MariBerry (Mulled Elderberry) Syrup!

As the colder season sets in here in the north east, we tend to spend more time indoors: cooking, creating, gathering with friends, and nourishing ourselves with nutrient-rich foods and supportive, warming beverages. This year at Cambridge Naturals we've put together our own herbal mulling spice mix that we hope will add a little magic to your potlucks, holiday gatherings, and colder days.   

With taste and immunity in mind, we thoughtfully blended a handful of organic ingredients from our bulk herb section that can be used to make traditional beverages like mulled wine and cider. We also like to blend the mix with black tea or chaga mushroom adding milk and honey for a spicy, warming chai. 

We've also created a mulled version of the well-loved elder berry syrup that is simple to make, fills the house with the aroma of spices, and supports the entire family through the winter season that often brings colds, flus, and shivers. In honor of Maribeth who created the recipe, we're calling it MariBerry Syrup. 

Our mulling spice mix includes cardamom pods, cassia cinnamon chips, orange and lemon peel. ginger root, cloves, hawthorn berries, allspice berries, vanilla bean, and star anise. We've also included a recipe card for our MariBerry Syrup which combines this mulling mix with elder berries and honey to make a yummy, supportive syrup. Come pick up a bag at the store for several opportunities to create tasty, cozy beverages!

If you'd like to read more about Elderberry, please visit our post by community herbalist Steph Zabel.