November Staff Picks

Some of our favorite products for promoting peace, justice and healthy digestion!


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Alex Recommends:

QuietMind by Herbalogic

The holiday season is fun and eventful but also fast paced! Keep the inner peace with some Herbalogic Quiet Mind tincture. Herbalogic extracts the benefits from their unique herbal blends three ways, by alcohol, glycerin and water. Sprinkle in some honey fried licorice to make it palatable and you have the perfect potion for on the go to keep you mind calm even when things around you are not. Two thumbs up!

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Alyssa Recommends:

CBD Capsules by Green Mountain CBD

Most of the time I can keep my cool, but for the occasions when I feel a bit overwhelmed, I turn to Green Mountain CBD capsules to help me re-establish a sense of inner peace and clear headedness. I love that the hemp is locally grown in Vermont and that it is a whole plant extract using only organic coconut oil.

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Bex Recommends:

Yin Power by Sun Potion

During these times that call for direct action towards peace and justice, many of us would like to fortify the feminine within. Our beloved Sun Potion strikes again with this extraordinary blend of organic and wild harvested herbs to balance and nourish Yin energy. They proclaim, "This is our love note to all the powerful mothers, sisters, daughters, teachers and healers in our global community...." If you are like me and you have been eager to blend many of the Sun Potion transformational foods into one magical daily dose of goodness, consider investing in this divine motherload!

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Brenden Recommends:

Traditional Guayusa by Waykana Guayusa

Guayusa! (GWHY-YOU-SA) Never heard of it? It's the smooth, tannin free, high polyphenol, caffeine like coffee cousin of Yerba Mate. Invest your time and taste buds on a beverage that will give you great energy and strong mental focus all with zero crash. Steep this tea for as long as you want as it will never get bitter.

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Caitlin Recommends:

Sea Smoke tea by Cup of Sea - Maine Seaweed Teas

My new obsession : Cup of Sea’s “Sea Smoke” tea. Cup of Sea is a local brand out of Maine, blending Lapsang Souchong black tea along with smoky dulse for a flavor that can’t be beat! Cup of Sea says it’s “like camping by the ocean”. I couldn’t agree more! I’m hoping if I drink enough, this will be my natural aroma! Like the taste and smell of Sea Smoke? Take a whiff of A Wild Soap Bar's Pine Tar Neem soap bar in our body care department! The perfect match for the smoky-scented seeker in your life!

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Caleb Recommends:

Mood+ Probiotic by Garden of Life

The November skies may be grey but your mood doesn't need to be. This potent probiotic contains two strains that have been studied to help support mood balance. Prepare for the the upcoming holidays full of family and food by proactively preparing your gut and your mood.


Debanjali Recommends:

Bone Broth Protein (Chocolate) by Ancient Nutrition

As someone who is always on the hunt for fun new ways to incorporate various protein sources into my diet, I have been loving Ancient Nutrition's Chocolate Bone Broth Protein. This product is made from real bone broth, is delicious, paleo-friendly, and provides 20 grams of protein per serving. Bone broth is rich in key minerals, and has been shown to be beneficial in restoring gut health, which we are discovering is key in supporting our bodies' immune, anti-inflammatory, metabolic, and brain health. While this product is lightly sweetened with stevia & monkfruit, I don't experience the traditionally unpleasant stevia aftertaste that I am sensitive to. I love to blend a few scoops in a shake with ice, almond or coconut milk, peanut butter, and greens, and sprinkle unsweetened coconut flakes on top for a delicious creamy frozen treat! Additionally, I toss some of this into any pancake recipe I make (current favorite: buckwheat chocolate chip chia) for added protein - such a yummy way to support my microbiome!

Elizabeth Recommends:

Tierra Breakfast Blend Coffee by Tierra Farm

This Fair Trade Coffee is my early morning siren call to start the day. Its a delicious blend of dark and medium beans, shade grown and certified organic. Just the aroma perks me up to start my day!

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Emily Recommends:

Artichoke Bitters by Urban Moonshine

The season of delicious heavy foods is upon us - braises, stews, roasts, yum! To help support my daily digestion my go-to is Urban Moonshine's Artichoke Bitters. Bitters help support healthy digestion by activating the bitters receptors on your tongue - effectively telling your gut that "food is coming! get working!". Your mouth and stomach will thank you!

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Heather Recommends:

Killington Mountain Hiker Wool Socks by Maggie's Organics

What's better in the cold weather than a reliable pair of warm socks? Arm yourself with a pair of Maggie's certified organic merino wool socks and your feet (and the rest of you!) will stay nice and toasty. Built to last, they are wonderful for outdoor activites like winter hiking but soft and cozy enough to be your go-to pair for staying warm around the house. Give them a try -- your feet will be happier for it!

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Helen Recommends:

CBD Gold (15 mg) by CV Science

This product is glorious, fantastic, magnificent, marvelous! CBD Gold has been such a game changer for me. CBD (Cannabidiol) comes from agriculturally grown hemp and is CO2 extracted.

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Jessica Recommends:

Chimichurri by Buenas Brand

This chimichurri is the best thing that's ever happened to my cooking life. I put it on pasta, potatoes, bread, tofu scrambles, dip chips in it, everything - I love a sauce that's just as versatile as it is delicious!!


John Recommends:

Probiotic Rich Black Rovies Olives by Alive & Well

I love all things briny, pickly, extra-salty, and, with all due respect to their other two delicious varieties, these black olives from Alive & Well are my favorite olives ever! They're soft enough to practically be falling off the pit, and rich in healthy probiotics to aid in digestion. I'll have a few as a pre-dinner appetizer or as a mid-afternoon snack nearly every day! Delicious and nutritious!

McLane Recommends:

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics by Essential Formulas

I'm craving more and more carbs these days, and taking one or two of these little tapioca-encapsulated probiotics each day has helped me digest the extra ('tis the season) calories. The paste inside is fermented for several years, and can be used in many varied creative ways: paste on breast for delivering little microbes to little ones during breastfeeding, paste directly on toothaches, or even as ingestable chewy gummies... many options! I'm sticking with Dr. Ohhira to aid my digestion this holiday season!


Michael Recommends:

Rosemary and Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers by Simple Mills

Our three year old grandson and his parents were visiting for two weeks last month. Dylan is a very active child almost always on the move. We spent a lot of time at numerous area playgrounds every day. He never wanted to leave and yet, once we did, he was always very hungry. (Full disclosure: I had brought a box of these crackers for ME to eat!) I started giving him one cracker for each hand and he kept shouting "MORE, MORE grandpa". Over and over again each and every day, "MORE, MORE grandpa!" They are that good!!


Miles Recommends:

Longan Fruit by Dragon Herbs

Dried longan fruit tastes smoky, floral and sweet! They're in the same family as lychee, but they have a smoky flavor, perhaps derived from their iron content. Longan, from the Cantonese lùhng-ngáahn means Dragon Eye. Try them out!

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Nancy Recommends:

Coconut Oil Blue Corn Tortilla Chips by Jackson's Honest

I’m a chips-eating-machine with many years of experience. When I tried the Blue Corn Tortilla chips for the first time, they quickly became a favorite of mine. I like them because they are organic and only contain essential ingredients which makes me feel less guilty when I eat a bit too many of them. Unfortunately, this happens quite often because their taste is really great! They are very crunchy and you can really taste the corn they’re made of. In comparison to other corn chips, they are a little bit on the saltier side, which I much prefer over neutral tasting chips. They go great with just about anything, but my favorite combination is with hummus. I’m getting hungry when I just think about it… Highly recommended!

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Nick Recommends:

Pancake by Miso Handmade Pet Toys

I like pancakes! And apparently so do my cats! Miso Handmade Cat toys are all hand made in the US with organic Catnip and based on the reaction of my cats they come with a cat satisfaction guarantee.

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Rachel Recommends:

Lion's Share by Tamim Tea

Lion's Share has quickly become my new favorite fall tea blend! After a cup of this healing and energizing caffeine free tea, I feel ready to take on the day. This blend contains lions mane and turmeric as two main ingredients, working together to promote healthy brain function, digestion, and supporting inflammation reduction.

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Sally Recommends:

Sweet Dreams Candle by Way Out Wax

As the days get shorter, and the evening settles in earlier and earlier, I feel the need to add some cozy warmth and light to my house. The Sweet Dreams candle from Way out Wax provides me with both. The warm smell of Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils blended into this soy based candle soothes and calms in a subtle way. I love that the tin container option, so i can safely put on any surface and and enjoy its glow.


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Sam Recommends:

Dirty Chai Butter Coffee by Picnik

This stuff is dangerously good and impressively formulated. Organic coffee is boosted with the healthy fats of grass-fed butter and MCT oil, rounded out with whey protein, and flavoured beautifully with maple syrup, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. It's a stable energy boost that doesn't leave me jittery (quite a feat for coffee) and doesn't set me up for a crash later in the day. And did I mention it's distressingly delicious? It's like drinking a dirty chai smoothie. I'm hooked.

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Sarah Recommends:

Woven Clutch by Manos Zapotecas

I found this brand at a trade show last year and fell absolutely in love with the quality and craftsmanship of these bags. Manos Zapotecas is a fair trade brand run by five women in the US in partnership with over 50 women weavers in Oaxaca, Mexico. They incorporate the woman's traditional tribal designs with modern styles. The tags are even signed by the woman who wove the bag. I am in love with absolutely everything they make. Each is a work of art... and I have already started collecting.

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Vicki Recommends:

All the crackers by Hayden Flour Mills

I could eat a box a day, and still feel super healthy. These are the best crackers in the entire universe. Nothing can compare to how happy and satisifed they make my soul feel. Dip it in some Magic Bites Hummus or Muhammara, and get ready to melt from joy.

Zach Recommends:

Holy Basil Tincture by Cambridge Naturals Brand

One of the reveared plants of Ayurvedic Medicine, Holy Basil is one of my favorite herbs for fall. With a warming, anise-meets-basil flavor, it is used traditionally for its digestive properties but has found a following in the modern day for stress support. When the stresses of the world feel like too much to handle, a dropper or two of this puts me in a peaceful calm.