May Staff Picks

Gifts for mom, and more!



ALEX recommends:

Dill Pickle Kraut Chips by Farmhouse Culture

If you are looking for a nutritional excuse to eat delicious tasting tortilla chips then you have found the perfect match! These Kraut Chips are made with organic sauerkraut as the first ingredient. Loads of flavor, crunch and healthy bacteria for your belly - 1 billion CFUs of probiotic culture per serving to be exact! Delicious and nutritious!


ALYSSA recommends:

Cat toys by Miso Kitty

Hey all you cat moms - this is for you! Hand sewn and stuffed with organic catnip grown on a farm in the Pacific Northwest, these toys will delight both you and the little furball in your life. They come in an ever-changing variety of fun characters from zombies to donuts and even little goldfish. Made in the USA!


BEX recommends:

Solid Eight by Herbalogic

For many years, my mom has had a bit of a challenge catching her sacred snoozes. While there isn't much I can do about my dad's snoring, I can offer her some liquid relief with these Solid Eight drops from Herbalogic. Formulated with Chinese herbs that support sleeping through the night, this tincture has significantly helped me limit the all-too-common 3:00-5:00am bouts of monkey-minded restlessness. The best part? Whether I take them before bed or in the middle of the night, this herbal sleep-aid doesn't seem to leave me drowsy. Instead of wishing your mother a Happy Mother's Day, consider wishing her a Happy Mother's Night!


BRENDEN recommends:

Baby & Me 2 by Megafood

Megafood is the best food based prenatal for expecting mothers. Each tablet contains carrots, cabbage, oranges, broccoli and all of the essential vitamins for when you are expecting, including a very important 600mcg Folic Acid and Choline for brain health. This product is vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and non-gmo. You can even take it on an empty stomach, anytime throughout the day!

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CAITLIN recommends:

Silverette Nipple Cups by Silverette

Made of pure silver and crafted in Italy, these are the perfect solution for a new mom! No more creams, balms, salves, rubs, oils, etc. just more time to take care of yourself and the new baby in your life! The process is very simple, place the silverette cup into your bra with a little breast milk, and let the silver work it's healing magic! When you're done nursing, you have the option to purchase Silverette's recycling program where they will upcycle your cups into a commemorative charm with your baby's initial on it! This is the gift that keeps on giving!


CALEB recommends:

Birch Candle by Vermont Wood

Give your mother the gift of a clean smelling home. Your home. I love the smell of Vermont Wood's Birch Candle. It reminds me of walking through a New England forest in the spring when everything is fresh and regenerating. So when your mom comes to visit, clean your house, make your bed, light this candle, and make her proud. And when she asks what smells so good, bring her here to say hello!


ELIZABETH recommends:

Body Lotions by Weleda

As a mother of many years and a grandmother too... I relish gifts like the Weleda Body Lotions. For your mom or any other mother in your life, consider the Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Lotion, the Wild Rose Pampering Lotion, the Citrus Hydrating Lotion, or the Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion. Each of these lotions is fragrant and a treat for the skin!


EMILY recommends:

Baby Oil from Badger Balm

My cousin Anna and her husband Ben have recently become parents, and one of their favorite solutions to calm down their mildly fussy baby before bedtime is a nightly massage. This organic baby oil from Badger is super clean, unscented and feels incredibly soothing on your skin - whether baby or adult!


Heather Recommends:

Moon Melt Lotion Bar by Moon Valley Organics

Just holding this decadent bar is an act of self-care. The soothing properties of Calendula and Comfrey restore dry skin, while beeswax helps the skin maintain moisture and allows the incredible ingredients to work their magic for longer. Not only is this bar a treat for the skin, but Moon Valley Organics is a beautifully holistic B-Corp organization that places high value on sustainability and high-quality ingredients. My favorite is the Lemon Vanilla!


HELEN recommends:

Ayurvedic Face Care Kit by evanhealy

I don't know if your mom is groovy like mine? If she is, give her the gift every hippie mom wants! She probably likes Indian essential oils, right? Sandalwood and Frankincense are both featured in the beautiful and luxurious Argan Intensive Facial Serum. Perhaps she also fancies herself a devi and likes to mist over herself the succulent and aromatic water of Tulsi? Or nourish herself with rose geranium oil, honeysuckle flower and soothing African derived shea butter? At last mom has a ritual to cleanse the day away and begin again refreshed as if she just left the ashram! Om


JESSICA recommends:

Choco Chunk Hemp Cookie by Mom's Munchies

This cookie has "Mom" right in its name. Get all of your moms some Mom's cookies. It doesn't matter if you have two moms, three moms, a cool mom or a great grandma-mom. Anybody will like this cookie. It's not too sweet, has the right amount of chunk, and is a special treat for someone special to you.

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JENNIFER recommends:

Apollo by Counter Culture Coffee

Mother's Day is in May! Know what your mom deserves? Some coffee. This coffee is a good choice - it is a year-round blend featuring Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee! Give some life to the person who gave you life.

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John recommends:

SCOBY by Brooklyn Kombucha

SCOBY is an acronym for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. It's the main ingredient added to tea to make Kombucha, and it is also known in some circles as a "Kombucha Mother"! This Mother's Day, use one of our mothers from the fine people at Brooklyn Kombucha to make your own kombucha at home! Be as creative as you like and add any number of flavors and herbs. You'll have refreshing, delicious, and gut-healthy beverages for the hot months to come!


MARY recommends:

Makeup Remover by Thesis Beauty

I hear so many of our customers wondering what they can use to remove their makeup and this is your answer. This blend of oils by Thesis is perfect for removing even the most stubborn waterproof mascaras and the most intense cat-eye liner, and I would know. It's made locally and is free of synthetics, dyes, or detergents making it safe for sensitive skin sufferers.


McLane Recommends:

Pulpo (octopus in olive oil) by Matiz

The entire Matiz product line is special, but I have personally fallen in love with the pulpo: it's tender, creamy, easily paired, transportable, and the ideal complement to a family picnic outing. The weather has warmed and brighter days are upon us; this month bring mom and the kids to a nearby beach for lunch on the sand!


MICHAEL recommends:

Olives by Alive & Well

Okay, first of all these are delicious! Because, if they weren't so tasty the fact that they are organic might not be as important. Beyond their outstanding taste, their story is profound. They come from small family farms in Greece who use traditional growing methods, and very significantly they are "probiotic rich" meaning they have live, active cultures. Great in salads, great as a side dish, great right out of the jar! Three organic varieties--Kalamata, Green and Black Rovies.


MILES recommends:

Cardio Wellness Probiotic by RegActiv

RegActiv is a probiotic formula that features Lactobacillus Fermentum ME-3, a novel glutathione producing bacteria! Glutathione is the master antioxidant produced by cells in our body, and it is necessary to promote liver, immune and heart health. RegActiv Cardio Wellness pairs this probiotic bacteria with different cofactors such as CoQ10 and Pantethine to promote healthy cardiovascular function. On sale this month, and feels digestively good too!

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NICK recommends:

Vegan Pesto by Dan's Power Plant

It is not easy to find a vegan pesto, let alone one that tastes this good. Fresh and local, this pesto makes an amazing pasta dinner. Make some for your mom, she deserves it.


SAM recommends:

Organic Mushroom Mini Farm by Back to the Roots

My mom, like so many mothers, is a deeply nurturing, hardworking person, and when she has time in her busy schedule, she loves having the chance to garden - to nurture the things that grow in the earth. Finding time to garden can be a struggle for her, though. The Mushroom Mini-Farm from Back to the Roots gives hardworking, time-strapped folks an opportunity to garden right on their countertop, and enjoy delicious organic oyster mushrooms that they grew themselves! If your mom or maternal figure is like my mom, and may not always have the time to exercise their green thumb, the Mushroom Mini-Farm would make a great gift for this Mothers' Day - a plant to care for with minimal effort, that will provide tasty mushrooms in return.


SARAH H recommends:

Greeting Cards by Red + Wolf

Local artist Rachel Mott has created the most LOVELY greeting cards! Printed on recycled paper made with renewable energy, Red + Wolf donates $1 of every item sold to the WildLife Conservation Network. Rachel's card line features a variety of adorable animals.. my most favorite is her newest Giraffe Mother's Day Card. I could seriously frame this for my wall (and probably will).


VICKI recommends:

Air Purifying Bag by Moso Natural

If your mother loves to keep her home and her surrounding areas clean and fresh, this awesome product is perfect for her! This bag is filled with bamboo charcoal that absorbs odors, bacteria, moisture, and the like, from your room, car or fridge. It comes in 3 different sizes. All you have to do is put the bag under sunlight for an hour once a month, and the bag will recharge. Lasts up to 2 years!


ZACH recommends:

Collagen Beauty Water by Vital Protein

Collagen is the wunderkind of the supplements world right now and for good reason. It's an easy to digest, readily assimilated, versatile, and tasteless protein with benefits for skin health, joint health, and digestive health. What's not to love? 10G of Non-GMO Collagen from Wild Snapper, sweetened with prebiotic, Organic Agave Inulin, and flavored with things like Organic Lavender, Organic Cucumbers, and Organic Blueberries. All three flavors are extraordinary (Cucumber-Aloe, Melon-Mint, & Lavender-Lemon), the ingredients are Non-GMO+Organic, and the sweetener is actually good for you!