Autumnal Staff Picks!

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Alex S. Recommends: Vanilla Almond Bar by Atlas Protein Bar

If you regularly find yourself in need of a protein packed, filling and delicious snack, look no further! This protein bar reminds me of an Italian cookie, like a Ricciarelli or something similar! It is chewy without being dry, has 16 grams or protein from grass fed whey, 13 grams of fiber and only 3 grams of sugar. Give it a try and enjoy!!

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Alisa Recommends: Earrings by Whiskey +Wine

Ah, the signs of Fall are almost upon us. ‘Tis the time to pack up the Summer clothes and bust out the finest, cool weather wardrobe. What better way to complete an outfit than with eye catching accessories. Whisky & Wine features fashionable, affordable earrings and necklaces that will make any outfit pop. Simply pair their Rust and Nude Arc necklace with a sublime jumpsuit and prepare to be the center of attention. Fashion baby, work it.

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Ariel Recommends: Coastal Pine Essential Oil by Juniper Ridge

This essential oil just speaks to me, and gives my heart and mind a boost when the Autumn months roll around. I grew up in a house surrounded by crazy huge pine trees, and one whiff of this woodsy, invigorating oil brings me the most comforting, nostalgic vision of bouncing around my yard and playing in nature as a kid. This specific blend offers notes of pine, fir, and cedar, but is more crisp and less sweet than some similar blends because of its "ocean air" notes, and can be used in a diffuser, mixed with lotions, in the bath, in DIY hair oils, you name it!

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Brenden Recommends: Guayusa Original by Waykana

Guayusa is part of the Holly family and native to Ecuador. The leaf has caffeine like coffee but twice the amount anti-oxidants when compared to green tea, leading to positive brain stimulation and zero crash. Guayusa is best when steeped for several minutes; let your heart run wild, it won't ever get bitter.

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Courtney Recommends: Roasted Dandelion Root Tea by Traditional Medicinals

Fall is my favorite season in New England and with the shifting weather, I also think it's one of the best seasons to implement new self care practices. Drinking herbal tea is such an easy and accessible way to incorporate herbs into our everyday lives, and Traditional Medicinals Roasted Dandelion Root tea is a great place to start. The taste is bitter and nutty, and dandelion is a naturally detoxifying herb--this tea is perfect for a cozy fall night after a day of enjoying a fall libation or two!

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Ellen Recommends: Micellar Water by Ere Perez

The perfect facial cleanser for those of you going back to school this upcoming semester. Quick, easy and will take ALL of your makeup off from the night before (we all know you didn't immediately wash it off after that BU party).

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Emily Recommends: Alive Olive Oil by Brightland

I love autumn - crisp weather, that "back to school" feeling in the air, and ALL the harvest vegetables like butternut squash and sweet potatoes. One of my favorite ways to enjoy those veggies is roasted with this delicious new grove-to-bottle olive oil from Brightland, made with hand-picked heirloom Coratina olives and harvested early by a master miller onsite in a certified organic mill. This olive oil is truly next level, and will be the shining star of your harvest dinner party!


Eric Recommends: Thinx Period Underwear

Send your daughter off to college with something useful & hip: Thinx period-proof underwear! It can replace other menstrual products for low & medium flow days of disordered hyperuniformity, and is a back-up for tampons or cups on heavy days. And, you can let your daughter know that every pair sold helps Thinx with their world-wide programs of body-positive puberty education and gender equality. You, too, can be a hero-parent. Take the unexpected road that shows you care & understand. Get your teenager a pair of Thinx.

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John Recommends: Smart Caffeine by Natural Stacks

It's fall. You're new to the city. You've got a bunch of new classes to get through, when you're not busy socializing with your new classmates and attempting to navigate our bonkers street layouts and ancient subway system. Before you know it, midterms will be upon you. Fear not, and put down the Red Bull. One of these little miracle pills contains 100mg of caffeine (naturally derived from coffee beans), along with 200mg of an amazingly awesome amino acid called L-Theanine. Derived from green tea, theanine not only supports focus and attention span, but also has been shown to promote calm! Dump the jitters and get through the first semester with both your focus and your chill intact.

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Len Recommends: Lion-Maitake Clarity by Tamim Teas

For students like me, fall means back to school and back to stress, deadlines and seemingly endless wear and tear on both my free time, nerves, and immune system. During these hectic times I give myself the gift of a warm thermos of Tamim Teas mushroom-based tea. The Lion-Maitake Clarity blend features the cognitive and immune boosting mushrooms Lion's Mane and Maitake; this pairs wonderfully with calming, grounding holy basil, and the warm spice of ginger and cinnamon. It gives me the mental and physical nourishment I need, plus I can keep it in my backpack and steep it all day!

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Matt Recommends: Original Dynasty Ginbao by Mr. Mak’s

Mr Mak's Ginbao is a traditional Chinese long brewed tea that pairs two of my favorite herbs together, Ginger and Ginseng. This combination is a great warming and energizing drink that also supports digestion and the immune system.

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Lauren Recommends: Classic Dog Toys: The Montana Collection by West Paw

When I think of autumn I always picture cozy, slow afternoons that spill into evenings reading by the fire. My dog, Rockefeller, loves to drag this plush West Paw toy around the living room...and finally into my lap where he cuddles with both me and this prized possession of his. I love this dog toy because its squeaker entertains Rockefeller, the soft eco-friendly material helps him embrace the warmth of the season, and it is machine washable!

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Nancy Recommends: Bamboo Straws and Cleaning Brush Set by Bambu

That's 500 million straws that could be winding up in the oceans and in the stomachs of sea turtles. Sea turtles are endangered and are in need of help in order to recover their populations. Plastic pollution is taking a serious toll on their numbers as well as the numbers of other ocean animals. An amazing tip from me: please replace plastic disposable straws with natural bamboo straws. These Bamboo Straws are fun, durable, direct from nature and biodegradable too! And you know what? This set comes with handy plant based brush for an easy clean! Yesssss!

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Nick Recommends: Nitro Cold Brew by Abracadabra

When you think of a fall morning you may think a nice hot mug of coffee sitting by the fire staring out the window sounds great, but you would be wrong. Well not wrong exactly, because that sounds good too, but give a nice refreshing can of Abracadabra Nitro Cold Brew a try while you sit on your lawn in the rain and you will wake right up!

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Sam Recommends: Mystikol in Onyx by Jane Iredale

Folks, we're headed into the most important time of the year: Halloween. Time to break out the creepy, the kooky, the mysterious, and the spooky... and the dramatic makeup for both daily wear and costume use. Jane Iredale's Mystikol is my personal favorite - the formula straddles the line between a cream eyeshadow and a thick liner. You can smudge it over the lid for a dramatic smoky look, use the brush tip to draw a precise cat-eye flick, or apply it adventurously as contour for a subtle skull look at seasonal parties. The formula is vegan, mineral pigmented, and gentle - great for sensitive eyes.

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Sawyer Recommends: Cold Press Hemp Oil by Nutiva

Nutiva's cold press hemp oil has been a staple of mine since 2015. This food grade oil is so multi purpose. I use it as an ingestible tincture for a dose of Omega 3s, but moreover, I love to mix a few drops into my face cream for added moisture. Especially as we enter the cooler months, and transition between the outside hot hair and the air conditioned cooled classrooms and work places, it is essential to ensure that your skin is getting the proper moisture is needs to stay hydrated and supple. This product will work wonders, and heck, you can even cook with it!

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Sarah Recommends: TK Wide Cafe Cap Bottle by Klean Kanteen

I am in love with the new bottle design from Klean Kanteen. This wide mouth cafe cap bottle is leak proof, has a handy carry handle, and features insulation for hot or cold beverages. There are options to purchase a straw cap andor vacuum insulated cap as well. Add to that the color selections and option of matte or shiny finish and this bottle becomes the ultimate funtional accessory.

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Steph C Recommends: Flexi Tapper by Relaxus

Need a massage? Take matters into your own hands. With a telescoping spring neck, the Flexi Tapper soothes all of those hard to reach knots. The perfect way to wind down after a day or work or classes.

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Vicki Recommends: Green Tea w/ Tulsi by Yatra Tea Co

Instead of reaching for your afternoon coffee to give you the boost to keep going, try this delicious green tea with Tulsi (the herb known for its clarity promoting abilities) and experience an active yet grounded mind, like that of a yogi right after meditation. The Tulsi is grown locally in Vermont! and the tea is mixed together right down the street at Curio Spice. The company itself is local, right in Cambridge! Vikram, the Founder, goes to the farms in India and picks the teas he wants. -- This is the kind of products you want to be buying!


Zach Recommends: Organic+Vegan Miso Ramen by Muso

I've had my fare share of instant ramen - from Cup O' Noodles (I'm not proud) to Korean Fire Noodles (I'm oddly proud) to Lotus Foods Rice Ramen (Rice Farming to Save the World!) and I've got to say, this Certified Organic+Vegan instant Miso Ramen from Muso is without a doubt I've ever had. Organic Miso Broth combined with two-ingredient noodles for a soothing, warming meal. Add some Heiwa Organic Maine Tofu and... Heaven in a bowl.