Staff Picks!

Our favorite products this season.

Alex Recommends: Coconut Cacao Bar by Honey Mamas

These chocolates are so tasty, they have a soft brownie-like quality to them. And the ingredients are very straight forward packed with anti-oxidant rich cacao and sweetened with honey! So what if you eat the whole bar in one sitting? Its all good!


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Alyssa Recommends: Clear Zinc SPF by Badger

It's summer! That means dresses, short sleeves and....showing off all of those tattoos you got over the winter! To keep that ink looking its best and still show it off without a white cast, you'll want to check out Badger Balm's new clear zinc sunscreen! I use it everyday, especially on my color tattoos to protect them while still staying colorful.

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Bex Recommends: Golden Turmeric Morsels by Rise CBD

Throughout this characteristically carefree time of the year, these terpene-heavy, cannabinoid-rich morsels of cocoa-buttery goodness have supported me through unforeseen emotional and physical stresses, personal and systemic. Easy to devour in one bite, or break into two or four servings, 25mg of CBD are loaded into each portable packet of chillaxing synergy. Made with full-spectrum hemp extract and organic ingredients, the morsel's strong notes of turmeric and ginger are not only complimentary and soothing, but also support a healthy inflammatory response. Eat it like a piece of chocolate, or try my favorite method of mellowing-out by melting it into a hot drink. So good!

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Brenden Recommends: Raw Vegan Coconut Wraps with Cinnamon by Sunfood Superfoods

Cinnamon and Coconut wraps! Oh yeah! Bananas, seasonally fresh berries and a generous slather of Nutiva Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread could make your summer afternoons even brighter. Don’t blame me if you can’t stop eating them!


Caitlin Recommends: Juniper Mint with Chamomile CBD Salve by the Healing Rose Co.

Doing some more physical activity than usual this summer? How about spending a little too much time in the sun? I've found tremendous relief - and a super sensory experience - with the Healing Rose Co.'s Juniper Mint with Chamomile CBD Salve. A cooling sensation to the nose and to the skin, this salve will lift your spirits and your troubles away. The Healing Rose Co. is a local brand out of Massachusetts that sources responsibly and crafts consciously with organic and plantbased ingredients.

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Caleb Recommends: Fat Pack by Cave

I have a bag of Fat Pack with me at all times. It’s a simple blend of organic coconut, organic stevia, and salt that’s perfect for when you need a boost to stave off hunger. Delicious on its own or in coffee as a creamer. I even found that it’s the perfect bedtime snack and gives my body enough to burn throughout the night.

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Debanjali Recommends: Rose Petal tincture by Herbalist-Alchemist

My body has been craving rose recently - likely a sign that things need some serious post-winter balancing! This rose petal tincture is easy to use on the go, and a lovely addition to seltzer on a hot summer day. The label says that it "promotes positive emotional balance"...we shall see!

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Elizabeth Recommends: Simmer Down Tonic by Urban Moonshine

As the label says..."Mellow Mood." Anytime life gets out-of-whack or any kind of stress kicks in -- which could be any day or every day--a swig of this herbal tonic tones me down. Urban Moonshine promotes it with the phrase "Daily Nervous System Support."


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Emily Recommends: Sheer Tint Sun Stick SPF 30 by evanhealy

I'm a huge fan of everything evanhealy, so when they came out with the Sheer Tint Sun Stick, last year, I couldn't wait to try it! My personal approach to sun care is to apply sunscreen when I'm outside and exposed - so rather than a daily moisturizer with SPF (that might have worn off by the time I really need it), I prefer to throw this sun stick in my bag and be ready to use it before I'm heading outdoors!

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Heather Recommends: Cassava Root Chips: Beet With Vegan Goat Cheese by Plant Snacks

Ask anyone: I am a chip queen. I have high standards when it comes to the right ratio of salt, cruch, ingredients, and just the right flavor that can be delicious on its own or serve as a compliment to a great dip. These chips have it all! I can not only pronounce all of the ingredients but I feel great about fueling myself with these addictively delicous cassava root chips. They are gluten free, vegan, non-gmo, and have no added sugar, making them a fail-safe addition to any gathering, meal, or just as a nutritious snack during the day!

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Jake recommends: Sola The Goat by Caaocho

Hey "kids." CaaOcho has a great line of teething toys. This one is Sola the Goat. It is made of 100% pure rubber dirived from natural tree sap from the rubber tree Hevea. It is certified BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free, painted with food-grade paints, and is completely non-toxic. It'll provide you hours of chewing fun and makes a great toy. Also perfect for babies.

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John B Recommends: Chipotle Lime Mayo by Primal Kitchen

Summer time means cook outs, picnics, barbeques, street food, and lots and lots of mayonnaise! What's your picnic poison? Egg salad? Potato salad? Tuna salad? Pasta salad? Chicken salad? All of the above are much better with the chipotle lime kick of this Primal Kitchen mayo, made with healthy avocado oil. Smear some on a burger! Make mouth-watering elotes! Spice up your lobster rolls! Mayonnaise is the flavor of summer and Primal Kitchen's Chipotle Lime is the Muhammad Ali of mayo! It's the greatest!

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Karyn Recommends: Lavender HydroSoul by Evan Healy

During the hot, sunny days of summer I often find myself dragging myself home after a long, sweaty day, feeling a bit like a red faced, sticky monster. One spritz of this Lavender Facial Tonic HydroSoul, however, and suddenly I feel refreshed and human again.

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Len Recommends: Castille Soap (Any scent) by Dr. Bronner's

In my family we have a slogan for Dr. Bronner's soap: "That stuff goes on everything." I've carried that with me into adulthood. So now, for spring cleaning and summertime self-care I equip myself with a bottle of Bronner's All-Purpose Castille Soap. Wash your dog! (who just rolled in a questionable pile of muck). Wash your car! (it's covered in pollen). Wash your laundry! (it's getting ripe and your roommates have noticed). Feel good wiping away your winter worries with the colorful, versatile, ecologically friendly Dr. Bronner's!!

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Mike Recommends: Hibiscus Flowers - Bulk Herbs

When I worked for Freedom Food Farm (located in Rahyham, MA) last year, the staff was treated throughout the summer with these amazing chilled herbal infusions on hot summer days. They would use lemon balm, mint, cucumbers and more, all holistically grown on their farm. Since working at Cambridge Naturals, I have really enjoyed chilled hibiscus tea from our Bulk Department (it makes the most amazing deep red, tart tea!) I thought that I would combine these ideas, memories and ingredients into a drink that will surely wow your family and friends in the upcoming summer months. For a small pitcher: 1/2 Cup of Dried Hibiscus Flowers in 4 cups of cold water. Steep in the fridge for 8 - 24 hours (it will become more tart the longer it steeps!). Strain out hibiscus flowers. Add fresh or dried Lemon Balm, Spearmint, a few slices of cucumber, and honey to taste. Chill for 1-2 hours. Serve and enjoy!

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Michael Recommends: U-Matcha single sips by Republic of Tea

If Cambridge Naturals carries it we want it to be of the highest quality even when there is a bit of a "convenience factor" thrown in for good measure. And this product fits the bill! Tasty, organic matcha green tea can be made hot or cold. I love filling a water bottle with cool water, filling it with this instant matcha tea, shaking it up thoroughly and experiencing the full and complex matcha experience. It's energizing and focussing at the same time and with the little bit of sweetness it's a perfect way to get through and be productive on a hot summer day!

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Miles Recommends: Curamed + OPC by Terry Naturally

Terry Naturally encapsulates a turmeric extract with a significant degree of peer reviewed scientific studies known as BCM-95. Turmeric is much more than just curcumin, and contains other compounds such as turmerones found in turmeric essential oil that modulate inflammation. BCM-95 captures both of these phytonutrients. Additionally, Curamed + OPC utilizes the power of VX1 French grapeseed extract. The combination of the two may be excellent for balanced gene expression of inflammatory factors, antioxidant response, healthy cell division, DNA protection and overall vitality.

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Nancy Recommends: Matcha & Argan Bar by Little Seed Farm

Wooo hooo!!!!!. Summer is finally here and the less we carry when we travel the better. That is why this Matcha & Argan Bar is the go-to because is a facial cleanser, body wash and shampoo. Enriched with the skin superfood combo or organic Matcha Green Tea and organic cold pressed Argan Oil, this is Little Seed Farm most powerfully transformative soap yet. Matcha´s abundant antioxidants calm skin, reducing inflammation and redness and protect from free radical damage while Argan Oil, replenishes and smoothes skin with vitamins A & E.

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Nick Recommends: Lil B Pack Baby Shark by Fluf

Do you ever need your baby to carry stuff, but they just don't have the right sized bag? Well look at this thing, it's the perfect size and it has a SHARK! Load this thing up and get that baby to work!

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Sally Recommends: Anti-Bug Shake & Spray by Badger

I'm not really anti-bug, I have nothing against them, BUT, I do not like them biting me or attaching themselves to me when I'm out for a stroll, camping, taking a hike or enjoying a cocktail in my backyard at the end of the day. I shake and spray Badger Anti-Bug spray mostly on my ankles and legs, but this spary is certified organic & 100% Natural, so I can spray all exposed skin if needed. I love the smell and really love that it is DEET-free.

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Sam Recommends: Turmeric Radiance by Goldthread

It's hot. I am, to put it mildly, not thrilled. Since I can't just move to Antarctica or maybe the bottom of the ocean, I can reach for a cool drink instead - and recently, I've fallen in love with Goldthread. Turmeric Radiance is spicy, bright, and refreshing - the long-steeped herbal blend may be full of warming spices, but it cools me right down.

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Sarah Recommends: Ziptuck Reusable Bags by Full Circle

Whether packing for a picnic, travel, or a big move, these bags are the handiest helpers. Ditch the disposables for these cute reusable bags that come in a variety of sizes from snack to gallon. Available in a clear exterior for your classic snacker/packer, as well as fun patterns like cactus and gold geo.... theres a zip solution for everyone!

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Sheila Recommends: Perfect C Moisturizer by MyChelle

MyChelle makes a beautiful moisturizer with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for brightening the skin. It can also help diminish marks on the face that have had to too much sun. Great product for the summer!

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Shree Recommends: Aura Multi-Use Stick in Brilliance by Vapour

My favorite part of summer is being as luminious as the sun. Literally. This water-free highlighter goes on smooth, can be used anywhere from head to toe, and it's ideal for every shade of brown! For highlighting fairer skin tones, Vapour's Illuminator in Moonlight is perfect. Both shades can also be excellent eyeshadows or blended with other products for never-ending multi-use fun!

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steph recommends: Organic Wild Rosehip Drink by Nadi

Roses are red. Violets are blue. When Nadi is in stock, you better get your hands on a bottle fast or they'll be gone and you'll cry and pout and regret every life decision you've ever made leading up until this point... so you know what to do. Simply put, Nadi is the best and team CN can't get enough.

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Stephanie Recommends: 1000 Roses Color + Correct with SPF 30 by Andalou Naturals

If you're looking for a light, sheer tinted moisturizer but you're also looking for some SPF protection on your face in the summertime, look no further than Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Color Correct! Made with alpine rose stem cells, its also great for hydrating dry and sensitve skin.

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Vicki Recommends: Peachmint by Aqua Vitea

Nothing is better than a soft, ripe peach on a summer day. BUT WAIT, no! Now there is. Aqua Vitea killed the kombucha game with this delicious flavor. If you're into peaches, this'll make your tastebuds the happiest guys around.

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Zach Recommends: Peppermint Spice CBD Salve by The Healing Rose

If you're like me, you're sore. You try to walk more. Sit less. You get a better mattress. You stretch, get massage here or there. Maybe even a course of physical therapy every once in a while. Often you look to the creams, salves, sprays, and patches for relief. One of my favorites is the Healing Rose Peppermint+Spice CBD Salve. 300mg of full-spectrum CBD combined with certified organic oils, butters, and healing herbs. And it's MA made!