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Week 2-Modern Mystery School Personal Empowerment Workshop Series

Are you facing decisions in life where you could benefit from greater emotional awareness, fresh perspectives, or personal empowerment? Ariana Bain and Jordan Bain, Spiritual Guides from Modern Mystery School Boston, will be offering a three part workshop series focused on applying ancient spiritual teachings and techniques to everyday challenges. Each workshop will incorporate a meditation, a talk, and a practical exercise to make progress and apply the teaching to your personal life.

Expressing Your Self Through Masculine and Feminine Energy - Wednesday, April 24th

All expression and creation happens through varying combinations of masculine and feminine energy. In this workshop, you will connect to your inner feminine and masculine energies through a shamanic journey, learn metaphysical and kabbalistic teachings on the archetypes, and explore practical exercises to express the archetypes in your daily life. 

Join us for all three workshops ($35) or sit in on one of them ($15 per class). Price of admission includes a Cambridge Naturals gift card.  Sign up here!

Ariana Bain and Jordan Bain co-manage Modern Mystery School Boston in Newton. They are Guides, Healers, and Teachers with the Modern Mystery School, an ancient lineage and global spiritual training organization focused on world peace through self-knowledge and personal empowerment. They work with individuals to help them heal and let go of the past, so they can move forward, find their higher joy, and make positive contributions to the planet.