The Magic of Flower Essences

By Eric, Customer Service Specialist

I’ve been familiar with Bach’s Rescue Remedy for many years. You may know the one - a little yellow box… a few drops and your stress level seems to quickly drop. Dr. Edward Bach invented Rescue Remedy in the 1930s. Although Cambridge Naturals also carries individual flower essences from Bach, Rescue Remedy remains the Bach company’s only multi-flower preparation.

Recently, Cambridge Naturals started carrying a line of flower essences from The Flower Apothecary. These are multi-flower preparations with names like Pure Love, and Crisis Intervention, that utilize combinations of flowers to address a condition or concern. Outside of Rescue remedy, I was completely unaware of flower essences when I tried The Flower Apothecary’s Pure Confidence. It was like magic for me; I couldn’t believe how powerful the effect was.


What are flower essences?

Flower essences are akin to homeopathic remedies; they work on a vibrational level, instead of the bio-chemical level of most tinctures. From The Flower Apothecary’s website:

Flower essences works on the premise that every flower has a particular healing attribute in the form of a vibrational frequency.  Similarly, an emotional imbalance also has a vibrational frequency. So if an individual is fearful, they may ingest the flower essence that floods their body with vibrations of courage in order to counteract the fear and begin to resonate in a state of courage and fearlessness. This is called sympathetic resonance and is the science behind this system. Can you think of a time that you felt better simply by being around a happy person? Vibrations can be contagious and flower essences are a way to acquire the positive vibration of a particular flower.

For many people, consulting with a flower essence practitioner to figure out the right combination of single flower essences from Bach may be the right route. But for people who don’t have the time to invest or whose situations seems to match the pre-made mixes, the Flower Apothecary provides a wonderful and convenient alternative.


There are many natural modalities to address health and wellness concerns. If you aren’t achieving a desired result from extracts and supplements, you may wish to try one of our flower essences formulas. Because they are essentially water energized with the property of flowers, they are among the safest natural remedies to try.

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