Staff Picks

Some of our favorite products for back-to-school!


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Alex Recommends:

Think Clearly by Super Nutrition

I LOVE this supplement! Its easy to take, just one a day, and it has a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and brain supporting herbs. For me, it helps a lot with stabilizing my mood, for a more uplifted frame of mind day to day. The blend focuses on mood support, memory, focus and helping circulation in the brain to keep you sharp! Highly recommend!


Alyssa Recommends:

Cortisol Relief by Vitanica

Whether you are dealing with school, work or general life related stress and anxiety, balancing cortisol levels can be especially important for overall well being and mental sanity. I love Vitanica's new Cortisol Relief supplement for its blend of ingredients formulated to support short and long term stress relief, healthy sleep cycles and wellness.

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Bex Recommends:

BEE POWERED by Beekeeper's Naturals

While Mary Poppins declares that "just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down," this blend of bee magic is a ridiculously tasty natural medicine in and of itself. Forget the sugar, Poppins! Stay healthy, energetic and cognitively sharp this school year with a daily dose of this superfood formula of raw honey with propolis for immune support, royal jelly for brain support and bee pollen for energy and allergy support. Big time yum!

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Brenden Recommends:

Coconut Manna by Nutiva

Skip the daily sunbutter sandwich and eat this sweet treat! Coconut Manna a puree of the whole coconut and it contains a really great level of healthy fat. Fat is a great choice at lunch time as it will help you power through your day and be cognitively supportive on those dragging afternoons. Also, a shout out to school age parents, unless you or your child have a coconut allergy this is a really great addition to the daily lunchbox.


Caitlin Recommends:

Maca Mocha by REBBL Superfoods

Roots, Extracts, Berries, Barks and Leaves are what make REBBL Superfoods so magical and delicious. The Maca Mocha blend has become my best friend after quitting coffee. Luxuriously smooth with a sweet, but not too sweet chocolate-y flavor and the added energy boost of maca - this just may become your new go-to! Beyond the bottle, REBBL has partnered with Not For Sale, and works to help prevent exploitation and stop human trafficking in the Peruvian Amazon. 2.5% of REBBL sales go to Not For Sale - a purchase you that will taste great while you're supporting a brand that's doing good. Support REBBL and support the sustainable, safe future of our world.

Caleb Recommends:

CN T-Shirt by Cambridge Naturals

Want to rep your fave locally owned 43 year-old natural products store ALL THE TIME? We're not doctors or pharmacists and we can't diagnose or prescribe but I can say that my confidence, intellect, and general bad-ass-ness increased significantly since wearing this shirt consistently.

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Elizabeth Recommends:

Organic Vanilla Coffee by Chameleon Cold Brew

I did not start drinking coffee until I turned 40! But 26 years later, I am lovingly addicted to my daily coffee brews. The Vanilla Chameleon Cold Brew is a magical drink - vanilla and coffee - how rich! I use the concentrate (8 servings in a bottle) and make myself a cup of this cold brew (served hot) every morning. In the late afternoon, I drink it cold with half 'n half for a much needed pickup. Try this vanilla coffee - hot or iced - a winner coffee both ways!

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Emily Recommends:

Aromatherapy Diffuser by Vitruvi

September in Boston means moving, fresh starts, new jobs, back to school! This gorgeous ceramic aromatherapy diffuser is the perfect addition to your new office, dorm room, or even a room in your house that needs a refresher. Fill it with a little bit of water and some of your favorite aromatherapy oils (my current favorite blend is the Cambridge Naturals brand french lavender, sage, and cedarwood), plug it in and let it run! The delicate scents will fill your space with a renewed sense of autumnal purpose!

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Heather Recommends:

New Moon Smokeless Smudge Spray by Captain Blankenship

New season, New Moon, new routine. This spray is perfect for students in dorms who can't burn candles or folks who are sensitive to smokey incense, but still want the aromatherapeutic benefits of these cleansing, energizing plant oils. Grapefruit and orange combine with palo santo and sage to create a balance of uplift and calm, perfect for quiet study or for uplifting and refreshing a space.


Jessica Recommends:

Empire Red Lipstick by noyah

This amazing semi-matte lipstick by noyah is guaranteed to help assert your status as the most stylish, studious, and put-together head honcho on campus this fall semester. A classic red lip pulls every outfit together flawlessly, adding an attention-grabbing pop of color to whatever you're wearing--whether you roll into your 8am Chemistry lecture in sweatpants and a toothpaste-stained t-shirt or you're strutting around the career fair about to score the summer internship you've been dreaming of since freshman year. A firm handshake, confident smile, direct eye-contact, and a swatch of Empire Red, and you're GOIN' places, baby.

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John Recommends:

Hot Sauce by Hosta Hill

Just because you're living on your meal plan doesn't mean your dining hall food needs to be bland and basic. Put a little fire into those soggy fries with Hosta Hill's Hot Sauce! It's unpasteurized and made with three simple ingredients: lacto-fermented peppers, garlic, and sea salt. This hot sauce packs a huge punch and a high probiotic count! Keep some close by at all times for all underwhelming food-related emergencies.

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Mary Recommends:

Vital Balm Cream by Josh Rosebrook

I have dry skin, and as the seasons change I need to give it a little extra attention and nourishment. This face cream is an investment in own skin health as it's jam packed with organic plant extracts that keep my skin calm, and deeply moisturized all day and night. It sits perfectly under makeup too! Put your best face forward this year and feed your skin as well as you do your body.

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McLane Recommends:

eKO SuperLite Yoga Mat by Manduka

Your summer self-care regimen doesn't have to end as school begins and work ramps up again this September. Commute to and from without the extra baggage, and strap on this extraordinary lightweight mat. Weighing in at just two pounds, this mat can be easily folded, fits into tight spaces, and is eco-friendly with slipless grip. Whether you're headed inside to the local studio or outside to the park, this roll-out aims to satisfy your daily fitness needs. Manduka made a special one here.


Michael Recommends:

L-Theanine 200mg by Cambridge Naturals Brand

Ah, back to school, back to stress (which, maybe never went away!). If there is one product that I have consumed regularly over our 43 years it is green tea. Green tea has some energy supporting caffeine and it also contains valuable amounts of L-Theanine, an amino acid which is good for calmness and focus. In these extra stressful times, I do not want to overdo the caffeine. I have learned over the years that L–Theanine is a safe and fast–acting stress and anxiety–relieving phytonutrient. It works within minutes. Studies have shown that when L–Theanine helps simulate the brain’s production of alpha waves (which are associated with a sense of profound relaxation, focus, and clarity). L–Theanine also helps you stay relaxed by supporting your body’s production of dopamine, GABA, and L–tryptophan. Ask our supplements team for more information on this great product!

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Miles Recommends:

Blutein Performance by Twinlab

For many of us, back to school means staring at screens for long periods of time. Twinlab has produced an excellent supplement that helps our eyes and brain feel less fatigued from the blue light that screens emit. Blutein Performance has lutein and zeaxanthin – two vitamin A-like compounds that protect our eyes – but the real magic in this product are the blend of various cognitive boosting herbs and nutrients to help our eyes feel less tired after all that screen time. Herbs like rhodiola and eleuthero complement the natural source for 50mg of caffeine from yerba mate, green tea and guarana. This supplement has become an integral part of my daily stack to help keep me and my eyes going!

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Nick Recommends:

Classic Mustard by Mustard & Co

Mustard is the only condiment that should be on every sandwich. If it doesn't have mustard it probably isn't worth eating. Mustard and Co. Classic is freshly ground mustard, organic extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, filtered water, and salt mix together perfectly for a great spicy addition to EVERY sandwich.

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Sam Recommends:

Eucalyptus Mint Body Wash by Leap Organics

If a hot shower is part of your routine before school or work, I recommend giving this body wash a try. Personally, I don't feel as awake or focused unless I've had my shower, and the refreshing scent of Leap's Eucalyptus Mint Body Wash helps me wake up. It's made with nurturing plant oils, so the thick lather cleans without drying out your skin, and Leap ties their dedication to the planet into all of their products - 1% of their sales gets donated to environmental non-profits like the Appalachian Mountain Club of MA or Trees For The Future of MD. Plus, it's got an octopus on the bottle.

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Sarah Recommends:

Lunch Boxes by Apple Park

I cannot get over the cuteness of these insulated animal lunchboxes from Apple Park! Made from recycled plastic bottles, these eco-friendly adorables are available in a variety styles. Some even have matching snack pouches as well! Machine Washable, waterproof, and sturdy. Oh, and did I mention ADORABLE?!

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Vicki Recommends:

eKo Lite 4mm cushion yoga mat

When my mind and my body are aligned, Life seems to flow more smoothly. This secret "flow of life" that people talk about isn't so secret, and isn't so hard to attain. All you need is just 10 minutes a day, to spend on stretching and loving your body. While on the mat, make sure to pay attention to your breath, your heart, and just overall sensations that come up. 10 minutes, on this wonderful, non slippery mat, will put you in the flow. And hey, it isn't that bad for the environment as other mats out there! GO GREEN!

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Zach Recommends:

MassOmega Fish Oil by D & H Labs

I put a big focus on healthy fats in my diet for a number of reasons - heart health, mood support, and brain health being the 'big three.' Sustainably sourced from Cape Cod fisheries, MassOmega's Skate Liver Oil is a hyper-clean, novel source of Omega 3's. Higher in DHA, an Omega 3 thought to be important to brain health, this is my new staple fish oil, the foundation for my supplements regimen. Plus, the oil has some of the cleanest test results I've ever seen, and with minimal processing!