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At Cambridge Naturals, we're all about the people.
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Michael Kanter and Elizabeth Stagl, Co-Founders

 Michael & Elizabeth in 2014

Michael & Elizabeth in 2014

Michael and Elizabeth founded Cambridge Naturals in 1974, when they were both 23 years old. Michael, CVO, is our Chief Visionary Officer. He is a consultant to businesses within the Natural Products Market and speaks at natural products trade events about the rewards and the struggles of running a locally-owned community-oriented business. Elizabeth is a Certified Nutritionist with a Master’s degree in Nutrition Science. She consults with customers on issues of health and wellness using evidence-based science for nutritional supplementation.

 Michael & Elizabeth in 1974

Michael & Elizabeth in 1974

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Emily, Second Generation Co-Owner

Emily has a background in sustainable food systems, entrepreneurship, community engagement, marketing and design, and brings that experience to her role at Cambridge Naturals. Before returning to Cambridge Naturals in 2014, she lived in Portland, OR with her husband Caleb, where she directed a hunger relief non-profit, and received her MBA from Pinchot University (now Presidio). She also worked within local food systems finance at Beneficial State Bank and Community Sourced Capital, and helped Caleb to launch his firm, Owl Fox & Dean. Prior to that, Emily was the Programs Director at SBN Mass, where she helped found the Boston Local Food Festival.  Emily has lived abroad in Argentina and Taiwan, teaching English to children and adults. In both countries she explored local food cultures and witnessed first-hand the detrimental impact of western globalization on indigenous diets. Emily has a deep understanding of the natural products industry – her parents are Michael and Elizabeth, the founders of Cambridge Naturals. Her earliest memory is of being plopped into a milk crate in the middle of the bustling grocery store, and watching daily business unfold. When not at the store (which is rare), Emily is probably listening to a podcast, reading a great book, or cooking delicious meals with Caleb.


Caleb, Co-owneR

Caleb serves the role of chief of staff and is responsible for staff wellness and engagement. His background is in design, community development, and organizational consulting. He has been passionate about the intersection of community, business, and sustainability throughout his career. In 2008, he built and managed a co-working/incubator office space in his hometown of Shelburne Falls, MA. He then moved to Oregon in 2010 and worked at a non-profit that helps solve naturals resource conflict in rural communities throughout the west while he got his MBA in Sustainable Systems at Bainbridge Graduate Institute at Pinchot University. In 2012, he started an organizational design firm, Owl, Fox & Dean, and in 2014 he and Emily moved back to their home state. When Caleb is not at the store, he is consulting with a wide range organizations, is working with the Design Museum Boston as Advisory Council Chair, and/or is teaching at the Boston Architectural College. He's really proud to be part of such a long-lasting locally-owned family business. 


Zack, store manager & Supplements Lead

Zack, a Cambridge native, grew up in a home that was abundant in natural healthcare (especially homeopathy). An artist at heart, he has a BFA in photography and has worked in education, fine dining, and retail fields but his true passion lies in homebrewing and cooking. His current goal is to eventually attend a professional brewing school and enter the brewing industry thereafter. A strong proponent of the medicinal power of food, he spent time volunteering on organic farms in North Carolina where he gained a deeper connection with and understanding of medicinal plants and herbs. He is excited to be part of the wonderful staff at the store and when not at work you can find him wandering the local farmers markets or cooking up a storm in his kitchen.


Alex, store manager & Chief of Staff

Alex began exploring natural health as a teenager after deciding to try out a vegetarian diet. This interest grew while working in a tea shop and learning about the health benefits of different teas and herbs. So it is no wonder her favorite department is Grocery! She thinks it is the most fun department to be a part of. Although Body Care is very interesting to her too, having a very long time ago been issued a Cosmetology License in the sunshine state of Florida. Alex's favorite thing about working at Cambridge Naturals are the people she gets to work alongside of everyday! Being able to help cultivate a fun, friendly and team oriented environment keeps every day interesting and inspiring. In her free time she enjoys hugging animals, especially ones with smooshy faces, collecting houseplants and drawing with black ink, lots of black ink!


Brenden, Store Manager & Grocery Lead

Brenden's interest in natural foods developed thirteen years ago when his parents forced him to apply at a unique grocery store near their home in Columbus, OH (The Heart of it All).  Little did he know he would find himself happily working in the industry years later.  After his years as a band geek in high school, he attended The Ohio State University where he studied Communications and unofficially minored in photography. In 2007, he decided to move to a city he had never been to, landing in the Boston area and never looked back.  His interests include experimental music, cooking, and bicycles.  He is the tallest staff member in the history of the store.

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Sarah H, Store manager, lifestyle & Merchandising Lead

Sarah joins us here in Cambridge via NYC (and several years in Maine).  She discovered the health food industry in college while working in a juice bar in a yoga center/health food store.  From there she worked her way to assistant manager of the store apothecary and studied nutrition and alternative healing along the way.  She attended Heartwood Institute where she studied hands on healing and massage modalities and most recently has been working in the spa industry on the management and business side of things.  Although the shore of Maine holds a sacred place in her heart, she is excited to return the bustle of city life and to be back in the industry she loves.  You may find her dreamily gazing at the jars of herbs or, more likely, neatly arranging vitamin bottles as she finds this quite a useful form of meditation.

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Miles, Buyer + Trainer | Supps Team

Miles grew up with some influence from his father, a mad scientist who invented new vitamins in the home kitchen. The death of his mother from chronic illness further propelled Miles toward his life-long goal of understanding health and disease at a fundamental level. In high school, he launched a personal crusade against aspartame being sold at school lunch. Miles pursued a self-designed course of study titled "Pathochemistry" for his BSc at the University of Massachusetts. Following that, he moved to Quebec to pursue his MSc in Experimental Medicine at McGill University, where he studied novel mechanisms of antioxidant expression in lung disease. Deeply appreciating the experience of science education yet completely burnt out from academic laboratory research, Miles rediscovered his roots at Cambridge Naturals. You can see him on floor telling you about the biological facts behind the bottle of 'Grape Seed Extract' that you just put into your hand basket or kvetching about the shelf stability of methyl-B12.


Vicki, bulk herbs lead + Grocery buyer | Herbs + Grocery Team

Vicki graduated from Suffolk University with a degree in business. Sometime during college, she decided it was time to end her destructive behavior with food, and that it was time to learn about healthy eating. One day, she got whiplash, and while healing she was told to go to a yoga class. This accelerated her interest in being present and showing compassion towards people (and it gets deeper and deeper). She works full time at Cambridge Naturals, and on her days off she works for a few individuals; fitness instructors, mental health counselors, and yoga teachers - helping them out with business, marketing and general administrative support. She has a passion for herbalism (super newbie), mindfulness, and funniness. She is addicted to buying books, and really enjoys giving gifts. Also, she serves tea with her friends at gatherings!


Bex, Events director, Assistant Manager + Buyer | Supps Team

After surviving a childhood plagued by Puff the Not-so-magic Inhaler and Mr. and Mrs. Antibiotic Overload, the fog lifted and there Bex was, growing up in Vitamin D-laden Los Angeles, mecca of the conscious, organic, natural, yoga, juice and wellness world! She tirelessly started using herself as a test-subject, studying alternative healing methods—cleansing, retraining, reconstituting, revitalizing and ACTUALLY GETTING BETTER. Bex’s professional background is in writing, editing and marketing on behalf of brands and projects that improve the world and help people thrive. In addition to founding a ghostwriting and editing business, Bex has worked as an actor, director, yoga instructor, massage therapist and fledgling kombucha company owner. A Middlebury College alum, Bex certainly had selective memories about the New England winters (which mostly involved speedy skiing and fireside lectures)--but she couldn’t have found a better cozy haven than Cambridge Naturals, where she is thrilled to: join a team of inspirational superhero co-workers; fortify her potions, brews and goos; heal her crackly winter skin; and most importantly, offer you her presence, perspective and smile.


Caitlin, body care lead + Assistant Manager

Born and raised in South Boston, MA, Caitlin found her way to Cambridge Naturals seeking a career that aligns all of her passions: sustainability, safe ingredients and great-tasting food! Caitlin’s love for learning about sustainability and wellness evolved during her time as a student at UMass Dartmouth, where she was awarded a social justice prize for her research and advocacy for healthier, plant-based options across campus. Caitlin implemented a system offsetting food waste on campus and catering to specific allergen and dietary needs. After graduating, Caitlin’s experience as a restaurant manager allowed her to become more conscious both as a customer service provider and as a consumer. Over the past few years, she has developed a true passion for the ingredients we fuel our bodies with and put on our skin. As a consumer, Caitlin finds it extremely important to educate herself about ingredients so that she can share her knowledge with others. She is passionate about women’s health and empowering each other to make smarter decisions that ultimately affect our health. When Caitlin isn’t at Cambridge Naturals, she can be found thrifting (pretty much all of her belongings are secondhand!), browsing aisles of specialty stores, skimming through her massive collection of wellness-related books or watching documentaries regarding health, sustainability and consumerism.


Nick, Receiving & Inventory Lead

Nick doesn’t like to talk about himself so this is going to be short. He was born and raised in a small seaside town in Rhode Island. After high school he moved to Boston. He worked for 12 years at an art store single-handedly keeping that place afloat. Now he works here and so far he is pleased. Outside of work he likes to cook, draw, and sit next to his cats. 


John B, Customer Service Specialist + buyer | grocery team

John's passions for studying literature and critical theory are matched only by his passion for travel, whether it be touring with rock bands, moving cross-country on a whim, or living with a 150-person travelling circus. It was while working for the circus as a prep cook and meal coordinator that John developed a love for fresh, whole-food ingredients and nutrition. This love was bolstered by a year spent living and working in the world-famous Portland, Oregon food scene. Years of mixed results treating anxiety with mainstream pharmaceuticals led John to an interest in more traditional medicines and mental/spiritual practices. He continues to develop this interest in his role here at Cambridge Naturals. When he's not at work, John can be found reading, hiking, and making music on a variety of instruments.


Alyssa, assistant manager + buyer | Supps Team

Alyssa has joined the team at Cambridge Naturals after spending some time living in Portsmouth, NH where she worked at the local health food store and fell in love with the natural and organic food industry for it's community of people, products and values. She is passionate about the healing properties of whole foods and plants, the intelligence of nature and using herbs and supplements when needed to support your body to function at it's maximum potential. In her free time you will find Alyssa running, training at the gym and relaxing with her awesome cat.


Sam, Customer Service Specialist | Body Care Team

Sam is a New England native, born in New Hampshire and raised in Massachusetts. Her passion for natural products started with a fascination with tea and its healing benefits. Due to her penchant for experimenting with makeup (on her own face, with varying degrees of success (don't ask about her first blue eyeliner)), she delved into the world of natural cosmetics and skin care. When she's not nerding out about eyeliner and rosewater at Cambridge Naturals, Sam enjoys taking long walks in nature, drawing creepy things, and finding natural ways to dye her hair unnatural colors.


Shree, Customer Service Specialist

Shree is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. At some point, she thought experiencing a real winter would be fun. While she continues to question this decision, she never questions the abundance of turmeric and other herbal remedies her family ingrained into her (literally and metaphorically). Six feet of snow and turmeric or lemon and honey isn't too bad of a combination. She's excited about learning how the western and eastern medicines can be used to holistically enhance one's health. In her free time, Shree is learning to practice mindfulness and pick up on meditative habits her parents have encouraged for years. She loves working with the CN staff since teamwork makes the dream work.


Heather, Customer Service Specialist | Lifestyle Team

Heather is a Massachusetts native with a BA in Music from Guilford College. As a natural-born creative, she enjoys not only progressing her fluency of the language of music but also that of food, movement, and herbs. She holds a 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification which opened her awareness to the wisdom of the human body. She owes the roots of her obsession with healthy, delicious food to mother, who was always at the forefront of the latest food news, providing her household with the best snacks and unique meals she could find. Adopting this mindset, Heather grew up passionate about fueling her own body and mind and those of her family and friends with the best nourishment possible. She brings this same curiosity and passion to the Cambridge Naturals team, developing her loves for both internal and external herbal and natural medicine. Her downtime consists of biking around the city, crafting herbal concoctions, exploring and supporting local food and plant communities, writing and rehearsing with her band (named Hawthorn, after one of her favorite heart-helpful herbs), and finding new ways to move mindfully.


Nancy, Receiver + buyer | body care team

Nancy is an enthusiastic and humble artist at heart. Born and raised in beautiful Mexico, she holds a Bachelors degree in International Business. Working for several years in multinational food companies, she handled global import/export logistics and large-volume shipping of short shelf life products. She is passionate about the health benefits of natural, quality products. As a young girl, her mother taught her home-made, natural remedies and “superfoods” against common illnesses such as fever, headache or heartburn. It must have been back then that her fascination for the topic was sparked! Nowadays, she is particularly interested in the benefits of healthy nutrition for body and mind. She enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes that not only good for the health, but also taste great (no compromises here though, if it doesn’t taste great, that’s a fail). Apart from her professional career, she feels strongly for art. She has danced ballet for almost 20 years and enjoys a lot Bikram yoga, hiking, kayaking and traveling. She is currently studying towards her interior design and health coach certification.


Sally, Customer Service Specialist + buyer | Lifestyle Team


Debanjali, Customer Service Specialist + buyer | body care team

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Debanjali moved to Boston eight years ago to get her Master's in Psychology at Boston University.  There, she became increasingly interested in the role of mindfulness-based stress reduction in treating symptoms of anxiety, and began to see the importance of mindfulness in general healing. In the years that followed, she worked in clinical research, using personalized nutrition & lifestyle interventions for cardiovascular disease risk reduction, a space in which she was able to actively witness the healing power of food and identify gaps in traditional medicine. This motivated her to become certified as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition! She is working to launch a health coaching business for individuals who want to eat & live intuitively, and who want to empower themselves through making intentional lifestyle changes. Additionally, she feels very strongly about examining the intersectionality between health and social justice, and about expanding access to health & healing services for marginalized populations. She also loves writing, cooking, and exploring local markets, restaurants & culture. She feels very grateful to be able to expand her knowledge and awareness as part of the unique Cambridge Naturals team. 


Rachel, Customer Service Specialist

Originally from Southern Vermont, Rachel's roots of health and wellness stemmed from growing up with the influence of a health conscious and environmentally aware community and household. She grew up around Farmer's Markets, independent natural health food stores, and at home was always learning new things in the realms of herbalism, healing cooking and alternative medicine through the guidance of her mother, who is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Rachel is a graduate of Goucher College in Baltimore, MD where she received her BA in Theatre and Psychology, and one of her greatest passions is expressing herself through the Performing Arts. Since graduating she has performed with both Boston and Vermont-based companies, and has taught theatre and creative expression to children and adults with disabilities. Her passion and interest for natural healing expanded in her late teens when she first began experiencing health issues that impacted her every day life, as well as her onstage performance. With the intention of using food as medicine to fuel and heal the body, she began the exploration of a more plant-based diet, which over time has contributed greatly to her healing journey. She's incredibly grateful to be a part of such a knowledgable and kind-hearted team at Cambridge Naturals.


Mike, Customer Service Specialist + Buyer | body care team