Boston Landing FAQ's

When is this location opening?

Fingers crossed, early Summer 2018!


Why are you opening a second location?

We've been in business for 43 years, and have always been passionate about being a community based store. Over the years we've been growing in our current location and quite literally bursting at the seams (don't ask to see our backstock space) - and it seems that the community has embraced us right back! So, for the last few years we've been scouting potential new locations to organically grow our business. We feel that this will allow us to create new opportunities to grow our amazing staff team and connect with new customers who love what we do!

What is it going to be called?

We'll still be Cambridge Naturals (at Boston Landing). We love the heritage surrounding our 43-year-old brand name. To us, Cambridge has always represented healthy living, diversity, community, innovation and creativity. So we think it still makes sense to be Cambridge Naturals.

What will the product selection look like?

We'll be bringing over a diverse and curated product mix similar to our Porter Square location - high quality supplements, clean and luxurious body care, organic and fair trade grocery, and ethical lifestyle supplies. Due to the smaller space we'll have to carefully consider the selection - but we're excited to continue build our relationships with many of the amazing brands we've partnered with over the years!

Can you carry my favorite brand?

We would love to hear your ideas for favorite brands or products that you'd like to see at our Boston Landing Location! Feel free to fill out our Product Suggestion Form.

Will there be a bulk herbs section?

Yes! The selection will be a bit more limited, but we hope to carry at least 100 different bulk herbs and teas at Boston Landing.

Will there be kombucha on tap?

We're planning on it!

How many people will you be hiring?

We're not sure yet! Stay tuned for updates on hiring - we'll post any job openings for Boston Landing or Porter Square on social media and on our Work With Us page.

What other businesses exist in that neighborhood?

So many! To date: New Balance (HQ and Retail Store), Flatbreads Pizza & Bowling, Kohi Coffee, the Boston Celtics practice facility, the Boston Bruins practice facility, WBGH (Radio and TV), Harvard Business Publishing, Bose (coming soon), and more!

Are you still a locally-owned and independent business?

Yes, and proud of it too! We've been family-owned and operated since 1974 and we believe that strong local living economies filled with independently owned businesses are essential to thriving, vibrant and healthy communities.

Are you still going to be open in Porter Square?

Of course!! We absolutely love our Cambriville home and hope to be here for many years to come!


Other questions? Send us a message! info [at]