December Staff Picks

What we're gifting this holiday season!


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Nourish Night Balm by Organic Bath Company

I LOVE the Nourish Night Balm! I slather it all over my face day and night, and since I started using it, I've seen an obvious improvement in the health of my skin! The winter can be harsh on our skin, so help keep your loved one's face protected with this healing and luxurious moisturizing balm!

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ALYSSA, supplements buyer, is gifting:

Rose Balancing Face Care Kit by evanhealy

To be honest, I was having quite the time conjuring up my December staff pick... until I sat down for the evanhealy mini facial we had in store! HOLY MOLY - I am hooked! I want to gift the Rose Balancing Face Care Kit to EVERYONE I know! It is a generous gift of self care. These beautifully botanical face products are a true treat and feel absolutely luxurious. The rose scent is soft and real and truly refreshing, leaving your skin happy and nourished. This kit provides up to 2 weeks of use and is packaged perfectly for gift giving.

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BEX, floor supervisor & supps buyer, is gifting:

Animal Hats by Andes Gifts

Two years ago, I moved from Los Angeles to Cambridge just in time for the epic winter that almost sent me (and a whole lot of Boston natives) running back to palm tree laden beaches. One day, in the midst of yet another blizzard, I wandered into Cambridge Naturals and stumbled upon what is now my beloved unicorn hat! That glorious rainbow yarn animal allowed me to reconnect with the whimsy of winter and let my inner child frolick through the snow with glee. Now I have gifted my closest friends and family members (children and adults alike) animal hats that match their wild personalities and we brave the winter together in style, roaring, meowing and howling with happiness.

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Gin Bao Tea With Green Tea by Mr. Mak's

Can you name a better gift than good health? I'll be sharing Mr. Mak's Gin Bao with Green Tea as my gift to family and friends this year. Gin Bao is a traditionally simmered tea with two main ingredients, ginger and ginseng. This tea packs a punch of ginger - it is truly very warming. Drink this tea to support daily immune support and vitality. Find me in the store and I'll share Mr. Mak's journey with you.

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Clay Mask Kit by evanhealy

Hiding inside of this box are the tools to make anyone feel like royalty. Its contents? A terra cotta bowl, professional fan brush and beautifully pigmented French Rose and Green Tea clays shielded by gold paper. Suitable for any skin type, this is a gift that will aid the acceleration and maintenance of healthy, glowing skin. Pair a clay with a favorite evanhealy hydrosoul, mix, paint on, let dry and unmask the benefits of clay and self care.

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CALEB, CHIEF OF STAFF, is gifting:

Beard Grooming Kit by Badger Balm

Gift the gift of a majestic and luxurious beard this holiday season. The kit includes two of my favorite organic Badger man-care products. The Beard Oil is used to soften facial hair and hydrate and nourish the skin underneath and the Beard Balm will help style and maintain without any greasy feeling. You can also feel good about supporting a family owned B-corp in New Hampshire when buying Badger products.



Bath Basket of CN Body Care!

This holiday season, I am gifting family and friends with baskets that I have filled with Cambridge Naturals bath products... loofahs, pumice stones, sea sponges and a lovely gift bar of soap from the store's soap selection. What better way to spend the cold winter than relaxing in a bath and scrubbing away that dry skin!



Lunar Calendar by TheFarWoods

This gorgeous handmade print was designed by two sisters, Nina and Sonya Montenegro, owners of TheFarWoods in Portland Oregon. We discovered these prints a few weeks ago and were just bowled over by how gorgeous they are! I'm gifting one of these to my cousin Anna this year. It's so beautiful you could even frame it and enjoy for years to come!

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Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream by Pacifica

This luminous, dewy, bare-skin, tinted primer is essential to my everyday beauty ritual. It is often the only thing I have time to put on my face in those hurried mornings when I am leaping on my bike and rushing to class. It isn't heavy or smelly, and the incredible shade-matching technology makes it so I don't look like I'm wearing a mask. This BB cream brings out my natural beauty while covering any redness or blemishes and gives my skin's pigment a balanced tone and natural glow. 100% vegan, cruelty-free and formulated without any petroleum, parabens, SLS or phthalates; all the vibrational, conscious beauties insist this is a must for every goddess!


Winter Weed Finder: a guide to dry plants in winter by Dorcas S. Miller

Winter Weed Finder is an easy-to-use plant ID key that I will be sharing with at least one of my plant nerd friends during this cold, dark. weirdly beautiful time of year. It's the perfect size to throw in a bag for a winter hike or to have in your coat pocket when you come across some really stunning dried vegetation while wandering about town. I appreciate the clear illustrations and the explanation of what to look for, which makes this a great introduction to plant identification that is also handy for someone who already knows their Celastrus scandens from their Celastrus orbiculatus. (American Bittersweet and Oriental Bittersweet, respectively.)

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Indigo Soothe herbal bath by Cambridge Naturals

Working full-time while being a musician, cat mom, member of a co-op, and trying to maintain a social life, my self-care routine often gets flung to the wayside. When I have that "Ah-ha!" moment of realization that my body cannot function off of copious amounts of coffee, protein bars, and 5-hours of sleep forever, I often take a night to myself and have some serious Jess-time. This holiday season, I can't wait to treat myself to one of Cambridge Naturals' very own Indigo Soothe herbal baths. This is something you can gift to anyone you care about who just needs to take a day and relax - don't we all deserve that?! I had a hand in making the luxurious concoction for our limited 14-jar set. Hints of lemon balm and hops are particularly dreamy. Vibrant orange calendula petals from local Neanta Medicinal Herb Farm bring out the signature purple hue of lavender flowers, the highlighted ingredient in this calming mix. Finished off with some of our very own Bulgarian Lavender essential oil, this herbal bath mix will encourage those you love to take a moment--or maybe an hour or two--to just soak, relax, and appreciate themselves.

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Bunny Wrap by Grandpa's Garden

A super cuddly, scented, heatable wrap. This is the perfect holiday gift, just pop bunny in the microwave for a few moments and have warmth for those cold winter nights. Doesn't that sound wonderful? The gift of WARMTH, you should probably pick up one for yourself while you're at it.

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John, Grocery Buyer & Customer Service Specialist is gifting: 

Curio Spice Blends by Curio Spice Co.

The Somerville-based Curio Spice Company have the perfect stocking stuffers for the chef in your life. These attractive spice blends feature fresh, fragrant flavors to enhance any meal and satisfy any palate. It's hard to pick a favorite between the Da Lat spice (Vietnamese Coffe Rub), the Kozani spice (Greek herb and saffron blend), the Kandy spice (Sri Lankan cinnamon and spices), and the Aegean salt (with chios mastic, lemon, and thyme), so why not just buy the whole set? Your favorite gourmand will thank you!

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Maple Syrup by Mission Maple

Something local, something gifty, something wonderful! Yes! A huge jar of maple syrup is the answer! Made from certified, non-GMO woodlands in Massachusetts! How creative can you be? Go on and put this syrup on waffles, pancakes, desserts, fruit and granola and yogurt. Breakfast sausage, roasted veggies with goat cheese, potatoes, whip cream, ice cream and a partridge in a pear hmm... plate! For a genuine foodie experience, there are no boundaries. Revel in the local Maple trees, it is a winter delicacy gift for everyone; lasting the whole year through.

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Earrings by Betsy & Iya

My sister and I have very different styles which sometimes makes shopping for her a challenge. She likes simple jewelry and modern shapes which describes Betsy & Iya's work perfectly. The gold color gives the earrings a classic look and makes them perfect for every day. The asymmetry of many of the earrings make them interesting and unique. Made with love by a small team in Portland, Oregon, you can dress these pieces up and down and pick from their selection of studs to more dramatic hoops.

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MARY, body care buyer, is gifting:

Mia Diffuser by Stadler Form

My mom has been searching for the perfect diffuser for years, never quite finding one that fit her aesthetic preferences and still got the job done. This diffuser by Stadler Form is virtually silent, fills a small room, and actually looks incredibly chic. The MIA is so mini and cute, it can fit even the smallest spaces without being an eye sore. Give the gift of aromatherapy this year and grab some of our Cambridge Naturals brand essential oils to go with it!

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Relax and Restore Magnesium Powder by Garden of Life

Stressful times call for lifestyle changes and nutritional support! The three flavors of this premium magnesium powder are likely one of the best items many of us can benefit from. So many of us are "stressed out" these days with up to one in five Americans reporting "extreme stress". And for many not getting enough magnesium could be a significant part of the problem. This is an ideal gift item for a a friend or loved one, and yes, for yourself!! Less stress, more calmness, better sleep are all potential benefits one can get from using this terrific product. Oh and also it has probiotics for better digestion and regularity. A surprising gift item, you say? Perhaps, but when your recipient (or you) get the desired results!!

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Resveratrol AND Nicotinamide Riboside by Resverage AND Jarrow Formulas

I’m thinking a lot about winter vitality this holiday season. There has been a lot of stressful energy lately and it may behoove us to take a deep breath and appreciate the hard work the cells in our body perform for us every day. I want to support them, and I want to gift to my family supplements that support their cells too. Resveratrol from Resverage is an antioxidant molecule commonly found in red wine that has been shown to promote healthy aging, cell division and gene expression and to support positive outcomes in cardiovascular, metabolic and brain health.* This happens in part through the activation of a protective gene called Sirtuin. Sirtuins are dependent on a derivative of vitamin B3 (Niacin) known as NAD. Our levels of NAD in our cells are linked to energy production and overall vitality. One of the ways you can support NAD levels is to take Jarrow Formulas Nicotinamide Riboside. Compared to regular vitamin B3, Nicotinamide Riboside is more readily absorbed and converted into NAD. Take care of your cells and take care of yourselves, folks. *This information is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for a health care provider's consultation.

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16oz Insulated bottle - Matte Black by Klean Kanteen

It's starting to get cold out so inevitably I am going to want to start taking hot coffee with me to work. I have gone through a number of thermoses over the years trying to find one that I actually like and this is by far the best one I have found yet. It keeps my coffee hot all day, It doesn't leak in my bag and it holds enough coffee that I am not constantly refilling it. Also the matte black looks pretty nice. And it would make a great gift.

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1,000 Roses Facial Care Line by Andalou

I love everything rose - I find the scent both calming and uplifting, bringing to mind lush gardens and Jane Austen novels. Beyond the scent, too, rosewater can be marvelously calming for sensitive skin. If you're looking to pamper someone this holiday season, I highly recommend picking up a few items from the Andalou 1000 Roses line. They smell delicious, their rose-based formulation is soothing and moisturizing, and the lightweight texture of the Day Cream absorbs quickly. If I were to make a recommendation? Grab the Beautiful Day Cream, Heavenly Night Cream, and the Cleansing Foam to pack together as a lovely gift. Maybe sprinkle a few rose petals into the packaging as you wrap it up - that is, if you don't end up keeping it for yourself!

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Power Water Stick by Santevia

A practical and unique gift! Santevia's portable water filter can be added to any bottle or glass of water. Just shake or stir for 30 seconds and your water is ready to go! The Santeva Water Stick removed chlorine and adds important minerals to the water. I've got one headed into every stocking on my list!

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Necklace by GayaTree Designs

Beautiful locally made jewelry - right from Cambridge. This necklace is the perfect gift for a loved one. It has little Pyrite stones on the back. Pyrite is great for protection and manifestation! The main stone is Labradorite -- which is one of the most magical stones. She also does custom gem orders! All her jewelry is gold filled.

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CBD Gold by CV Sciences

As the Supplements Department Lead, I've tried a lot of the supplements we carry. And one of my all-time favorite items in the store is the CV Sciences Gold Series. Used widely for pain, stress, and inflammation support, I've also found it is also wonderful for early winter lethargy, giving me a perk just when I need it. It comes in Capsules, Tincture, and Topical Salve so you (or a loved one) can use it in a 'targeted way' specific to your needs. CV Sciences is the world leader in CBD products because of their commitment to quality sourcing, solvent-free manufacturing, and rigorous 3rd party testing.