January Staff Picks

Our go-to's for winter wellness!


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ALEX recommends:

Sweet Pea Hydrating Skin Cream by Carina Organics

Keep your skin hydrated during the harsh winter months with Carina Organics skin cream! Carina Organics whole line of body care is comprised of super clean ingredients and calming, yummy scents to help get you through the cold days. I especially love the Sweet Pea lotion because it smells amazing without the use of any synthetic scents. Also with ingredients such as nettle leaf extract and pumpkin oil, you know you are doing something good for your skin!

ALYSSA recommends:

Maca Capsules by Cambridge Naturals Brand

Initially, I added Maca into my daily herbal cocktail to give my workouts a boost, but was very pleasantly surprised with other benefits I noticed after only a few weeks of taking it regularly. Not only does it help my energy levels for the day, but its adaptogenic properties also aid in alleviating anxiety and keeping my mind and mood balanced as well as quelling symptoms of PMS! Maca is now an essential for me, especially during the dark and chilly months of a New England winter.

BEX recommends:

Marine Phytoplankton by Sunfood Superfoods

Catch 22: January is not only the ideal time to jumpstart a mindful detox program, but it’s also when winter starts to make me feel wilted and lifeless. In order to both cleanse and replenish my depleted, shivering cells, I’ve turned to Sunfood Superfood’s Marine Phytoplankton, a highly absorbable source of nutrients, oxygen and antioxidants. This energizing ‘Heirloom multi-strain’ superfood is the foundation for all life on earth. What? Yeah, it’s been around for close to three billion years and is a major source of SOD, a vital antioxidant enzyme that is known to support the elimination of free radical toxicity. Another perk? It helps me focus even on the most scatterbrained of days.

BRENDEN recommends:

Sinus Blaster by Cambridge Naturals Brand

Feeling stuffy? My sinuses are my enemy, from frequent colds in the winter to allergies from the spring into the late fall. I highly recommend Cambridge Naturals Brand Sinus Blaster because it is a powerful way to access quick relief on the go. This tincture has a an array of action-packed herbs including Horseradish, Olive Leaf, Goldenseal and the very powerful Osha Root.

CAITLIN recommends:

Raspberry Almond Cookies by Butterfly Bakery

Need the perfect snack for days of hibernation? Don't want all the extra fillers or the guilt? These cookies are going to be your new obsession - you'll be satisfied and you won't feel bad about eating a whole sleeve in one sitting! What more could you ask for?!


CALEB recommends:

Black Elderberry Syrup by Gaia Herbs

Elderberry has long been used to support healthy immune function in North America and Europe. I love the simplicity of Gaia's Black Elderberry Syrup. My favorite way to use it is to mix it with hot water and drink it as a tea. It's sweet, satisfying, and supportive of a healthy immune system.

ELIZABETH recommends:

MucoStop by Enzymedica

Nothing drains sinuses like MucoStop! Can't breathe through your nose? This blend of mucus-busting enzymes promotes easy-breathing. 2 caps, 3 times per day is what the bottle recommends. You'll breathe and sleep like a baby!

EMILY recommends:

Immune Tonic by Urban Moonshine

Getting sick is the WORST! There are plenty of things you can do to feel better when you're actually sick with that cold or flu, but how about trying to prevent it in the first place? I take Urban Moonshine's Immune Tonic year-round - it's a tasty herbal extract blend (including two of my favorites, reishi and astragalus) traditionally used to support optimal immune function, build immunity, and support natural defenses. A little dose a day might just keep the doctor away!

HELEN recommends:

Inscental (Body Incense) by Jao Brand

A beautiful 100% pure essential oil roll-on fragrance designed perfectly to suit both men and women. Smokey, earthy. woody and sensual; this incense- inspired perfume features essences of patchouli, frankincense, tangerine, clary sage, cedarwood, fir needle, balsam, rose geranium and rosemary oil all diffused into a healing base of vitamin E, sunflower and jojoba oils. This is a perfect scent to help you roll through those cold winter days and support any self-care regimen!

ILSE recommends:

Organic Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa by Nutiva

If you're going to eat your feelings anyway, they might as well be organic! Nutiva's hazelnut spread (with cocoa) goes well with fruit, snowflakes, bread, the tears of your cold, cold wintry heart, or with just a spoon. Seriously, it's delicious, and might be just what one needs to get through the dark nights of January.

JESSICA recommends:

Devocean lipstick - Beach Goth by Pacifica Beauty

Just because the winter is cold and gray doesn't mean your fabulous lips have to be, too. This lipstick by Pacifica makes it so you barely feel like you're wearing lipstick--it's light, but definitely stays on for a while. The Beach Goth color is my favorite. The pinkish-purple hue just adds a cool touch to whatever outfit you're putting together, especially if you're just into wearing simple, minimalist colors.

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JENNIFER recommends:

Insulated Wide Mug by Klean Kanteen

My best defense against the never-ending winter cold is to constantly be consuming warm beverages. The best way to keep these liquids warm is this little baby right here. I've owned quite a few insulated cups and nothing beats this when it comes to keeping your beverage warm for a long time.

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John recommends:

Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal

The most important meal of the day can be even more important when you've got to wake up early on those midwinter mornings, when the wind chill gets down below zero and the sun is nowhere to be found. For a nourishing breakfast on those icy mornings, I recommend Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereals. Mix any of the four available flavors with a bit of heated coconut milk and eat with the helpfully-enclosed spoon for a deliciously warming on-the-go breakfast that is organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free!

LAUREN recommends:

Damascus Rose Beauty Balm by Badger

Our skin needs extra attention during the cold and dry winter months. Badger's Beauty Balm moisturizes without feeling heavy and keeps my skin hydrated through the day. All the ingredients are organic, like rosehip, seabuckthorn and calendula oils which help to even out skin tone while treating dry or irritated spots. The balm can be used in specific areas or all over the face and neck in the morning or at night. I even use it on dry spots on my hands to help them heal more quickly!

MARY recommends:

Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir by evanhealy

My skin gets especially dry in the winter months and the first time the Evan Healy aesthetician put this on my skin and told me of its beauty powers, I knew it was well worth the investment. I felt like my skin was just as glowing and calm as the elixir's blue color. It can be used with any one of their Hydrosouls to lock in moisture, smooth fine lines, and deeply rejuvenate tired skin. After a tiresome holiday season (and year) treat yourself and your skin to this beautiful blue elixir, you won't regret it.

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MICHAEL recommends:

MycoShield Spray by Host Defense

It really is the winter now and all around us are people with colds and icky stuff! You know that both social and work life includes being close to those annoying ailing friends and co-workers, and random strangers on the "T"!! Bet you don't want to be one of those people! Neither do I. I always travel with (and have at home) this immune supportive product. The best quality organic mushrooms, crafted by the best mushrooms experts. Be well, stay well!



MILES recommends:

3 Day Cleanse by Renew Life

Kick off 2017 with a whole body cleanse! Following the stress one puts on their liver and colon from the holidays, why not undergo a short course of detoxification? Given all of the boozy eggnog and bubbly champagne that courses through many a vein this time of year, getting an extra bit of milk thistle and burdock can support healthy liver cell function. This 3-Day Cleanse is broken up into a morning formula for liver detoxification and night time formula to support flushing out the toxins that can accumulate in the digestive tract. As the name indicates, 3-Day Cleanse only lasts for three days, which is perfect for a long weekend. Another perk? No hunger pangs necessary. You can continue to eat while on the cleanse!

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NICK recommends:

Borage Therapy Lotion by Shikai

As soon as winter hits so do the dry patches on my knuckles. I have been using the Borage Therapy Lotion for the past few winters and it is the best relief I have found yet. It relieves any dry itch and puts moisture into my knuckles without leaving my hands feeling greasy.

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SAM recommends:

Golden Masala Chai by Blue Lotus Chai

This powdered chai blend is everything I want on a frigid winter morning. It's full of warming spices such as black pepper and clove, with the healthful addition of anti-inflammatory turmeric and energy boosting-maca. Also, did I mention it's delicious? It's heartily spiced, well balanced, and you can make it as fiery as you like by adding more or less powder. (Also, it takes three seconds to make once your water's boiling, so you can do what I do and make it while you're still half asleep!)

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SARAH H recommends:

Zafu by Sun and Moon

In the throes of winter, I find a mindfulness practice of upmost importance. As a person who usually gets their dose of stillness in nature, I often need a boost of inspiration to sit and breathe at home. That's where my meditation cushion comes in! My personal favorite is the forest green zafu... the color of the woods. I look forward to my 15 minutes of quiet time on my comfy cushion every morning.

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VICKI recommends:

Holy Basil Tincture by Gaia Herbs

It's hard to calm down after the winter madness. We have so much going on, our brains seem a bit fried, our bodies achy, thoughts running wild. That's when it is time to take some Holy Basil and chill out. I feel so centered, and focused, and like nothing can touch my core feeling of bliss. Thanks Gaia, and Mother Nature for helping me out.

ZACH recommends:

Wobenzym-N by Garden of Life

This past year I have become an enzyme supplement devote. Not phyto-medicine, not food-as-medicine, supplemental enzymes are a catagory unto themselves. Wobenzyme, based on German patents and studies, is a blend of systemic enzymes which supports a healthy immune response. This is a tried and true essential in my kit.