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NYrture New York Natto Demo

During the demo today, buy a jar of organic natto and get a free jar of black natto!

"For over a thousand years, natto has been a staple food in Japan, long revered for its nutritive value and many health benefits. Today, natto remains a popular breakfast, snack or side dish, typically eaten with a bowl of rice.

Ubiquitous in Japan, natto is virtually unknown elsewhere. Natto is the food that Japanese grannies always tell their grandchildren to eat because it is "good for you", and many recent scientific discoveries support this idea. Natto is fermented with a probiotic bacterial species (Bacillus subtilis) which promotes gastrointestinal health and is also rich in compounds shown to support cardiovascular (nattokinase) and bone (vitamin K2) health.

Natto is loved for its unique flavor and aroma -- savory, umami-rich and pungent (quite similar to a deliciously stinky cheese).  As a living food, natto is full of active probiotic bacteria, and as with other naturally fermented foods (e.g. wine, cheese, sauerkraut), the taste of natto evolves and intensifies with time.  Freshly made natto has a milder flavor than natto that has been aged for a few weeks."

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