Alex Recommends: Nourish Facial Oil by Cordial Organics


Show your face some love this winter with Cordial Organic's Nourish face oil! This unique oil blend features chia seed oil and 150mg of CBD to help calm and nurture your skin in these rough winter months. Great for moisture and rich in anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.



Alyssa Recommends: Cat food by Rawz

I love my cat soooo much. This is not news to anyone. But I don't love mainstream cat foods that are on the market, so I feel her Rawz minimally processed and grain free cat food. She loves the canned varieties, but I also add in a sprinkle of dry kibble as a little extra treat to hold her over so she doesn't wake me up at 3am to eat breakfast...which I don't love! Also, Rawz donates all profits to charities supporting those with disabilities. Win for everyone (and every cat)!


Bex Recommends: Dosha Balancing Oil by Bindi

Around this time of year, my chapped, itchy, and thirsty skin screams for nourishing oils that hydrate and revitalize. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic tradition of generously applying warm herb-infused oils to the body in order to support equanimity and vitality. Sounds good, right? The Bindi oils are crafted with specific herbs and flower extracts, such as: ashwagandha, shatavari, brahmi, rose, vetiver, and basil. With four blends to choose from, you can select the oil that best suits the time of year as well as your constitution. Whether I dump it directly into bathwater, slather it over my body after a shower, or do a formal abhyanga massage, the Bindi oils resuscitate my suffocating epidermis.


Brenden Recommends: Classic Coconut Butter Cups by Eating Evolved

Simply the best! Eating Evolved does an amazing job making their Coconut Butter Cups. I am partial to the Classic, it's "Pretty Pretty Pretty Good", as Larry David might say. Every time I eat these I feel great. It triggers all of the right endorphins, perhaps it's love. Also their full of good fat so they give me energy and make me feel full.


Caitlin Recommends: Sustain Naturals Product Line

Our sexual health and wellness routines may be looking for a change up! Lurking in condoms, lubricants and personal cleansers are a plethora of chemicals and additives that are simply something we may not want to expose ourselves or our partners to during a time of intimacy and personal connection. Hailing from Vermont, Sustain Naturals has produced a line of clean sexual health products that will freshen up your routine without compromising efficacy. Sustain's products are ones that will make you feel great and safe while supporting local!

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Caleb Recommends: Reishi Delight by Tamim Teas

Reishi has been a beloved mushroom for centuries for it's multitude of benefits. While we have reishi products in many forms, one of my favorites is Tamim Tea's Reishi Delight blend. I love to spend a relaxing afternoon sipping this delicious blend of reishi, cinamon, and honeybush. Enjoy!

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Debanjali Recommends: Maroma Men - Essential Fragrance (Tonka Vetiver)

Because I can't stand when certain products are marketed toward specific genders, I rock this "men's fragrance" regularly. This essential oil-based product comes in three divine scents - Tonka Vetiver (invigorating), Cedar Lavender (relaxing), and Olibanum Citrus (revitalizing) - and all are very affordable and versatile. My favorite thing about these is that they smell totally different on everyone! So, if you're looking for a new fragrance for yourself or a loved one, don't be swayed by the label - I encourage EVERYBODY to give these a try!


Elizabeth Recommends: Thyroid support from gaia herbs

Gives me the nutrients and the "pick-up" to get through my busiest work days! All Gaia products are on sale in the month of February!


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Emily Recommends: Prism of the Sun toner by Heart Grown Wild

This GORGEOUS handcrafted toner smells like love. Made with spruce hydrosol and rose hydrosol along with jasmine, white sage and balsam fir, it’s like being kissed by a moonlit summer night walking through an enchanted forest. Give your face a little love every morning with this amazing toner!

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Heather Recommends: Elderberry Syrup by Wild Branch Foods

This delectable product is my favorite elderberry syrup on the market! Wild Branch Foods is based in Vermont and uses impeccable sourcing, partnering with local farms that use regenerative and organic practices. They have created a potent formula that is a combination of a traditional herbal medicine ingredients and additions of unique immune-boosters like propolis and turkey tail mushroom. This is the epitome of food as medicine! I practice self-love and spoil myself by pouring it generously into yogurt and muesli, adding it to hot water (seltzer in the summer!) as a sweet nighttime elixir, and pairing it with maple syrup on pancakes. A sweet treat for me and for my health!

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Helen Recommends: Glucosamine, Hyaluronic acid, Chondroitin & MSM supplement by Solgar

Self-love is important to me this Valentines - and for this reason I take this comprehensive supplement by Solgar. This supplement is full of everything you might need to help lubricate and support fluid movement in those creaky joints, aching bones, or coat that delicate gut lining! I can actually feel this product working for me and making things like getting up in the morning more easy and less of a chore! For someone with several joint, disc and connective tissue concerns this product really helps me take on the world in a new more loving way.


Jessica Recommends: hydrating accelerator by josh rosebrook

Instead of asking your partner for a ROSE this V-tines day, ask them to get you some Josh ROSEbrook skincare products! The Hydrating Accelerator is my absolute go-to toner. The aloe water is super soothing and anti-inflammatory, and Josh's expertly crafted concoction of plant extracts give your skin an extra boost of nutrients. Use it under your favorite face oil, serum, or moisturizer, and spritz it on your face throughout the day for a burst of energy and hydration.

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John B Recommends: Cultured Coffee by Afineur

Like many folks out there, I'm a difficult person to love before I've had my first hit of caffeine in the morning. Cultured Coffee has become one of my favorites, owing to its unique double fermentation process. The extra fermentation makes it much easier on the stomach than many coffees, and helps keep me from getting too jittery over time. It also has a very mild flavor, much less bitter than most varietals. Add a little culture to your mornings!


Michael Recommends: Quick Defense by gaia herbs

I really love feeling and staying well. And I really love when my loved ones (and even the people I just "like") don't get ill. One of my favorite products and easy "go to" ones is this "Immune support at onset" formula. With the highest quality echinacea, elderberry, andrographis and ginger I keep it around all year but right now, I can't imagine not having it at the ready!!

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Mike Recommends: Floral Face Cleanser - Tender as Petals by thesis beauty

I’ve been so excited to include this incredibly local and natural face cleanser into my daily body care routine recently! Made in small batches by hand in Somerville MA, Thesis Beauty has brought together truly natural ingredients into all of their products. This gentle clay cleanser is able to remove both impurities and makeup, all while soothing the skin and not leaving it dehydrated. Also, it's so fun to prepare the mix of clay and water together - it makes me feel really connected to my body as I put that mindful act of self care into my day. I feel like I am giving myself a unique personal spa experience every morning I use it!


Miles Recommends: French Oak Extract by jarrow

From the manufacturers that brought you the super antioxidant Pycnogenol (French Maritime Bark Extract) comes French Oak Extract! I love this formula. French Oak has ellagitannins, similar to the super nutrients one finds in pomegranate. There also appears to be some novel research studies on French Oak for support of deeper fatigue issues. This February, I'm thinking immune, liver, brain and energy support!


Morgan Recommends: CoCo No Nut by Honey Mama's

As William Carlos Williams famously wrote, "I have eaten the [Honey Mama's] that were in the icebox/ and which you were probably saving for breakfast/ Forgive me they were delicious so sweet and so cold." I know you've seen them recommended here before. Believe the hype. Try the Honey Mama's.


Nancy Recommends: Off the Cuff, Coffee Sweaters by Green City Living

Love in this the air!! And we all love to have our coffee and tea warm for the longest cold period ever, isn't it? Well, our dream came true with these lovely "Off the Cuff, Coffee Sweaters". These sleeves help to insulate your cup to keep your coffee and tea warm and your fingertips cool. By using 2 buttons and an elastic cord you can use them for whatever size cup if you go out or at your cozy home. These fabulous sweaters were created by Green City Living. Their main focus is to find a way to reuse old items destined for the trash heap - in this case old beat up sweaters which are felted and then turned into an amazing-useful-fabulous art.

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Nick Recommends: Bonito Tuna & Sea Bream by Sa-Shi

My cats are a fairly picky bunch, but I love them so it's okay. Occasionally I will give them their wet food and they will decide they just don't feel like eating it, but never with the Sa-Shi packets. Each time I give them Sa-Shi they devour it like they think someone is about to take it away from them.

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Rachel Recommends: Power Thought Cards By Louise Hay

These beautiful cards are the perfect tool for inspiring personal growth, self empowerment and self love. The deck features 64 double sided cards, with a short affirmation on one side and a corresponding in-depth visualization on the other. Covering many areas of life including work, relationships, self image and creativity, this vibrant deck features artwork by 5 different artist, giving each card a unique touch. I am certainly inspired by this deck and hope you will be as well!


Sally Recommends: Flora Dog by vital planet

I love my Pug - Clementine! Last Fall he was suffering from an ongoing infection that was affecting his digestion and his elimination process. I was prescribed antibiotics again and again, with no clear results. So I took matters into my own hands and started adding a scoop of Flora Dog probiotics to his morning meal. At his last check up, he got a clean bill of health! And I have noticed that his breath is a lot better as well!


Sam Recommends: Turkish Coffee chocolate bar by Endorfin

I keep buying this bar and telling myself I'm going to share it with other people, and then inevitably devouring the whole thing myself. It's just too good - creamy vegan coconut mylk chocolate with a balanced deep coffee flavor and just the right hit of cardamom. I'll share it with someone eventually, but in the meantime... self-love is still important, right?

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Sarah Recommends: Body Oil by prim botanicals

This body oil is my ultimate spoil. I keep a bottle of this around for a little self love at the end of a hard day. Lately I've been mixing a few drops into my face cream at night because it is super nourishing and smells AMAZING. I drift to sleep in a cloud of floral-y magic.


Vicki Recommends: Vegan Golden Milk by jahmu chai

This is the most delicious drink I have ever drunk. All it requires is just some hot water, and ta-da, you have liquid sunshine in your hand. For those days that you feel down, or maybe you don't feel as connected to your self, drink this delicious turmeric drink, and watch your mood get lifted.

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Zach Recommends: The Source by VitalFit

Fresh off the line, this new product from local favorite VitalFit is a powerhouse blend of Certified Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms and Cracked-cell Pine Pollen. Together they create a sense of energy that I find is great during these long, cold winter days.