Alex Recommends: Coconut Cacao Bar by Honey Mamas

A chocolate bar you do not have to feel guilty about, even if your new year's resolution is to ease up on the sweet tooth! These chocolates are so tasty, they have a soft brownie-like quality to them. And the ingredients are very straight forward packed with anti-oxidant rich cacao and sweetened with honey! So what if you eat the whole bar in one sitting, its all good!


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Alyssa Recommends: Zafu Buckwheat Cushion by Sun & Moon

I would really love to meditate more regularly in 2018. Having a Zafu cushion in the corner of my room to remind me and give me a comfy place to sit would be a great help! This is the perfect New Year's wellness gift to myself. Filled with buckwheat, the covers are 100% cotton and washable too!


Bex Recommends: No. 3 Air + Linen Refesher by Saint Olio

I don't know about you, but I'm resolved to keep my home clean in 2018. For me, that doesn't just mean making sure the cracks, crevices, nooks and crannies have been sufficienty dusted and scrubbed; it means creating an environment that truly feels like a haven for wellness, inspiration, and love. If you too find yourself determined to make your bear cave feel a little more cozy and a little less like an actual bear was living inside it, consider Saint Olio's Air + Linen Refresher. With spruce, juniper and citrus essential oils, this is not only a way to spruce up your bed (literally, with spruce, get it?) but it will also make you feel like you are living in a botanical wonderland, fit for your wildest dreams.


Brenden Recommends: Organic Sauerkraut by Real Pickles

January is that time of year where I like to reset, recharge and refresh. I do so by eating Real Pickles Organic Sauerkraut with almost every meal. I pair it with scrambled eggs in the morning, rice and vegetables at lunch, and with any dinner that you could imagine. I especially like this product with roasted carrots. Sauerkraut has a nourishing amount of probiotics and is a great way to support your immune system. Trust your gut in the New Year and come grab a jar of Real Pickles!


Caitlin Recommends: Carina Organics Body + Hair Care

January is the month where we set resolutions and refresh our bodies and minds with commitments to reach personal wellness goals and enriching life goals. This January, treat yourself to Carina Organics' product offering! Carina Organics provides us with organic and accessible baby, body, hair and facial care products. These are some of my personal favorites due to their ingredient effectiveness and integrity - alcohol-free, synthetic-free and hypoallergenic. Not to mention, Carina Organics is committed to sourcing sustainably using certified organic and carefully harvested ingredients.

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Caleb Recommends: Reishi Mushroom Elixir by Four Sigmatic

I always have a few packets of Four Sigmatic's Reishi Mushroom Elixir in my bag for when I want to a hot, tasty, and relaxing drink on the go. Four Sigmatic uses high quality Reishi mushrooms for their Elixir and they combine it with a few complimentary herbs and just a hint of (not-over-powering) stevia for taste. It's an instant powder so it's incredibly easy to make while on the go. I also recommend trying it before you sleep to help you melt into bed.


Debanjali Recommends: In the Trees Body Oil by Heart Grown Wild

It's safe to say that my primary intention for 2018 is: SELF-CARE. This natural, plant-based body oil from Heart Grown Wild is the perfect addition to my daily self-care rituals. It smells amazing, feels luxurious, contains lovely ingredients such as wild-harvested balsam fir, patchouli, and grapeseed oil, and the packaging is beautiful. As someone who is new to using body oils, I'm thrilled to add this Vermont-crafted treat to my skincare regimen!

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Elizabeth Recommends: Mushroom Coffee Mix (Dark Roast) by Four Sigmatic

This delicious coffee mix contains both Lion's Mane and Chaga Mushrooms = A cup of magic!


Emily Recommends: Incense Burners by Myrth Ceramics

I am so, so, so excited about these new custom incense burners, set to arrive on our shelves in early January. Made right over in Somerville by the Abby and Eric at Myrth Ceramics. We've sold incense for decades at Cambridge Naturals, and over the last five years have expanded our selection to include some truly amazing brands like Juniper Ridge and Incausa, both of which I use regularly at home. Incense is a perfect way to clear your space and welcome in the fresh scents of the new year!


Heather Recommends: Tulsi Masala Chai by Organic India

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, has for centuries been revered as a sacred herb. As an adaptogen, Tulsi can aid the body in coping with environmental, physical, and emotional stressors, restoring balance to both body and mind. It is a gentle yet powerful ally and is mildly sweet in taste. Organic India is one of the best sources around, using only the most responsibly sourced, carefully harvested herbs in their tea blends. My personal favorites include the Tulsi Rose (the petals of which are hand-picked!) for gentle uplift and calm, and the Tulsi Masala Chai with milk stirred in for a spiced winter elixer. Yum!

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Helen Recommends: Almond Butter + Puffed Quinoa Dark Chocolate by Hu Kitchen

This is a stone ground, paleo, vegan chocolate bar made with no dairy, no gluten, no emulsifiers, no soy lecithin and no cane sugar! It's so good and so real it's hard to believe it's chocolate! This bar is smooth on the outside and full of creamy almond butter and crunchy pieces of puffed quinoa on the inside. 70% dark and totally primal, so go ahead, take a big bite and get back to human!"


Jessica Recommends: Cocoa NoNut Bar by Honey Mama's

If, in 2018, the aliens finally make a public visit to our own Earth, I'll give them this chocolate as an example of how far Paleo culinary expeditions have come in the last few years. Honey Mama's has formulated a game-changing chocolate treat sweetened only with honey and coconut. How is it possible? I don't know - I'm just happy it exists.


John B Recommends: Wild Pine Nut Butter by Dastony

This delicious butter contains only one ingredient: Stone-ground wild Siberian pine nuts. Pine nuts are a great source of manganese, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium, as well as vitamins E and K. It tastes great spread on toast or oatmeal, but try using it as a base for pesto if you're feeling creative. Your taste buds will thank you!

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Michael Recommends: Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix - Chill Out Vibes with Reishi by Four Sigmatic

Full disclosure: I love all of their healing mushroom products and find them very effective! This one is especially satisfying.They say it is "Like a big warm hug from grandma" and I agree. It's tasty and it's comforting especially on a cold winter day. 500 milligrams of reishi mushrooms combined with cinnamon and cardamom make this a truly wonderful treat!


Mike Recommends: Smart Ash by Bedrock & Bloom

I am really excited about this product to start my New Year in 2018! I have tried a variety of teeth whiteners in the past (the ones with harmful chemicals) and personally did not see the results I was hoping for. I have used this product for just a few days an am already seeing my smile shine! The activated coconut shell charcoal naturally pulls out stains and polishes, while the calcium bentonite clay absorbs toxins and works to re-mineralize your teeth. The certified organic frankincense, mint and orange peel help round out this AMAZING all natural tooth whitener that works! A little bit goes a long way with this product, so it's something that will last a while. Start your 2018 with a SMILE!


Miles Recommends: Avocado Oil by Primal Kitchen

I’ve been toying around with the idea of shaking up my diet in 2018. The ketogenic diet is very appealing for a couple of reasons. By cutting out carbohydrates and taking in more dietary fats, the body can alter its metabolic state. People like the Ketogenic diet for weight management, but also blood sugar and energy support. To boost my impending excessive oil consumption, Primal Kitchen’s Avocado oil is very tasty! It’s light and buttery, and it has a high smoke point, so one can definitely use it for stir fries, etc. Enjoy!

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Morgan Recommends: Frankincense + Orange by Manready Mercantile

New Year, new candle! My family always exchange candles (and books, and tea) during the winter holidays and I love the ritual of beginning the new year with a fresh scent. Soothe yourself, jazz up your next dinner party, and fulfill all your hygge dreams. Any will do, but these are particularly worth the investment because they contain no synthetics, and are hand poured into WHISKEY GLASSES you can actually use when the candle burns out! Waste not, y'all!


Nancy Recommends: Bison Bar by EPIC

EPIC is a company that takes the dried meat bar to the next level. They only use animals from farms that are fed a natural diet, free of antibiotics and growth hormones, and only use natural ingredients without conservatives for their meat bars. And when you taste an EPIC bar, you can feel all the care that went into producing it. All EPIC bars taste really good, but my favorite is the Bison one, which has a slightly sweet taste due to the added cranberries. It’s a great bar when you’re on the go and want to eat something healthier than that heavily processed chocolate bar (aka “sugar bomb”). I like EPIC bars particularly after the gym or Bikram yoga, because they're loaded with protein and just taste great!

Nick Recommends: Hazelnut Toffee Dark Bark by Taza Chocolate

Local stone ground chocolate is delicious, but local stone ground chocolate with hazelnuts and toffee is so much better. Taza's limited run of Hazelnut Toffee Dark Bark is a delicious locally made treat, and perfect for anyone who decided to make their New Year's resolution be to eat more chocolate.

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Rachel Recommends: Zinc by Eidon Ionic Minerals

Eidon Ionic Minerals Zinc is my secret weapon (not so secret anymore!) to staying healthy all year round, and especially during flu season. Zinc works to boost and improve immune function, and this liquid zinc is easily absorbed and utilized in the body, and contains no additives or alcohol. Since taking it for the past few years, I have noticed a significant change in my immune system's ability to fight off illness, and I believe that the addition of Zinc into my supplement regimen has played a large contribution.


Sally Recommends: The Room Spray by Brother's Artisan Oil

I find that when I cook in my house during the winter months, when the windows are securely closed, I will often walk through the front door, and get a whiff of.... whatever I cooked for the previous night, or that morning. Sometimes this is a good thing sometimes... not. My fragrant, lite, happy solution is to use The Room Spray from Brothers Artisan Oil. The combination of Juniper Berry, Rosemary and Sage natural essential oils sprayed throughout my house is very refreshing and appetizing!


Sam Recommends: Cleansing Conditioner - Hydrating Coconut by Alaffia

This creamy, coco-nutty concoction has been a game-changer for my hair! Using this in place of conventional shampoo and conditioner has kept my hair soft in the dry winter air, while still rendering it clean, shiny, and bouncy! I've found it vital as a frequent hair-dyer as well; unlike shampoo, this conditioner doesn't appear to be breaking my color down significantly with each wash.

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Sarah Recommends: Practice You - a Journal

I love starting each New Year with some sort of Ritual. Maybe it's a project, or a journal, or some kind of self-love practice. This book is all of these in one! Practice You is a guided journal with both things to read and guided places to write. Filled with gorgeous watercolors, this book is touted as a "personal field guide to your highest self". I am so excited for the new year so I can start working this beautiful piece of inspiration.

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Vicki Recommends: Handmade Notebooks by Orange Papaya

Journaling is super important for our well-being, especially nowadays when everything moves so fast around us, journals allow us to slow down. These are beautiful, woven with old newspapers, by women in Indonesia. Allow the money you spend be a way to vote for what you want for the future.

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Zach Recommends: Wildly Omega by VitalFit + MassOmega

A partnership between two of our favorite Massachusetts based, sustainably minded supplements startups? What's not to love? MassOmega sources one of the cleanest fish oils I've ever seen: New England Wild Skate Oil. This local partnership is exactly what the world needs more of: community members coming together, combining their resources in a productive, cooperative way to create health and wellness.