Gift Guide: That Vegan Friend

By Mary, Body Care Buyer & The Naturalist Contributor

At this point we have all gone through a vegan phase or have a close personal friend who has ("I love vegans! Some of my best friends are vegan!"). Maybe you really need to buy this person a gift, but your love for animal products has blinded you to what would be appropriate for them. We have tons of vegan-friendly beauty products and snacks that the vegan you know and love will be grateful to receive. This gift guide is for you!


Treeline Cheese
My personal favorite non-dairy cheese is this cashew-based french-style soft cheese from Treeline. I use it as dip, a spread on toast, and sometimes even on pasta. With a variety of flavors, each cup of cashew goodness is sure to delight even the pickiest eaters.

Primal Strips Jerky
Hidden on a wall of meat jerky lies a secretly delicious vegan friendly jerky treat. Primal Strips Jerky is a customer favorite and an easy stocking stuffer for those with the vegan munchies.

Hurraw Lip Balm
One of the few lip balms we sell with zero bee ingredients whatsoever! These lip balms moisturize and protect during the cold New England winter to come. They also offer one with SPF to protect sensitive lips from the sun all year round.

Coconut Bacon Bits by Phoney Baloney
Bored with salad? Need a little crunch in that sandwich? Want to spice up that baked potato? Love pigs and don’t want to eat them? Add some fake bacon bits to your life! These are handmade in California with just seven ingredients blended to give you the satisfaction of #bacon, and no animals were harmed.

Brianna’s Soap
Made down the street in Arlington, these soaps are 100% vegan and local! Every scent in her growing bar soap collection is available in store. Brianna was also our October Monthly Muse - read up on the inspiration for starting her company here.

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Powder
This protein powder mix is a CN staff all-time favorite. The chocolate peanut butter variety is so delicious, easy to use, and doesn’t have that grainy texture that is often associated with protein powders. Not only are you getting a plant-based protein boost, but it’s filled with a nutrient-rich fruit and veggie blend while tasting like a dessert.