July Staff Picks

Grocery goods we couldn't live without!


ALEX recommends:

Vanilla Cold Brew Concentrate by Chameleon Cold Brew

I cannot go a day without drinking cold brew coffee, even in the dead of winter! Lucky for me, the folks next door to us make a scrumptious cold brew coffee! Once I get to work I like to put a healthy dose of Chameleon Cold Brew vanilla concentrate into my brew. I get an extra kick of caffeine and a nice smooth vanilla taste, with zero sugar or sweetener. We currently carry the concentrate in a nice, big 32oz size, keep it in your fridge and use daily!


ALYSSA recommends:

Organic Sauerkraut by Real Pickles

Cool, refreshing, pickled, crunchy and organic - all of the things I love about Real Pickles Sauerkraut! You may have heard that a lot of us here at Cambridge Naturals enjoy eating it atop a piece of toast with almond butter, but I personally LOVE adding it to pizza. Yup, you heard me! Try it out, you won't be disappointed!

BEX recommends:

Pumpkin, Ginger & Rice Noodles by King Soba

After over fifteen years of gluten freedom, I've tasted my fair share of attempts at wheat free noodles. The results have included swallowing what could best be described as mush, cardboard and flavorless gum. Womp womp. Lo and behold: King Soba's perfect noodles have saved my deprived soul with the most scrumptious bites I have ever tasted--and they are somehow completely gluten free! With grin-inducing hints of pumpkin and ginger, each strand offers the perfect balance between chew and give and they are just as great served chilled as they are warm. Mmmmm. I'm making some tonight!

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BRENDEN recommends:

Lime Sparkling Mineral Water by Topo Chico

Say goodbye to sparkling water with a French name that's made in the USA. Say goodbye to water with a bear that's in a plastic bottle. Say HELLO to Topo Chico from northern Mexico. About a year ago I fell in love with this sparking water while at my best friends wedding in hill country just outside of Austin, TX. This isn't just your average crazy flavored water, it's actually flavored with Lime Essential Oil. You can taste the difference. One last thing, the bubbles are like no other. Sharp and refreshing. Perfect for an alcohol alternative at your summer BBQ.

CAITLIN recommends:

Dandelion Leek Miso by South River Miso Company

Step 1. Brew some nettle tea (steep 4 tsps dried nettles in 1 quart boiled water for 15 mins covered).

Step 2. Add a teaspoon of Dandelion Leek Miso

Step 3. Enjoy my favorite nutritious, brothy beverage and drink all day, every day!


CALEB recommends:

Brown Butter Chocolate by Alter Eco

I have a major sweet tooth and I hold my grandmother responsible. I'm thankful for her everyday because I get to eat one or two of Alter Eco's Brown Butter chocolate bar per week with absolutely zero guilt. It's melt-in-your-mouth smooth and the just right balance of salty and sweet. Enjoy. You're welcome.

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ELIZABETH recommends:

Coconut Crunch by Back Roads Granola

This delicious mix is a "paleo granola" that is gluten-free, grain-free, and low carb & sugar. This makes a delicious breakfast or lunch or late afternoon pick-up, especially when paired with Maple Hill Greek Yogurt. YUM!

EMILY recommends:

Organic Pu-erh Tea by Rishi

My husband and I drink this tea every. single. morning. Pu-erh is a fermented green tea, which has a unique, robust flavor and a multitude of health benefits, including high levels of GABA (which can help calm and relax the mind). It is commonly used in China as an after-dinner digestive tea. It's my absolute favorite beverage to start my day!

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Heather Recommends:

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies by Not Your Sugar Mamas

Not only are these Massachusetts-made cookies free of refined sugar and gluten but they are packed with high-quality nourishment such as nutrient-dense coconut oil and anti-oxidant-rich oats. I proudly admit I've eaten these cookies for an easy-to-digest, filling, and delicious breakfast. In the humble words of the Not Your Sugar Mamas crew, "Food affects everything, even our thoughts. By eating better, we will become happier, healthier and more successful people capable of anything we put our minds to. We have unlimited potential as human beings. The only thing that sets us apart from the most successful people is the way we think." So why not try raising your vibration with NYSM's sweet treats?

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HELEN recommends:

Kimchi by Hosta Hill

Sour, crunchy, fermented, spicy, kickin! I love this handmade kimchi from Housatonic, MA atop a Bibimbop (traditional Korean rice bowl) or on a Mary's Gone Cracker with a slice of sharp cheddar! Full of fermented veggies like napa cabbage, daikon radish, onion, carrots all in loaded into a mouth watering anchovy ginger and pepper flake sauce. Its summertime get ready to bust out those chopsticks!

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JESSICA recommends:

Ghee by Farm to Gold

I cook my eggs in ghee, make mac n' cheese with ghee, eat it on toast, crackers, cook potatoes in it -- your jar of ghee will be empty sooner than you'll realize and then you'll need more. Farm to Gold's ghee is affordable, creamy, and is an amazing source of healthy, energizing fats. Ever since I bought my first jar, I've been completely hooked and can't imagine cooking in a kitchen without it. Seriously.

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JENNIFER recommends:

Paleo Power Muffins by White Lion Baking Company

So sometimes I choose getting more sleep over eating breakfast, a bad habit I know. With these little muffins I can still sleep until the last possible moment and get a nutrient packed breakfast as I'm rushing out the door. Paleo power muffins are free of gluten and dairy, making them perfect for someone with dietary restrictions, and they taste amazing packed full of yummy seeds and dried fruits!

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John recommends:

Russian Potato Salad by Magic Bites

Ever have a side dish so good it ends up being the main course? That's how I feel every time I have this delicious potato salad from Magic Bites. Made by a local company with veggies sourced from local farms, this is far from the mayo-and-starch blandness of your average potato salad. It's got carrots, beets, peas, and cucumber for extra veggie nutrition, plus dill and scallion for flavor. One package would probably serve four as a side, or one very hungry person as a meal unto itself. Try it with a dash of Alex's Ugly Cayano Hot Sauce for extra kick!

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MARY recommends:

Green Qi by Goldthread

This is my favorite drink that we sell by far. It's loaded with healing and nutritious herbs without tasting like a green drink. I feel refreshed and hydrated after drinking this throughout the day in a way that water and kombucha just can't compete with.

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McLane Recommends:

Milky Oat Tops (CN Bulk Section)

I discovered this nourishing herb this spring while at an herbal class taught by the inimitable Brittany Wood Nickerson in Western Mass. She brought together our small group outside under a forested canopy, and handed each of us a mug from her kitchen filled with homemade warm milky oat tops tea. For the first time, I realized that not all herbal infusions have to taste like rained-on hay or sewage water...Try this recipe out for a morning hug: bring water and oat tops up to a boil and simmer for 45 minutes to one hour. Take off the heat and cover (steep) for four-plus hours. Pour through a sieve into your mug, and enjoy! (Keep an eye out for Brittany's latest cookbook The Herbalists' Kitchen!)

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MICHAEL recommends:

Eggs by Brookford Farms

Eggs can be a great food. Pasture Raised chickens fed an organic diet are especially healthy and tasty choice. We eat two fried eggs EVERY morning with a little salt and pepper and frequently a side of fermented veggies from our extensive selection. I'd say they can't be beat but I am sure they could be in order to make a more exotic dish! :)

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MILES recommends:

Wholesome Fast Food by Flora

Flora’s Wholesome Fast Food is an awesome blend of different seeds, herbs, enzymes and other micronutrients! It’s a great tasting powder— it has a bit of a cinnamon flavor—and goes very well into yoghurt! It’s not quite a protein powder, nor is it a greens powder, but it does have some decent sources for fiber with flax and psyllium husk. I get hungry a lot, but as part of my breakfast or any time during the day, it helps me stay full! Tasty and nutritive!


NICK recommends:

Sparkling Water by Cadia

I basically only drink coffee and sparkling water and Cadia Sparkling Water is one of the best I've had. Straight from a spring in the foothills of Italy's Northern Apennine Mountains, one of these large tasty bottles is almost enough sparkling water to get me through my work day.

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SAM recommends:

Jasmine Kombucha by Katalyst

Katalyst's kombucha is light and refreshing, with a bit of sweetness that makes it approachable to even the most uncertain of kombucha neophytes. I love their jasmine flavor - it's strong but not overpowering, and Katalyst uses only fair-trade jasmine flowers in their brew. (Bonus tip: look for the uplifting secret message printed on the glass of each bottle!)

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SARAH H recommends:

Chocolate Cashew Milk by Nutty Life

This stuff tastes like a candy bar in a bottle. With a good dose of healthy fats and all natural sugars, I feel sustained throughout the day. Did I mention it tastes like CANDY?

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Shahi Recommends:

Organic Blackstrap Molasses by Plantation

One table spoon of Blackstrap Molasses can enrich your body with 730 mg or 20% of the daily recommended dose of Potassium as well as 20% of daily iron. Blackstrap molasses also contains fulvic acid which aids efficient cellular function. Blackstrap molasses is not as sweet other sugar cane products and has a lower glycemic index, but its earthy sweetness is great in oatmeal, chocolate and ginger cake recipes as well as in a home made salad dressing with balsamic vinegar and frozen or fresh berries.


VICKI recommends:

All of the honey at Cambridge Naturals

Local, Raw, Delicious and sweet. Honey is one of my most favorite foods to eat. I try to eat a spoonful a day to keep the doctor's away. Our honey selection is one of the best you will find on the face of this planet (or at least in Massachusetts). If you have any questions, just ask me!

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ZACH recommends:

Collagen Protein Bar by Bulletproof

I often tell people that I am 'healthy by proximity' because virtually anything I reach for at work is going to be really good for me, but there are a couple things in the store that make me feel 'capital G' Good. Bulletproof brand, famous for their Brain Octane MCT Oil and nutraceutical supplements have a series of Collagen Protein/MCT Oil based bars that are one of my go-to brain foods. With Cashew Butter base and 3 flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate-Fudge, and Lemon Cookie), these are a must for any omnivore looking for a 'better bar.'