New Brand Application

Thanks for your interest in selling your products to Cambridge Naturals!

We sell a highly curated selection of the best supplements, herbs, body care, grocery and lifestyle supplies available. We are always seeking amazing and unique brands to partner with, especially those with a great story to tell!!

And, we get a LOT of vendor application - several hundred every month, and so have instituted the following process for vetting new brands. Thanks for your understanding.

Please read the following BEFORE proceeding:

  1. Filling out a Partner Form is the very first step that will enable us to consider your products. Please do not ask for contact information for any of our buyers, or reach out repeatedly via email, social media or phone calls. Once you fill out our form, we will contact you if we are interested in your products.

2. Once you have filled out the form, you will receive an auto-response message saying that we have received it. We review applications on a rolling basis. Due to high volume, we may not respond to your application for several weeks or even months. We promise we will respond as soon as we are able!

3. And, if we are genuinely not interested in selling your products, or feel that they are not the right fit for our company at this time, we may not contact you at all. This is due to the extremely high volume of applications.

4. We do not consider any new products without seeing samples first. If we are interested in your products, we will reach out for samples. However, asking for samples (and trying your products) does not guarantee that we will bring them in. If you are serious about selling in retail stores, having a sample budget is very important. If we ask for samples, but ultimately do not bring in your products, feel free to ask us for feedback and we’ll be more than happy to provide it.

If you are interested in becoming a partner brand, please pick the most relevant category for your products via the links below (even if they cross categories) and please answer every question on the Partner Form carefully.