raw, local honey if desired for an added immune and spirit boost. 

Cheers to happiness and good health!