October Staff Picks

Some of our favorite products for autumn!


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Alex Recommends:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Hope Bar by Hope Bars

Skip the junk candy this Halloween, we have something delicious and yet nutritious! I love these Hope Bars, they are super yummy and remind me of a rice crispy treat. These gluten free bars are made with crispy quinoa, hemp, brown rice and millet, so you get a good amount of protein and low sugar. But don't let that fool you, they taste amazing and make the perfect sweet treat! Hope Bars also donate 10% of sales to various charities, listed on their website.

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Alyssa Recommends:

Organic Cider Vinegar Bitters by Urban Moonshine

A regimen of digestive bitters was difficult for me to adopt because they taste, well, bitter! That is, until I tried Urban Moonshine's Organic Cider Vinegar Bitters! This formula, made without alcohol and instead with apple cider vinegar along with herbs such as gentian, artichoke, dandelion, burdock and ginger is incredibly tasty and bitter in the best way possible! A dropper full or two before and after I eat makes my tummy so happy and is perfect for welcoming new fall foods into my body. If you tend to dislike bitters, I encourage you to give this a try!

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Bex Recommends:

Kelp Puree by Ocean's Balance

While I never would have thought to puree kelp, this seaweed sauce sourced from the pristine waters of Maine happens to be delicious and nutritious! Whether you're trying to get extra iodine into your diet to support your thyroid, or you're searching for additional magnesium to relax your muscles and nerves, or you are just a greedy umami hunter savoring the rich tastes of the sea, this jar of responsibly harvested kelp can fit into pretty much any recipe. So far, I've had it in pesto, salsa, pizza, stir fry and fudge! Yeah. Fudge. No joke. Try it!

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Brenden Recommends:

Almond Facial Oil by Weleda

Fall is here and my face is feeling it already. Dry patches are starting to appear that I haven't seen since the late winter or early spring. It's almost like me face is drying with the leaves. I recently found that this almond oil is great for my extra dry skin. I apply it morning and night after washing my face. Try and make sure your face is still damp to ensure the best absorption.

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Caitlin Recommends:

Cilantro-Mint Toothpaste by Green Beaver

As I get older, I notice myself craving more savory items in my life - whether it be food, aromatherapy or TOOTHPASTE! Green Beaver's Cilantro Mint Toothpaste is out of this world. If you are a cilantro fan, run to this product! If you're not a cilantro fan, buy it for your cilantro-loving friend! This has quickly become my new favorite oral care product - highly recommended for a fresh breath experience with a savory kick and sustainability in mind. Green Beaver's Cilantro-Mint Toothpaste is made with both vegan and biodegradable ingredients. Smile, you're going to love this!

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Caleb Recommends:

Black Elderberry Syrup by Gaia Herbs

It's October. Leaves are changing colors. Black cats are stirring from their sundrenched summer naps. There's a chill in the air. This sweet and effective Black Elderberry Syrup with a blend of California Poppy, Lemon Balm, and Grindelia is the perfect Nighttime supplement during this time of change. I prefer taking mine in hot water as a tea. Pour yourself a warm mug as you listen to the last songs of the crickets and doze off into an immune supportive slumber.

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Debanjali Recommends:

Mushroom Coffee Mix: Stay Awake with Cordyceps & Chaga by Four Sigmatic

Mushrooms are truly amazing, and in my opinion, are the ultimate superfood! They are delicious, versatile, rich in various nutrients & antioxidants, and have the potential to provide our bodies various health benefits over time. Since I've always consumed them in large quantities, I recently decided to dive into the world of mushroom coffee! This unique Mushroom Coffee Mix has been a convenient addition to my morning routine, especially on days when I'm feeling overwhelmed and don't have time to brew a French Press. Simply add hot water to the mix and drink up, or blend with MCT oil & grassfed butter for a delicious bulletproof-friendly treat! This particular blend features two types of mushrooms (Cordyceps & Chaga) that are currently being researched for their potential anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting benefits. Since I've been drinking various delicious concoctions of this mixture, I've noticed that my feelings of alertness have stabilized and been more sustainable over time. I highly recommend venturing into the world of mushrooms, if you haven't already, and making yourself a cozy cup of mushroom coffee. Cheers!

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Elizabeth Recommends:

Thyroid Support by Gaia Herbs

A great combination of the herbs Ashwagandha, Coleus Forskohlii, Schisandra Berry along with iodine from seaweed, and the amino acid Tyrosine. This combo keeps my thyroid running with a boost, especially when I am under stress.

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Emily Recommends:

Fermented Black Seed Booster Powder by New Chapter

I know what you're thinking - do I really need one more smoothie booster powder? The answer, when it comes to this fermented black seed is, yes, you do! Based on it's amazing health benefits, black seed is likely to be the next "turmeric" - and lucky for us, it pairs well with turmeric too! Black seed has been used for thousands of years to support healthy mood, longevity, and vitality. Ever since I learned about this product from the founder of New Chapter, I've been including it in my morning ritual every day. This fermented (for better digestion) powder blend also includes fermented turmeric, aloe, lion's mane and more!

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Heather Recommends:

Tallow-based Bar Soap from Trace Soap Company

Trace Soap Company founder Erin Dughie of Albuquerque, NM decided to start making tallow soaps when she decided to eliminate palm oil from her home because of the industry's contributions to deforestation. Trace soaps are made with a base of tallow that is rendered from the waste material of ethically-raised cattle in New Mexico. Erin also donates 5% of profits to the Rain Forest Trust -- a charity that works with indigenous people to halt rain forest degradation. She infuses herbs and essential oil blend into the soaps, which are free of parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals. My favorite is the Eucalyptus and Rosemary with French Green Clay!

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Helen Recommends:

Wind Earrings (Raspberry) by Encanto

These beautiful and delicate earrings have been handcrafted in Colombia from Tagua - known as the Vegetable Ivory. By purchasing these earrings you help support fair paid and appreciated workers. The Taqua is a sustainable and eco-friendly resource. Their raspberry color also inspires a warm fall wardrobe.

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Jessica Recommends:

Shea Butter by Sun Potion

With cold weather fast approaching, it's important to get your skin ready for the dryness that the fall air will bring. Sun Potion's Shea Butter will do just the trick. I love to mix it with a little bit of hydrosol before massaging it into my skin to make it easier to apply. My skin has never felt so nourished by such a simple, impeccably sourced, 1-ingredient wonder of a product--you won't wanna face the season change without it!

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John Recommends:

Forbidden Rice by Lotus Foods

So you're looking for a spooky Halloween recipe idea, huh? Bust out the crock pot for a black and orange chicken and rice soup that is as dark as the night and as good as candy. It's not a tricky treat: cut up some onions and lots and lots of carrots, add frozen peas and a package of Lotus Foods Forbidden Rice and cook slow and low with your choice of broth and some diced chicken breast. The rice imparts a blackened patina to all the ingredients and turns the chicken an eerie purple. Along with the ghoulish green of the peas and the pumpkin-y orange of the carrots, it's a seasonal delight for the eyes as well as the tummy. Serve it and you'll be as popular with your guests as the family who gives out the full-size candy bars!

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McLane Recommends:

Yoni Steam by Urban Moonshine

As routine is setting in post-summer high, now is a wonderful time to turn in for intentional self-care. Soothe and revitalize your system with this vaginal steam ("v-steam") concoction by one of our favorite local brands in Burlington, VT, Urban Moonshine. Yes, you may have questions, but all you need to know is that your divine hoohoo can always use a little extra attention, nourishment and warmth. Make a strong tea and sit on it (please, take caution with the heat).

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Michael Recommends:

Crunchy Peanut Butter by Once Again

I know, peanut butter, what's the big deal? Really, no big deal, just a great fall comfort food. It is made from dry roasted organic peanuts, has just the right amount of salt and the crunchiness makes it just right when I need a quick and healthy protein snack. Great on its own or with a little Fiordifrutta organic jelly or some raw honey. A couple of tablespoons during my mid-afternoon lull and I am back to work!

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Miles Recommends:

Golden Black Seed by New Chapter

One month ago, I had the fantastic experience of meeting Paul Schulick of New Chapter in their headquarters in Brattleboro, VT. Paul was fascinating to listen to talk about the research on their various herbal formulas, and why they work so well for many of us. New Chapter’s latest formula includes black seed oil capsules together with herbs such as turmeric. Black seed has been revered in the Middle East for thousands of years, although science is now confirming its role in promoting a healthy inflammation response. This may have to do with its Thymoquinone content. New Chapter is offering their Golden Black Seed capsules to help with the modern challenges many of us manage, including promoting healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as antioxidant and inflammation response. Try it! I think New Chapter has done something really special here.


Nancy Recommends:

Multi-tasking Rose Body Oil by Thesis Beauty

This amazing anti-oxidant packed oil is truly versatile - you can use it as a hand and body lotion, on your hair, as a massage oil or when you’re in the mood for a bath. I personally apply it daily to my legs because I love the smooth and silky feeling it gives me. It’s also my favorite moisturizer after shaving because no other product I tried before soothes my legs better than this oil. Its main ingredients - antioxidant- and vitamin-rich Macadamia, Jojoba, and Rosehip - nurture the skin and lock in moisture. Like any product by Thesis, the company behind this oil, all ingredients are certified organic. My super-sensitive skin particularly welcomes that it doesn’t contain any preservatives or synthetics. The scent of the oil is a super nice balance between sweet, fresh and light and makes me feel like a goddess every day!

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Nick Recommends:

Fauxmesan by Dan's Power Plant

Vegan Parmesan substitutes are rarely worth your time. Most of them are just a jar of nutritional yeast, salt and herbs. Dan's Power Plant Fauxmesan is made from cashews and macadamias, and aged to perfection. Grate it on just about anything to enhance whatever you are eating.

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Rachel Recommends:

Immune Buzzer by Ariel's Honey Infusion

Seasonal transition is in the air, and your body may be feeling it too! If you are looking for a delicious, warming snack that is filled with flavor and powerful immune boosting properties, check out the Immune Buzzer infusion of Ariel's Honey Infusions. Packed with garlic, ginger and lemon, a spoonful a day could be just the right thing to buzz your immune system into fighting off that cold! Or, try it as a marinade on your favorite dish. Ariel's honey is made with raw, local Vermont honey, free from pesticides and chemicals. This special immune blend combined with raw and unfiltered honey is filled with active enzymes, vitamins and minerals that work to strengthen the immune system and provide beneficial bacteria to keep the gut healthy. The garlic, lemon and ginger definitely create a dynamic flavor, while the sweetness of the honey tones down the boldness of the garlic. Is garlic not your thing? No problem! try out Ariel's other unique infusions as well, which are equally as delicious.

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Sally Recommends:

Blood Builder by Megafood

I have used this Blood Builder formula from Mega Food for 18 years now! It all started with being pregnant, I found myself very anemic, and needed to take an iron supplement. Within a week my iron levels were normal and I felt a little energy bounce. I continued to take Blood Builder after the birth of my daughter, this time for the lack of energy . To this day, I take one a day!

Blood Builder (along with all Megafood supplements) is on sale 20% Off in October!

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Sam Recommends:

Lash Conditioner & Extender by Jane Iredale

I adore this pre-mascara lash treatment from Jane Iredale - it helps my lashes hold up to the weight of my mascara, and helps the mascara stay put throughout the day. The formula includes nourishing algae extract and panthenol (vitamin b5) for hair strength. My favorite part of this product, though, is its role as a lash extender - I was skeptical at first, but after a few coats, I was able to give myself full glamour lashes for a spooktacular vampy look!

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Sarah Recommends:

Fir Candle by FarmHouse Pottery

My favorite part of fall is the look and smell of pine trees. This candle is by far the best Fir Smelling candle I have ever come across. Made with American farmed soy wax and hand poured into vintage glass, this candle is sustainable and charming. The side of the box even says "Hug Trees". Made in Vermont.

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Vicki Recommends:

Top Coat by Mineral Fusion

I don't always paint my nails, but when I do, I want it to last more than 2 days. This top coat helps my nail color stay on for 5 days! and I am one of those people that uses their hands A LOT. Pretty nails, all the time, here I come!

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Zach Recommends:

PQQ 20mg by Jarrow

PQQ supports healthy mitochondria (it actually increases new mitochondria!) and acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body. I take 20mg every morning and love the energy it gives me - clear, calm, focused. I can go farther in my day before I hit that mental 'wall.' And oddly enough, studies show that PQQ can also be associated with better quality sleep, and we can all use a little more of that! What's not to love?