Staff Picks!

Our favorite products this month.


Alex Recommends: Perfect C Pro Serum by Mychelle

A little "Spring Cleaning" for your face! This serum has helped rejuvenate my dull winter skin with its high vitamin C content. It is also rich in antioxidants to help put a little more Spring in your step! Use it at night and layer it under your favorite moisturizer during the day.



Alyssa Recommends: Clear Zinc Sunscreen by badger

Do you loathe natural sunscreens for the white cast that zinc leaves behind? Me too. That's why I love Badger Balm's new clear zinc sunscreen! Not only is Badger Balm a B Corp, they are right in New Hampshire and are still family owned. Yay!

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Bex Recommends: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet by Leanne Vogel by The Keto Diet

After years and years of the nonsensical nonfat craze, current research paradoxically reveals that the consumption of high amounts of healthy fat can help shift our bodies into efficient fat-burning machines. Perhaps you've heard of the ketogenic diet, which has been gaining more and more traction for its ability to reduce inflammation, support weight loss, and improve energy levels. If you're as skeptical as I am about one-size-fits-all approaches to eating, then this is the book for you. Nutritionist Leann Vogel breaks down several different keto meal plans depending on your constitution, wants, and nutritional needs, eliminating the highly restrictive and didactic approach to dieting.


Brenden Recommends: Extra Virgin Avocado Oil by Primal kitchen

Avocado oil is incredible. It's packed with healthy fat and comes from pure avocado pits/seeds. It is an amazing emerald green color that olive oils can only dream about. Primal kitchen recommends using medium heat if you choose to cook with it, avoiding any burning or oxidation. I skip cooking with this oil and just add it as a topping to any meal throughout the day. Try it with arugula, radishes, salt, and pepper.


Caitlin Recommends: GuaSha Treatment by gingerchi

Need another reason to spoil yourself silly? This is it. GingerChi's Jade GuaSha is a beautifully-shaped tool that glides easily over conditioned skin. As I use the GuaSha, I can almost feel the stress of the day melt away. Results I've noticed from GuaSha use? Firmed, toned, glowing skin that looks less stressed and more cared for. For a truly luxurious experience, pair with Organic Bath Co.'s Nourish Night Balm - slather on your skin and slide the GuaSha all over!


Caleb Recommends: Puerh tea by rishi

Puerh has been part of my morning ritual for years. I love this time of year because I begin to be aware of the changing light and the warmer mornings when I sit and drink a pot of tea (with my myrth ceramic mug). Puerh is an ancient variety of tea from Yunnan Province known from its rich and complex flavors. I love it because it gives me a calm energy throughout the morning.

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Debanjali Recommends: Aura Multi-Use Stick (Sultry) by vapour organic beauty

When I dream of warmer weather, I visualize bright colors - from the prints on my clothing to the colors on my face! I am alllllll about rockin' a bold lip, regardless of the time of year, but with spring on its way, I am already using this multi-use stick from Vapour, a company that packs its products full of minerals and antioxidants to make your skin feel healthy and moisturized. These color sticks are perfect for brush-free, simple makeup application, and you can use them anywhere on your face. They come in a range of lovely shades, and 'sultry' is a beautiful pink-y coral that I guarantee will look good on any skin tone. Brighten up your day by dabbing some on your cheeks, lips, and even on your eyelids!


Elizabeth Recommends: Pesto by Fauxmaggio

This is a delicious pesto made with walnuts, macadamia nuts cashew nuts, and of course basil and olive oil with assorted herbs and hint of garlic. Its a great lunch with crackers and I have been seen eating it for breakfast, letting it melt into my toasted whole grain toast. Delicious as an afternoon snack or with a meal.



Emily Recommends: Premium Ceremonial Matcha by jade leaf organics

Dreaming of springtime? Is your body craving fresh, clean energy? Mine is! Try this vibrantly green, absolutely delicious ceremonial matcha, from Jade Leaf Organics, one of my absolute favorites. Directly sourced from their partner farm in Uji, Japan, Jade Leaf provides some of the highest quality matcha available, and the proof is in the flavor! Simply add to hot water (170 degrees is perfect) and whisk to springtime perfection.

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Helen Recommends: Bone Broth/ Homestyle Savory Chicken by Epic foods

Nothing says spring like Certified Humanely Raised, pasture-centered, Non-GMO project-verified chicken! What better way to celebrate the coming of the warmer weather with a delicate, flavorful, savory cup of bone broth! This is what I want after a long, cold winter full of rich and overly heavy foods. Something light, something healthful, something that feels good and tastes good too! Grab yourself a cup of bone broth and sip away on this chiken, you spring chicken you!

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Jessica Recommends: "Play" smoothie by beacon blend

I'm not the biggest smoothie person, but when I tried this one from Beacon Blend, a newer, women-owned, local business, I was hooked. The flavor is fresh, delicious, just the right amount of sweet, and a perfect pick-me-up for when you're frolicking out in the beautiful Cambridge spring weather!!


John B Recommends: Shallot and Herb Kraut by real pickles

This brand new small-batch sauerkraut flavor from Realpickles is to die for! Pairing delicious and probiotic-rich kraut with flavorful shallots, cilantro, parsley, garlic, and oregano is a slam dunk. The fact that it's all locally grown in the Northeast makes it even better! Try it on a Vermont Tortillas taco shell with some grilled chicken, lemon juice, and queso fresco for a bright, herbacious springtime meal.


Michael Recommends: The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar by Perfect Bar

I need snacks to get me through my busy and active day. But, I don't want "crap". I want the good stuff!! Lots of organic ingredients, healthy nuts and seeds and fruits and vegetables. These taste great, they fill me up, they enable me to carry on. "20+ Super Foods", variety of flavors. Best refrigerated and yet keeps well for a week or so when you are on the go. I take them with me everywhere!!

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Mike Recommends: Golden Hour Recovery Cream by Ursa Major

As we emerge from the depths of winter, we awaken to a dream of spring - wanting to look and feel like our old vibrant selves again while showing new signs of growth. Ursa Major's Golden Hour Recovery Cream will bring you those fresh new feelings of confidence and healing to your skin after these cold, harsh months. It's nourishing with naturally occurring vitamins A,C and E, carotenoids, essential fatty acids and more, while moisturizing and absorbing quickly with purposeful, organic ingredients! With soothing calendula for dry red skin, and black currant's and sea buckthorn's rich omega profile, you'll soon bloom into a new season of YOU!

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Miles Recommends: Blue Majik by E3Live

Spring into wellbeing with Blue Majik! This spirulina algae from Klamath, Oregon is rich in phycocyanins which gives the powder a beautiful blue hue. Aside from its nutritive and alkalinizing properties, Blue Majik bestows a delightful ocean-rich blue color to mix with any food or drink of your choosing.


Morgan Recommends: Roasted Dandelion Root Tea by Traditional Medicinals

If you're anything like me, your brain is wrecking enough havoc on your nervous system without any help from stimulants like coffee. But if ditching your favorite hot, bitter, beverage sounds unbearable, I highly recommend becoming addicted to roasted dandelion tea instead. Add nut milk and honey to this dark, robust herbal tea for a delicious and caffeine-free morning treat. It's healthy and naturally detoxifying and kind of sort of a little bit tastes like coffee. Give 'er a whirl!

*All Traditional Medicinals teas are on sale this month!

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Nancy Recommends: Toning Facial Mist by Little Seed Farm

Beauty Alert ❤!!!!! ...the weather still is a bit cold out there and our face skin really deserves to be spoiled!!!!!! .....and this Toning Facial Mist will make a huge difference into your face-care routine. For ALL skin types (dry, oily or combination), this marvelous facial mist will help you - correcting pH, refining pores and calming with a blend of cool new friends like: organic aloe and Blue German Chamomile (great to soothe and reduce the redness) marshmallow root extract (calms and plumps skin with naturally hyaluronic acid) essential oil blend (balances all skin types)


Nick Recommends: Nitro Cold Brew by Rise

With the warm weather coming back it is the pefect time to give your hot coffee a rest and jump right back into cold brew. And this ready made Nitrogen infused cold brew is the perfect compliment to a warm spring morning.

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Rachel Recommends: Citrus Hydrating Skin Cream by carina organics

Looking to add some zest into your body care routine? This silky smooth lotion made with all natural, carefully sourced and organic ingredients will not only feel nourishing on your skin, but will also leave you smelling delightful. The refreshing, pleasant citrus scent makes me feel like I'm on a tropical island and takes me out of any late winter blues, reminding me that spring is on the way!

Sally Recommends: Kelp Krunch Energy Bar by Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

I have been snacking on this Seaweed Energy bar for literally... 20 years! Made in Maine, with only 4 ingredients - organic sesame seeds, organic brown rice syrup, organic maple syrup and organic kelp - making it gluten free and vegan. Proceeds are donated to the Allied Whale, supporting the conservation and research of whales in the Atlantic ocean where they have harvested their kelp since 1972. This bar not only tastes great but smells of the ocean and reminds me of sitting on the shore on a beautiful Spring day. You can even adopt a whale, they provide all the information you need on the back of the label.

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Sam Recommends: Permanent Haircolor Gel - FF2 Crimson Red by Herbatint

If you're trying to shake up your look for spring, I highly recommend Herbatint's Flash Fashion shades. The colors may seem daunting, but these subtle gorgeous gem tones are subtle, adaptable, and easy to work with! The gentle dye formula is cushioned with plant extracts such as rhubarb, aloe, and walnut, and (in my experience) does an excellent job of dyeing hair while leaving skin alone. Crimson Red in particular is a great shade to work with - a rich, multifaceted red with excellent staying power, that shifts through multiple flattering flame hues when it hits the inevitable fading point.


Sarah Recommends: Room Spray and Cleaning Spray #2 by saint olio

Nothing says spring like a little Spring Cleaning! St Olio #2 makes cleaning a luxurious experience. Infused with essential oils of Geranium, Rose and Sweet Orange, these sprays brighten any space. Not to mention, the cleaner works like a charm. It doesn't just smell good but it really does the trick. Packaged in brown glass and printed with artwork on the front.. these bottles are too pretty to just leave in the cabinet. I put mine right on the counter for daily cleaning inspiration!

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Vicki Recommends: Instant Chaga by North Spore Mushrooms

These little packets of instant chaga powder taste great! They are super convenient when you are on the go, and provide your body with a ton of antioxidants in less than 2 minutes! I like to mix mine with a little bit of maple syrup and cashew milk.

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Zach Recommends: Fatpacks by caveshake

When I trialed this product for us, my partner remarked "This is the best thing you've ever brought home from work." Enough said.