Our Response to the Concerns Surrounding Eden Foods

The situation surrounding Eden Foods is a complicated one for the store. While we disagree with their political actions on this particular issue, we don’t feel it would best serve our customers to quit carrying their products. We feel the criteria by which we must chiefly judge our vendors has to be determined by the positions they take regarding the quality and integrity of the products they produce.

Eden has always supported the organic farmer. They have remained independent, instead of selling out to a mass market corporation, and they have always had one-on-one relationships with the farmers that grow their ingredients. Their support of organic farmers, including direct contracts for their crops, have kept many farmers in business for generations, sent kids to college, kept farmland from being developed, etc. Their unwavering high standards, their refusal to cut corners, and their early address of the BPA problem, before it was even regarded as a problem, and their strong support for the non-GMO movement compels us to continue to believe in their product.

Our essential principles are 1) that our mission is to provide high-quality natural, organic and healthy foods and products (that support both people and environment) and 2) we encourage our very diverse customers to shop their conscience, not ours.  Customers vary in their response to all social issues.

For our part, we will be reaching out to Eden Foods directly to express our values and our strong concerns with them on this issue.  And please do note that Elizabeth, our co-founder and co-owner, has for over 40 years been very active in numerous movements promoting women's rights and in particular women's access to safe and effective health and reproductive information and products.

Thank you for your input on this complex and difficult issue, we appreciate all of our customers expressing their values.