Summertime Staff Picks!

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Alex N. Recommends: Reusable Bags by Bagitos

Bagitos are bags with a story. Conceived as a way to support K-12 environmental literacy supporting the non-profit. They are premium reusable shopping bags made from rPet (100% recycled plastics). These bags are designed to be ultra-convenient and durable and the best way to help our environment be cleaner today and ensure the future be a bit brighter through educating the next generation towards a more sustainable future.

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Alex S. Recommends: Resin Reconstructing Oil Concentrate by Apis Apotheca

This product is magic in a bottle (in my opinion)! Apis Apotheca uses whole frankincense resin to infuse this oil which is rich in boswellic acids and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for treating your skin after a long New England winter!

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Alisa Recommends: Lip Whip by Kari Gran

What better way to welcome Spring, than with a pop of color... lip color that is! The whipped color balms from Kari Gran come in a variety of gorgeous, buildable colors (Marsala is my ultimate favorite). The creamy texture is both moisturizing and contains organic ingredients that you can actually pronounce and won't cringe at the sight of. Apply and look fresh all Spring and Summer long.

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Alyssa Recommends: Health & Vitality Essences by Pet Wellness Blends

“My mom is the best mom. She gives me 2-3 sprays of the Pet Wellness Blends Health &Vitality Essences every day in my kitty food topper. I feel like a little spring kitten again and my immune system is so strong! I love it so much I attack her boyfriend's feet to wake them up so I can have more. Next, I will try the Adjustment To a New Home Essence when we move. Meow!" -Rue the cat

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Amy Recommends: CBD Unscented Bath Salt by The Healing Rose Co

This would be a GREAT Mother's Day gift (I hope my kids see this!) so I can relax in a warm and toasty tub at the end of a long day schlepping the aforementioned kids from A to B. I am sensitive to scents so the unscented salts are perfect for me. I love how chill I feel after a good soak!

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Bex Recommends: Raspberry, Goji, Rose Kombucha by Wild Tonic Jun

This is something special! Jun, also known as kombucha's cousin, is fermented in a base of honey rather than sugar-and the result is absolutely delightful. This organic concoction is great by itself, mixed with sparkling water as a spritzer, or paired with your favorite liquor of choice. Plus, the gorgeous blue bottle doubles as a vase so you can literally still "smell the roses" after you've finished your drink! .

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Brenden Recommends: Cacao Juice by Repurposed Pod

Nothing says summer like the perfect cocktail mixer. Cacao juice is made from the inside of the cacao pod after the beans are removed to make chocolate. Instead of throwing out this leftover pulp, it's pressed into a juice. It's naturally high in sugar so it makes a great substitute for that bright green margarita mix that you settle for at the liquor store.

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Caleb Recommends: Force Field Daily Defense SPF Lotion by Ursa Major

After the long dark cold New England winter, safely bask in the golden glory of the friendliest fireball in the sky with Ursa Major's Daily Defense Lotion. I use it every day as a clean, simple, and effective moisturizer with SPF throughout the spring and summer.

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Courtney Recommends: Beeswax Lip Balm Cool Mint Vanilla by Moon Valley Organics

This is far and away my favorite chapstick--I have three tubes!! It goes on smoothly, lasts forever (although I often reapply because I like it so much) and has a glossy finish. Its minty vanilla scent is pleasant but not overpowering. The essential oils and herbs in this chapstick are nourishing and soothing and really do keep my lips moisturized. I can't recommend it enough!

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Eli Recommends: Green Superfood - "Energy" by Amazing Grass

We don't all enjoy the flavors/textures that vegetables have to offer, but they are an essential part of our diet! Green Superfood makes it easy to get what you need with one serving of fruits and vegetables per scoop. In addition to a powerful blend of antioxidants and probiotics, this powder has a caffeine content equivalent to one cup of coffee -in the form of Matcha and Yerba Mate. Choose between two perfect Spring/Summer flavors, lemon-lime and watermelon!

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Ellen Recommends: Malu Protecting Day Cream SPF 30 by Honua Hawaiian Skincare

Finally, a sunscreen that doesn't FEEL like a sunscreen! It's so lightweight and has no white cast (which is hard to find in a purely mineral sunscreen). Keeps my skin feeling soft and protected all day long!

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Emily Recommends: Instant Coffee by Tandem Coffee Roasters

If you read "instant coffee" and immediately think "bleggh", then you've never tried this instant coffee from Tandem! It's exactly like drinking a cup of perfectly brewed delicious coffee from the roaster themselves. If you're a weekend warrior this summer and heading into rustic locales with sub-par coffee options, this Tandem Instant Coffee will save your getaway.

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Eric Recommends: 20 mg CBD capsules by Sunsoil

For years my mother has had trouble sleeping through the night due to arthritis pain. Then she tried Sunsoil CBD capsules. Now she can get a full night's sleep.A full night's sleep would make a wonderful Mother's or Father's Day gift.

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Sasquatch Catnip Toy by Miso Handmade

They go by many names - Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Skunk Ape, Bigfoot. These mysterious creatures have eluded zoologists for years... Until now! Now your cat can go on it's very own Sasquatch expedition with the new Miso Handmade Sasquatch Catnip Toy. Sure to provide hours of catnip induced fun for your frisky feline.

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John Recommends: Mint + Matcha by PLNT Blend

Looking for a pick-me-up that promotes energy and physical well-being? Something to help you tackle that spring cleaning project you've been putting off? Look no further! PLNT Blend's CBD-infused Mint + Matcha beverage is the potent potable for you. Cooling mint and that lovely matcha flavor which recalls fresh-cut grass in summer are paired with refreshing lime and 15 milligrams of healing CBD, with a slight caffeine kick thanks to the tea. It's an essential addition to your warmer weather self-care routine!

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Laché Recommends: Anti-Bug Spray by Badger

Badger’s bug repellent spray is a must for me in the summer. During this time of the year I love hiking in the woods and barefoot grounding in grassy areas, which can also lead to a lot of mosquito bites! This citronella and rosemary infused spray keeps those buggers away, without the toxic chemicals found in most bug spray products.

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Len Recommends: Cascade Forest Body Wash by Juniper Ridge

My spring self care routine: 1. Refreshing cool showers with Juniper Ridge, attain the scent of fresh trees. 2. Find the nearest woods and sit in the trees until I grow roots. 3. Become a tree.

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Matt Recommends: Watermelon Electrolytes by Superieur Electrolytes

Superieur Electrolytes are one of my staples during the summer, they keep me hydrated and taste great. Watermelon is my go to but all the flavors are delicious.


Michael Recommends: Energy by Host Defense

Yay, the "character building" days of winter are in the distant past! And I like to be out and about as much as possible. Walking everywhere I can, maybe staying up a little later. This exceptional product has just the right mix of mushrooms and herbs to give me the mild boost I use to keep myself going throughout the day. Organic mushrooms and herbs work their magic!

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Mike Recommends: Queen Bee by Ariels Honey Infusions

If you're having trouble finding a thoughtful Mother's Day gift, look no further than Ariel's Queen Bee Honey Infusion! Ariel pours all of her love and passion into her honey infusions, choosing to use only organic herbs and raw, local honey from Vermont from beekeepers that utilize ethical practices. This infusion has functional herbs for women's health, such as raspberry leaf, rose, nettle and lemon balm. It makes for a blissful cup of tea, or even just a straight spoonful makes for a healthy, memorable experience. Treat your Mother this year like the Queen she is!

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Nancy Recommends: Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Night Oil by Acure

If your goal for this new sunshine season is to provide "Soothing Hydration and Balance" to your night face care routine, I would like to introduce you to our new night best friend from Acure. The main ingredient is "Blue Tansy Oil" which is full in antioxidants and is recommended by experts for its use as a powerful anti-inflammatory and for its anti-histamine, anti-allergen and anti-fungal. Due to its chamazulene content, Blue Tansy Oil is dark blue in color. This fabulous concentrated oil blend has Blue Tansy, Kale, Argan Oil, Kukui Oil and Yarrom; the best ingredients for a thirsty skin. 100% Vegan.

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Nick Recommends: Aged Earl Grey tea by Numi Tea

This makes a good cup of tea. It's perfect with a dash of your favorite milk or mylk of choice, and of course a cookie or two. I took some on my recent trip to Maine and drank it every day!


Rachel Recommends: Buffalo Meat Sticks by Tanka

This travel-ready meat stick brings me back to one of my favorite summer adventures---cross-country road trips! Dreamed up by Oglala Lakotas in South Dakota---one of my favorite states to pass through---the Tanka bar marries buffalo meat with cranberries and spices. They're perfect for both long rides out to dreamy campsites or quick outings in the metro area. No matter where you're headed this summer, you can support indigenous-owned businesses and bring back the buffalo!

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Sally Recommends: Green Way Fruit Fly Trap by Insects Limited

This is the perfect non-toxic way to rid your kitchen of pesky fruit flies. You simply twist the top off this small unassuming little bottle and leave it out next to your bowl of bananas or next to their favorite perching place. Trap will last for months.

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Sam Recommends: SunShield Clear Stick SPF 50 by MyChelle

My neurotransmitters may like the sun, but my skin sure doesn't. Enter this quick and convenient stick - MyChelle's formula is SPF 50, but doesn't go on heavy or pasty. If I'm running out the door and I need some hasty protection, I quick rub a few swipes of this into my face, neck, and arms. You're not getting the best of me, sun.

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Sheila Recommends: Brightening Face Polish by Brown & Coconut

This is one of my favorite products. It is great gental exfoliation for the face.It is loaded with alpha hydroxy acid and anti oxidants. The Hibiscus combined with the oats makes a wonderful combination.It leaves your skin soft and glowing!.

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Sarah Recommends: Nut Milk Bases by Modest Mylk

With the warmer weather finally here I find myself in smoothie making land again. I am SO excited about the arrival of our new Modest Mylk Nut Milk bases. My biggest concern about smoothie making has always been the number of containers I dispose of, but not anymore! These nut mylk concentrates allow you to make TONS of nut milk from one single jar. The greatest addition to a low waste lifestyle I have found in a long time. Also, they are delicious.

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Steph C Recommends: Active Enzyme Exfoliator by Josh Rosebrook

This is the best mask/exfoliator I've ever used hands down. Honey and plant oils heal and hydrate, herbs soothe and balance, papaya enzymes and finely milled walnut shells gently exfoliate to reveal extremely radiant, soft skin. I'm on a tight budget, but this really is worth the investment. Tip: Leave it on for as long as possible (up to an hour) and then stop in to thank me.

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Vicki Recommends: Tulsi Clarity by Goldthread

Need something to get your mind clear? Try this delicious drink made by a local company! Some call this "meditation in a bottle."

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Zach Recommends: Organic CBD Maple Water by TreTap

Kicking Back because the sun is out and the days are getting warmer? Me too. My spring beverage of choice is a Organic Sparkling Maple Water infused with VT CBD and sweetened with Organic Maple Syrup from VT maple water producer TreTap.