Alternative Valentines - Love is Expansive

Love is not just about sappy romance and pink hearts. Whether you're in a relationship or not, Valentine's Day can be an excellent opportunity to show your deep appreciation, gratitude and love for those special people in your life - friends, family, and little ones. As the saying goes... love is all around us...

Illustration by Alex Salvi © 2016

Illustration by Alex Salvi © 2016

For the Chocolate Lover:

Theo Organic Lemon Milk Chocolate Bar Brighten someone's day with this lemon wonder! At first you're like, “milk and lemons? I don’t know about that”, and then you try it and you are like, “YES, this is amazing!”

Rescue Chocolate Wild at Heart Box These delicious vegan heart shaped truffles are filled with a raspberry ganache and are oh so cute. Rescue Chocolate donates almost all of their profits to various animal rescue causes, this particular box supports safe homes and sanctuaries for wild animals once held in captivity with poor living conditions. Win win!

For the Coffee Enthusiast:

Hand Thrown Pour-overs These beautifully crafted porcelain pour-overs are made by Boston based artist, Gustavo Barceloni. They are functional works of art that will make a delicious cup of coffee!

Tandem Coffee Roasters, Time & Temperature  this bright and fruity light roast from Portland ME based Tandem makes a delicious cup of joe! Use it for pour-over or espresso - both are sure to satisfy the coffee snob you know and love.

For your Best Fuzzy Friend:

West Paw Designs, Big Sky Mouse  These little cat toys are filled with USDA Certified Organic catnip and are made with leftover materials from West Paw’s Pet Beds. A Soft faux fur mouse with a little jingle bell and fresh catnip will make a kitty's day!

Chloe’s Sustainable Dog Treats  These little star shaped protein treats are made with natural, wholesome and minimal ingredients. Using Cricket flour as the main protein source along with garbanzo flour will satisfy your pup! They come in a variety of flavors, we are featuring peanut butter banana

For the Child at Heart:

Wild Woolies  The most adorable little finger puppets around! Wild Woolies are fair trade and handmade from sustainable materials by artists from all over the world.  The production of these items helps support communities of artisans across the globe by providing fair living wages, safe working conditions and economic stability

For Guys and Gals:

Little Seed Barn Herbal Lip Salve in Geranium Rose  Beautifully packaged in sliding tins, these herbal infused lip salves smell amazing and can be used anywhere on the body for dry skin! Little Seed operates completely off of solar power, is dedicated to reducing waste, uses only natural ingredients and have a lot of adorable (and very well cared for) goats that help make goat soaps. You can read about each goat’s story on their website.

Juniper Ridge Smudge Sticks (3 pk)  Show your love with the gift of smudge! Clear any stuffy, dry winter air at home with the beautiful scents of dried sage, cedar and mugwort.

Ursa Major Willoughby Cologne  14 pure essential oils are blended into this cologne to create a woodsy and upliftying scent, for boys and gals! Bonus - 1% of the profits of this product are donated to the Vermont Land Trust to help keep its  rivers, streams and lakes clean!

For the ‘Rents:

Gaia Turmeric Supreme Heart Health  Give the gift of health with this Gaia supplement! Turmeric is carefully formulated with herbs that help support the heart and cardiovascular systems and a healthy inflammatory response. Take care of your heart! Also, hearts and Valentine’s.

Bee Natural Botanical Honey Pots  These gorgeous, delicate beeswax vessels are the perfect gift to show mom your love! They are decorated with dried flower petals and glow like magic when you place a lit tealight inside.