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Our favorite products this month.

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Alex Recommends: Deep Moisture Face & Body Oil by Daughter of the Land

This is oil makes a great gift for anyone in need of some nourishing skin care (or just treat yourself!). This oil is thick and buttery but goes on smooth and spreads well. The scent is light and refreshing too! I like to use it straight out of the shower so my skin soaks in as much as possible. It can also double as a face moisturizer, so don't be shy, use it head to toe!


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Alyssa Recommends: Whipped Moroccan Argan Body Butter by Evan Healy

My newest body care discovery is Evan Healy's Whipped Moroccan Argan Body Butter. I love the light fluffy consistency and the subtle sweet orange scent. As with most of Evan's products, a little goes a long way. It is helpful for hydrating tattoos, dry skin or just when you want to pamper yourself or gift it to someone special.

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Bex Recommends: Nettle Leaf Powder by Mountain Rose Herbs

At only $1.88 per ounce, this iron-rich earthy dark green powder is my bulk-herb go-to for this time of year. As the air fills with pollen and other springtime allergens, nettle leaf can support a healthy response to some of the more agitating allergy symptoms such as: sneezing, itchy eyes, runny noses, and a cloying itchy throat. It also tastes incredible and can be used in teas, sauces, soups, and more! My favorite application? Sprinkle some nettle powder, nutritional yeast and sea salt on organic popcorn for a truly delectable snack. Aaaagh. I want some now!

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Brenden Recommends: Tart Cherry Drinking Bitters by Bitter Love

Love is bitter. Love is sweet. When you drink this fine beverage you'll completely understand what it's like when they meet. No jokes and all poetry aside, this beverage is out-of-this-world. It is indeed sweet, bitter, and even sparkling. Drink it straight up or mix it with your favorite spirit for an awesome cocktail.

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Caitlin Recommends: Baby Care Products - Shampoo and Body Wash, Bubble Bath and Baby Lotion by carina organics

My sister just gave our family the best gift - life! As I welcomed my fairy goddaughter into the world, I wanted to make sure she was taken care of with non-toxic products. I leaped for Carina Organics' baby care line. It's unscented, alcohol-free and perfectly nurturing with a short and simple list of plant-based ingredients. Lily is happy after bath time and my family and I can rest assured she's using the best of the best on her newborn skin!

Caleb Recommends: Holy Basil by cambridge naturals brand

Many herbalists say that Holy Basil (Tulsi) will help put you in the "eye of the hurricane." I personally love this adaptogenic herb for those times when it feels like the world is spinning a little too quickly around me. Our brand Holy Basil is formulated for us by one of the highest quality herbal companies in the country and we're proud to put our name on it.

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Debanjali Recommends: Garden Collection Essential Oil Candle - BASIL by Village Common

Made with all natural soy wax, coconut oil, and pure essential oils, this is probably the most yummy candle that I've smelled in a long time. Each one comes in a reusable cotton bag and includes a packet of organic seeds that you can plant into the container once it's empty! And, if basil isn't your thing, this candle also comes in a variety of other lovely options, such as Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, & Coriander. I highly recommend treating yourself or a loved one to this luscious candle as you wait for Spring to arrive!

Elizabeth Recommends: Greeting Cards for Mother's Day

At Cambridge Naturals we have a beautiful selection of greeting cards, many of which will be perfect to send or give for Mother's Day. Check out our selection of cards for the mom(s) in your life.


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Emily Recommends: Body Oil by Little Seed Farm

Everything Little Seed Farm makes is pure magic. A family-owned farm and business out of Tennessee, Little Seed Farm is most well-known for their nourishing goat milk body care products. This body oil doesn't contain any goat's milk, but it is incredibly soothing and rejuvenating! For best results, try dry brushing, then taking a warm shower to open up your pores and allow the gentle oils to soak into your skin.


Jake recommends: Soft Cotton Bathing Scrubby: Duck by Plantlife

I am enjoying my soft cotton bathing scrubby from Plantlife. They come in several styles including Dolphin shaped, Frog shaped, Turtle shaped, Monkey shaped and I chose Duck shaped. I find the soft cotton material preferable over the rougher texture of loofahs. Also these bathing scrubbies are more festive than a regular old washcloth. Fun for all ages!

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Jessica Recommends: Elderberry Syrup by Whole Harmony

There are so many choices when it comes to picking elderberry syrup, an ages old immune system support herb, but Whole Harmony's delicious concoction honestly stands apart from every other one I've tried. It's so fresh tasting and the perfect amount of sweet and medicinal. You'll wanna put it on your pancakes even after you take your daily spoonful.

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John B Recommends: Cocoa Tamarind Molé Chili Paste by Entube

These new tubes of sweet and spicy molé deliciousness are a quick and versatile way to punch up your dishes. Add it to your ground beef next time you're making burgers, squeeze some on on baked peaches for a stellar dessert, try it on noodles or popcorn... the possibilities are limitless!

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Michael Recommends: Turmeric Strength for Whole Body by megafood

Turmeric, turmeric and more turmeric. We've been selling turmeric for decades and it has been used medicinally in South Asia for thousands of years. We sold a little here, a little there, and then about five years ago, the research about the values of turmeric started coming out in the news and customers were coming in excited about the benefits they were experiencing from adding it to their diets and supplement regimens. Mega Food has three great choices for joint health, for liver health and, this one which is my favorite for the "Whole Body". The formula includes organic turmeric from a family farm in Hawaii, some vitamin c along with an outstanding mix of fruits and herbs to enhance the "Inflammation Response". It's my everyday turmeric choice!!

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Mike Recommends: Dark Bark by Taza Chocolate

As Mother's Day approaches, I reflect on just how important and amazing my Mom has been throughout my life. Like most mothers, she is a strong, independent, loving and kind person - but she always had one weakness - CHOCOLATE! And when my siblings and I were growing up, she cooked and made everything from scratch. She would make these amazing desert bars filled with chunks of chocolate, nuts, seeds, and even more chocolate! While Taza Chocolate's Dark Bark is slightly different from her magical creations, it hit a note of nostalgia and sweetness that I'm sure would resonate with others. This would make the perfect gift for Mother's Day - or even a "Just Because Day" gift for anyone who loves dark chocolate with a little something extra!

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Miles Recommends: Collagen Fuel - Chocolate Coconut by Primal Kitchen

Mix this delicious chocolate collagen powder with only some hot water and receive a surprisingly good hot cocoa! Lately, I've been interested in collagen for a couple of reasons. I've come across some research that suggests that collagen can increase T regulatory cell activity. T regs improve immune tolerance and resolution of inflammation. More studies need to be done in humans, but it's nice to know that my collagen drink can be so immune, joint and gut healthy while tasting so pleasant. .

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Morgan Recommends: Rosemary Patchouli Deodorant Cream by Little Seed Farm

Did you fall in love with a natural deodorant, only to realize you were allergic to the baking soda in their product??? Say goodbye to itchy red pits! Little Seed Farm's formula is baking soda-free, and fabulous for sensitive skin. And it WORKS! Plus, it's made by a sweet family in Tennessee on their goat farm. Springtime, goats, fresh pastoral!

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Nancy Recommends: Body Scrub Rose Vanilla Sorbet by Thesis Beauty

If you think that exfoliating your skin is a painful and annoying process, it could be because you haven't found this marvelous, award winning, deliciously looking and smelling "Body Scrub Rose Vanilla Sorbet" from Thesis Beauty (local Massachusetts-based company). Based on creamy organic shea butter, all natural, mineral-rich Himalayan salts and organic rose fragrance, this organic body scrub is packed with skin loving minerals, powerful antioxidants and essential vitamins. Spa quality, fragrant, inspirational and refreshing organic body polish - excellent exfoliator for all skin types, especially dehydrated, normal, dull, dry skin.

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Nick Recommends: Pili Nut Butter by Pili Hunter

The same way that peanut butter is made from peanuts, pili nut butter is made from pili nuts. It also has coconut butter, coconut oil and salt to make it extra creamy and tasty. It is also Keto and Paleo, which no matter how many times I have these terms explained to me I don't get it, but that's still something right?

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rachel recommends: Plantable Wildflower Seed Cards by The Bower Studio

These plantable cards are a perfect idea for springtime. I can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t be excited to find out that their card can can be planted and grows wildflowers!!! All cards are blank inside making them perfect for any occasion, and each card features original pen and watercolor drawings all related to the outdoors. My mom loves the one I gave her for her birthday and she can’t wait to plant it, so I'd say it's mom approved (hint hint, Mother's Day!). Take a look on the back of the card for an exact list of what flowers your lucky giftee can grow!

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Sally Recommends: Moon Goddess Anointing Oil by Kate's Magik

All of Kate's Magiks annointing oils are Reiki-Charged, and are made with pure essential oils. The Moon Goddess Oil is a Jasmine blend, this blend is uplifting yet calming & sensual. It supports hormonal balance and most importantly this blend helps to remove worries. As a mom, I have tried to not be a "worry wart" As Kate recommends I place a few drops of oil in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, the cup my hands over my nose and mouth and inhale deeply ! I honestly feel a grounding calm come over me, and then I hand my daughter the keys to the car.

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Sam Recommends:  The Foundation Base Coat & The Shield Top Coat by tenoverten

My mom is an inspiration to me in so many ways, including personal style - she loves putting together polished looks, right down to beautifully manicured nails. If your mom, or anyone in your life, is a fellow lacquer aficionado, I highly recommend gifting them this top and base coat from tenoverten. The small-batch formula is 8-free, lightweight, and fast-drying, adding longevity and shine to any self-manicure.

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Sarah Recommends: Earrings by one story jewelry

We just got in this wonderful line of handmade, ethically sources jewelry. I truly cannot pick my favorite from the eclectic and spirited variety of designs in both brass and resin. I did settle on a pair of the Half Moon waves for myself. They are so fun! I highly doubt it will be my last purchase from the case.

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Shree Recommends: Orange and Rose Hand Cream by John Masters Organics

You know what's not cool? Never ending winter (it's cold! hah.) You know what is cool? My mom and aunt's hand bags filled with everything under the sun. This hand cream is the perfect blend of absorbent and moisturizing for these chilly days, and it's in a container that fits perfectly into the aforementioned hand bags. Treat the mums in your life with clean moisture the soothing scents.

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Vicki Recommends: Guayusa Turmeric Sparking Probiotic Cider by GT's living foods

I'd like to gift my mother a delicious, healthy, probiotic beverage. This drink has Turmeric, Guayusa, Reishi Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom, Turkey Tail Mushroom, Ginger, and Apple Cider Vinegar. It's like a magic potion for energy and clarity bottled up and sold to the public. You're welcome.

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Zach Recommends: Superieur Electrolyte powder by Superieur

With a powerful blend of Bamboo Extract and Trace Minerals, Superieur Electrolyte powder is my new favorite. Fresh Tangerine/Citrus & mouth-watering Watermelon flavors are perfect for ice-cold springtime hydration.