Staff Picks!

Our favorite products this season.

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Alex N. Recommends: Stainless Steel Straw + Straw brush by U-KONSERVE

While most products are helpful for our own health they can also have a huge impact on the health of our environment. This is why my pick is U-KONSERVE Stainless Steel Straw and Straw Brush. Some plastic straws are still being made with materials that are potentially toxic or carcinogenic causing harm to our health. This and the fact that plastic can remain in the environment for over 2,000 years because (most) plastic is not biodegradable. Straws frequently end up in the ocean and being that we live right near the Charles River (which runs straight into the ocean) it is important to make sure this doesn't happen. It may not feel like you can save the planet on your own, but little habits like this help raise awareness and our influence can easily spread if more people are seen using reusable straws, especially in the office or at home! This small gesture can have a huge impact on our and the planets health.


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Alex S. Recommends: Silly Dilly Carrots by Micro Mamas

Looking to add something delicious and probiotic rich to your dinner? The Micro Mamas Silly Dilly Carrots are my fave! They are garlicky and delicious, finely shredded and make the perfect topping for most savory dishes. The company is based out of NH and partners with local farmers to source her veggie for fermenting!

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Alyssa Recommends: Kids Attention Daily Herbal Drops by Gaia Herbs

Back to school can be a stressful and anxiety provoking transition time for little ones. Try Gaia's Attention Daily Drops, an alcohol free children's herbal extract formula. Created by a naturopath, it is a thoughtful combination of gentle herbs to support a calm state of mind, a reduction of nervousness and irritability and healthy cognition for focus and concentration.

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Bex Recommends: Whole Food, Plant-Based Yogurt by LaVva

This is the first semester that I've been back-to-school in a looooooong time. While I'm pretty well-equipped to take heaping handfuls of stress, energy, and cognitive supporting herbs, my snacking game has always left a little to be desired. Enter Lavva! This no-sugar added, plant-based pili nut yogurt is full of nourishing fats that fuel my hungry and hardworking brain--and it's packed with probiotics to keep my digestion and immune health on track as well. Highly recommended.

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Brenden Recommends: 15mg Gold Formula Softgels by CV Sciences

CBD is all the rage. Until recently I didn't really believe that CBD was for me. I'd tried brand after brand and always felt sleepy when I really just wanted to feel relaxed. Over the past month I started taking the 15mg Gold Formula in the mornings before drinking coffee. Little did I know it would be the perfect pairing. I get a tremendous feeling of alertness supported by a calm energy. I'd give anything to not have that intense coffee crash and this specific CBD has been the ticket.

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Caitlin Recommends: Manuka Honey by Activist Manuka

What's one product that you can use in your tea, on your face and on bumps and scrapes? Activist's Manuka Honey, that's what! Available in 100, 300 and 850 + MGO (methylglyoxal), Activist's husband and wife team have married their loves of natural health, wellness and the critical role of bees to present you with these fabulous Manuka products. You are sure to use this honey in more ways than one! My favorite way to enjoy Activist? A Manuka mask! Work this (almost) liquid gold into the skin, let it sit and warmly wipe your troubles away.

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Caleb Recommends: Fat Pack by Cave

I have a bag of Fat Pack with me at all times. It’s a simple blend of organic coconut, organic stevia, and salt that’s perfect for when you need a boost to stave off hunger. Delicious on its own or in coffee as a creamer. I even found that it’s the perfect bedtime snack and gives my body enough to burn throughout the night.

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Elizabeth Recommends: Ginger Carrots by Real Pickles

Its hard to choose which of the fermented veggies made by Real Pickles will be my dinnertime pick...and now I find myself eating them for breakfast with scrambled eggs and toast every morning. What could be better than a couple of large spoonfuls of these fermented and raw veggies to start the day!


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Emily Recommends: Premium Grade Matcha by Jade Leaf Organics

With the turn of the season I start to crave a little extra pep in my morning step. This direct-sourced, organic matcha from Jade Leaf Organics is fresh, vibrantly green, and completely delicious - with just the right balance of energy and calm to get me going without jitters!

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Jake recommends: Topo Chico Mineral Water

It's important to stay hydrated. What better way than drinking water! Specifically Topo-Chico Mineral water. Topo-Chico is bottled in Monterrey, Mexico and comes pre-carbonated for extra bubbly goodness. The bottle features a sleek ergonomic glass design for maximum drinkability. It comes in Lime flavor as well as original water flavor. Pick one up today!

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Jessi Recommends: Java Jolt Organic Sugar & Coffee Scrub by Organic Bath Co.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Autumn is upon us and with the change of season our skin can become dehydrated and dull. Exfoliating regularly increases cellular regeneration and removes dead skin cells. I particularly love the organic ingredients in this scrub: sugar + coffee, which in addition to delivering a wonderful aroma, can also promote blood flow and may reduce the appearance of cellulite giving your skin a more even tone. The organic oils will unquestionably leave your skin feeling silky smooth. With this product, it's a win win for your skin!

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John B Recommends: Pumpkin Seed Butter by 88 Acres

Magnesium! Zinc! Omega 3s! Even wonderfully calming tryptophan! All in a very seasonal spread derived from our oh so Halloweeny friend the pumpkin! Keep pumpkin seed butter in stock all season long. Your body, brain, and taste buds will thank you.

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Kayla Recommends: Caraway & Cabbage Sauerkraut by Lost Art

Change of season can mean changes to our digestion - feelings of sluggishness or discomfort can easily take place as we move from summer into fall. As research continues to learn about the brain-gut connection, keeping our digestion healthy is essential. Good digestion can support our productivity and mental focus, and is volatile as we experience change of routine and times of stress. This organic cabbage sauerkraut made by the folks at Lost Art Cultured Foods is full of yummy, beneficial live cultures and the added warmth of the caraway seed is just right. This product will have you and your belly skipping happily into fall!

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Karyn Recommends: Duck Bag by Baggu

This is the perfect back to school bag! It looks great and has plenty of room for my computer and many books. On the rare occasion that I am not carting around 20 pounds of books, it even works well as a regular bag. It comes in lots of great colors, too. I choose the olive green which looks super fall-y. I love this bag.

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Len Recommends: Spring Dragon Longevity Tea by Ron Teeguarden's Dragon Herbs

With classes back in full swing, I find I'm pushing myself to the limits each day. So, I've started a new daily ritual by taking a few moments with a brew of Spring Dragon Tea. This infused Gynostemma tea has a light herbal taste with a touch of natural sweetness, and is thought to promote longevity. I find it works well as a morning energy enhancer, an afternoon pick-me-up, or for a much needed evening wind-down into relaxation.

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Matt Recommends: Diamond Mind Tincture / Capsules by Dragon Herbs

Dragon Herb's Diamond Mind is a potent blend of herbs like Tibetan Rhodiola, Ginkgo, Eleuthero, and more designed to support energy and focus throughout the day. I like to add a dropper full to my morning smoothie or I'll just squirt a dropper under my tongue when I need an extra boost.

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Michael Recommends: CBD Balm by Plus CBD

With apologies to Carole King and Aretha, "Looking out on the morning rain, I used to feel so uninspired, And when I knew I had to face another day Lord, it made me feel so tired. Before the day I met you, life was so unkind, But your the key to my peace of mind 'Cause you make me feel, You make me feel, You make me feel like A natural [human (HUMAN)]." That's how well this product works from me when I apply it to my knees and other joints!

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Mike Recommends: 18 In 1 Hemp Citrus Pure Castile Soap By Dr. Bronner's

With organic, fair trade biodegradable ingredients and multipurpose applications, Dr. Bronner's Castile Soaps really stand out as a product line that I feel great about supporting and having in my home. I love using their Hemp Citrus Castile Soap as a hair, face and body wash, as well as a general multipurpose cleaner - check out their "Dilutions Cheat Sheet" for more inspiration! With their recent Certified B Corp status and guided by their "Cosmic Principles", Dr. Bronner's offers a wide range of clean, concentrated and purposeful castile soaps and more, all while making sure to give back to their employees, their suppliers, their community and the Earth.

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Nick Recommends: 16oz Insulated Black by Klean Kanteen

I told the boss I would keep it classy with my pick this time around, and what could be more classy than a hot coffee in a nice black insulated drinking container. It will keep your coffee hot all damn day and you will look damn classy while drinking from it. AND, if you know how to sew, you can make a little tuxedo for it to wear to be extra classy!

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Sally Recommends: safeSnacker by New Wave Enviro

Fall weather always makes me feel like I should be gearing up to go back to school, new shoes, new notebooks and a new lunch containter. New Wave Enviro had the the sweetest stainless steel square "safesnacker", which comes in 6 fun colors, and has an attached I wont have to always be digging through my reusable containers to find the right lid !! Keeps food fresh, and beautiful.

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Sam Recommends: Cosmic Dust Brightening Mask by Half Hippy

In this muggy summer, I'm finding my skin needs a little extra care. Enter Half Hippy's Cosmic Dust - with nutrient-dense ingredients like maca, aloe, and camu camu, this mask leaves my skin feeling nurtured and refreshed. As a dry mask, it's also customizable; I've mixed it with raw honey and witch hazel, but one could mix it with aloe gel, or even chilled tea! Also, a spooky bonus as we move into fall: the second liquid hits the mask, the beet powder turns a luscious blood red. Truly the latest in vampy self-care.

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Sarah Recommends: Quiet by Vitruvi

When my brain gets the better of me I often find it hard to relax, especially at night. This essential oil blend immediately calms me and fills me with a quiet joy. Whether I'm trying to focus on a project or get a good night's sleep, this is my new go to favorite product.

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Sheila Recommends: Cleanser + toner by Weleda

I recommend Weleda One Step Face Cleanser. & Toner. All you need is a cotton round. This product cleans your face without drying it. It is especially nice for anyone with long hair as there is no need to use water.

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steph recommends: Organic Hemp Oil by Nutiva

Anything that I can drink to feel sharp AND slather on my face, body, & hair has my (literally & figuratively) glowing recommendation. Try mixing with rosemary essential oil for a therapeutic, fragrant & uncomplicated face/body moisturizer.

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Stephanie Recommends: Cloud Powder by Moodbeli

With the beginning of the school year fast approaching, you might find your schedule getting a little tighter. Swirl a scoop of Cloud Powder into your morning coffee and you don't even have to worry about stopping at the local coffee shop for a latte before school/work! Plus, Cloud Powder is rich in fat soluable vitamins and biotin, which will help give you that boost of energy, and keep your skin looking glowy through the rough New England winter months ahead!

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Vicki Recommends: Spicy Turkey Stick by Nick's Sticks

With school starting, you need all the brain power you can get. And with no time to eat a proper meal between classes, studying, parties and sleep these turkey sticks will make your life easier to live a happy, full and nourished life. Forever.

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Zach Recommends: CBD Oil by Elmore Mountain Therapeutics

New semester got you stressed? Move-in day got you edgy? CBD may be just the thing for you. This small batch, Vermont-sourced CBD Oil is my new favorite. A woman owned, native-Vermonter brand with a social and environmental justice oriented mission, it is sourced from small farms in VT. The oil has a vibrant+clean flavor with a beautiful terpene profile. The effect is consistent and long lasting - soothing, focusing, exactly what I'm looking for in a CBD product.