August Staff Picks

Our favorite summertime goods!


ALEX recommends:

Aquarian Gaze Mascara by Pacifica

I love the Pacifica Aquarian Gaze mascara, especially for the humid summertime! This mascara is natural, vegan and water resistant! No more raccoon eyes, this mascara has got you covered. Feel free to rock a bold eye this summer, humidity and all! Play in the rain and don't worry about your makeup, it looks great!

ALYSSA recommends:

Veil of Love Face Serum by Heart Grown Wild

My skin hates summer weather! When my face started to get irritated during those first few humid heat waves of the summer, I needed to switch up my routine. Using Heart Grown Wild's Veil of Love Face Serum to oil cleanse and also to moisturize has made my skin happier than ever. For those of you who have sensitive skin - give this a shot! With the cooling properties of rose and nourishing carrot seed, it is the perfect addition to your summer skin care regimen.

BEX recommends:

Blue Green Protein by Moondeli

Moondeli's organic, wildcrafted tonics will make your smoothies sing. My favorite blend is the vibrant emerald colored, Blue Green Protein. With spirulina, tocos and himalayan sea salt, this life-affiming fuel is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. Here's my latest recipe: blend two teaspoons of the powder with organic fruit (I used frozen banana, mango, strawberries and peaches) along with vanilla hemp protein and almond milk - sprinkle some bee pollen, hemp seeds and coconut shavings on top. Yum city. Cool down and power up!


BRENDEN recommends:

Reishi Cold Brew by Rebbl

I love this product! It is the perfect midday follow up to my morning Bulletproof Coffee. The reishi in this beverage really sets it apart from other cold brew options on the martket. Reishi is known to support the immune system and protect the liver. This brew is the pefect balance of bitter and sweet, yet it has no added sugar. Come to the store, knock one back with us, and have an herb-powered day!

CAITLIN recommends:

Sage + Grass Face and Body Oil by Daughter of the Land

Daughter of the Land is one of our newest body care lines! Creator Ashley Spierer was introduced to the many miraculous uses of coconut oil while working for a maternal healthcare startup in India. Using generational knowledge of multipurpose oils, Ashley married Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade ingredients like apricot, avocado, and coconut oil with luscious scents such as Sage and Grass. Daughter of the Land is proud member of 1% for the Planet. I love the oils for moisturizing my face and body with a buttery, sweet and refreshing scent - uplift your spirits and satisfy your soul while connecting you to the soil. Perfect for the minimalist in your life!


CALEB recommends:

Daily Defense Lotion by Ursa Major

I try to spend as much time outside as I can in the summer and I love to walk everywhere I can. Ursa Major's Daily Defense Lotion with SPF 18 mineral protection is perfect to help hydrate and protect my skin against the glorious rays shining down on my face on a daily basis.

ELIZABETH recommends:

Sweet Jahmu Chai Mix by Jahmu

This dazzling chai mix in a glass shaker bottle adds a zing to my morning cup of Joe! I brew my coffee beans, add half and half (or light cream) and shake this 100% organic mix right into my cup. Repeat mid-afternoon. The mix consists of turmeric powder, coconut sugar, ginger, fenugreek, cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, clove, nuteg, black pepper, and cayenne. ADDICTING... be careful not to run out!


EMILY recommends:

Halo Illuminator by Vapour Beauty

In the summertime (especially with the humidity), I want to wear little-to-no make up. A few swipes of mascara, a little concealer, perhaps some eyeliner. And, for highlighting that natural summer glow - this gorgeous Halo Illuminator from Vapour Beauty. Made with organic and natural mineral ingredients (including holy basil), it's soothing to my skin and catches the light in all the right places!

Heather Recommends:

Hair Pins by Matr Boomie

These beautiful hair pins are a staple for me these days. They don't cause any headaches after a few hours of wear, like ponytails often do for me. They don't leave kinks in my hair but they still have a tight hold. Whether the weather be humid, hot, rainy, or a combination all in one day (as is typical of Massachusetts summers), I can rely on this functional and elegant tool to both create quick, easy styles and to keep my hair out of my way.

HELEN recommends:

eKO 5mm Yoga Mat by Manduka

You like the summer heat? You like yoga? You enjoy a chest-thumping, brow wiping hot yoga class? Your dream has come true with the eKO 5mm! This has been listed one of the best hot yoga mats on the market today because it actually performs higher the more you sweat! The eKO is made from sustainably harvested non-Amazonian tree rubber and a blend of non- synthetic polyester and natural cotton fiber. The more you sweat the more the surface of this mat grips! It's truly amazing. No slipping, no sliding, just pure, unadulterated, hot summer gliding on this baby!

JESSICA recommends:

Holy Basil Botanical Soda by Still Thyme

I have never liked soda. Ever. Always too sweet, always too bubbly and loaded with artificial flavorings and processed sugars. Still Thyme has brought a very unique product to the natural food market--a crisp, light soda infused with nutritive herbs and sweetened purely with honey. The Holy Basil flavor is particularly relaxing. Holy basil is an adaptogenic herb with an aromatic, pungent, yet grounding flavor, providing the body with vital support during those stressful, low-energy days. This is the only soda I want in my life.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 6.57.51 AM.png

John recommends:

Chimichurri by Buenas

This cool, garlicky South American staple is as tasty as it gets! Try a little on your steak or shrimp next time you're grilling, or spread some onto your omelet for a bueno breakfast! Eat it on toast! Brush your teeth with it! Apply it as a cooling summer face mask! Okay, maybe I'm taking this a bit too far... or am I?

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 6.58.25 AM.png

MARY recommends:

Coconut Cream Yogurt by Coconut Cult

It's here! My excitement for this coconut yogurt has me at a near loss for words. Opening my fridge to that little flamingo logo makes my day. It is entirely vegan, no added sugars, and is loaded with beneficial probiotics. The taste is delicious and refreshing and I love having a little bowl of this with granola and fruit on top, especially when it's too hot and humid to think. They have 3 flavors but the texture and taste of the Coconut Cream is my all time favorite.

green-tea-calendula-conditi jpg.jpg

McLane Recommends:

Green Tea & Calendula Leave-in Conditioning Mist by John Masters

This summer, I am not letting the intense Boston humidity frizz-attack and crush my 'do's self-esteem. I am in love with the entire John Master's hair maintenance line, but this product in particular calms my curlicues like no other detangling spray before. I spray it on wet, dry, often uncontrollable hair, and it hydrates, moisturizes and refreshes. Nourish that sunkissed tress of yours this month with JM's stellar leave-in conditioning mist!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 7.07.42 AM.png

MICHAEL recommends:

Blender Bottle by Enviroproducts

I like to eat! And I try to eat real meals, as organic as possible, as much local food as available and to enjoy the time. And yet, there are those times, as a busy business owner, on the boards of several non-profits, that I find I need to indulge in a home made smoothie or protein drink especially in the middle of the day or even more so in the late afternoon as I begin to fade a bit. I love this new stainless steel blender bottle! As they say it: "Blends any powder, any time, no clumping". It's an ideal on-the-go companion!!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 7.04.07 AM.png

MILES recommends:

Fresh Watermelon Electrolyte Drink by Superieur

Before I had seen this product, I had never thought about what a "food-based" electrolyte powder would be. This company has dedicated the entirety of its line to sourcing clean, whole ingredients, such as bamboo extract and trace sea minerals to make a great tasting, refreshing electrolyte powder!'ll be sure to bring this with me on my cycling adventures to keep me hydrated.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 7.04.48 AM.png

NICK recommends:

Cold Brew Filter by Coffee Sock

I enjoy coffee a great deal. And when it is hot outside I like to drink a nice cold coffee, a cold brewed coffee if you will. Everytime I have attempted to make cold brew prior to having the Coffee Sock it would always come out weak and watery. But somehow this reusable cotton sack has allowed me to make the perfect cold brew each time I have used it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 7.05.29 AM.png

SAM recommends:

Sunscreen SPF 50+ by Thinksport

I'm sorry, I'm just gonna say it: I really don't like summer. It's overpoweringly hot, oppressively humid, and my mortal enemy - THE SUN - is out in full force. As someone who always burns instead of tanning, I need something SERIOUS when it comes to sunscreen. Thinksport's SPF 50+ mineral sunscreen is where it's at: broad-spectrum coverage with (personally tested!) water resistance lasting up to 80 minutes, and a zinc oxide formula with an aloe vera base that absorbs well without leaving too much of a ghostly residue. Skin conditioning ingredients like red raspberry seed oil and hyaluronic acid are a plus, but honestly, the fact that it lets me go swimming without coming out of the pool a boiled lobster is really what counts.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 7.09.44 AM.png

SARAH H recommends:

Canvas Tote by Maika

I tend to tote around a ton of stuff in the summer, and this bag is perfect for stuffing! It is extremely durable and the canvas gives it a great over all summer vibe. All bags are printed on recycled canvas with eco-friendly pigment inks. If a tote bag isn't your style, they also have lunch packs, back packs and dopp kits! It's quite possible I already own of each!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 7.10.22 AM.png

VICKI recommends:

Original Switchel by Up Mountain Switchel

I really love to work hard, while at work and while not at work. Sometimes my brain and body tend to disagree, and they start feeling tired, sending me unhappy signals such as brain fog, heaviness, etc. ESPECIALLY when it is so humid outside, I feel gravity pulling the strongest. This delicious Switchel works amazingly to perk me right up! With just the right amount of sweetness, the combination of the maple syrup, apple cider viniger, and ginger root get me back in the zone, and I am able to tackle all that is thrown my way. Give it a try, feel the power that this drink will help you feel. Defy gravity.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 7.11.17 AM.png

ZACH recommends:

CBD+ Gold Applicator by CV Sciences

Grounded. Clarity. Focus. What's not to like? The Gold formula from CV Sciences is my favorite CBD. It leaves me feeling calm, present, and energized. And the new pen-type applicators from CV Sciences make taking customized doses hyper convienent. No pills, no droppers, no sweeteners, and no emulsifiers. Just the pure CBD extract ready to go.