Making Tacos with Seoul

This mouth-watering post was written by John B, a Customer Service Specialist on Team Grocery, and a fan of all things umami.

Fermented foods are definitely having a moment, these days. It turns out that these techniques, used by our ancestors since time immemorial to preserve food, produce the very types of healthy probiotic bacteria that we in the modern age know to be essential for good gut health. In turning back to these techniques, we're also rediscovering something else our ancestors knew quite well: fermented foods taste incredible!

Another major trend in the food world right now is east/west fusion, which collides in happy harmony with the fermentation craze in the form of the mighty Korean Taco! This increasingly popular LA street food is making some major in-roads here on the east coast, with not one but two new spots serving them up on Brighton Ave in trendy Allston. Is kimchi the new pico? Bulgogi the new carnitas? Only time will tell, but we here at Cambridge Naturals would like to share some ideas with you about how to bring this taco trend to your table in a vegan, gluten-free manner which is both nutritious and delicious.

Arnold Gatilao via Wikimedia Commons

Arnold Gatilao via Wikimedia Commons

For your fillings, try pan-frying our Hosta Hill tempeh in Dr. Bronner's coconut oil with lime juice, cilantro, cumin, red pepper flake, and a pinch of our Sunfood pink himalayan crystal salt. For a bit more vegetable content, try roasting or grilling some cauliflower or zucchini with some of our Spectrum toasted sesame oil. Add your tempeh filling and roasted veggies to one of our gluten-free PureWraps, top with Chi vegan kimchi, and garnish with some of our Sunfood jungle peanuts, finely crushed, for a little extra crunchy texture.

There are lots of ways to make this recipe your own. Black beans or avocado could be brought in to highlight the taco's mexican roots. You could jettison the wrap altogether and serve it rice bowl style with our Truroots germinated brown rice. If you're not gluten-free, our Week Knees gojuchang sriracha sauce would compliment this meal perfectly. The potential combinations are endless! Cambridge Naturals has nearly everything you need to get started on this recipe and countless others, so drop us a line! Give us your best tips for how to prepare our delicious ingredients, and we'll give you ours! Bon apetit!