Full-Time Body Care Buyer / Customer Service Specialist - Porter Square

Specific responsibilities and activities are subject to change as the needs of the position and business evolve.

This position pays $15-$17/hr depending on experience. Full time benefits include 100% medical and dental coverage, generous employee discount on purchases, and gain share opportunities.

We are seeking a candidate who has the following qualities:

  • Knowledge of and/or deep interest in natural health and wellness, especially body care
  • Basic understanding of cosmetics usage and application techniques
  • Significant experience with buying in a retail context
  • Strong understanding of ‘retail math’ (margin, wholesale vs. retail, shrink, etc.)
  • Self-motivated
  • Friendly and engaging
  • Effective communicator
  • Enjoys working in teams and collaborating
  • Passionate about retail and customer service
  • Detail oriented and organized
  • Can multi-task and ‘wear many hats’
  • Computer-saavy. Competence with ECRS Catapult/similar inventory management and ordering software is a plus.
  • Community-oriented and passionate about building a better world
  • Can work morning, evening and weekend shifts
  • Can lift boxes up to 30lbs


Body Care Buyer

  • Maintain inventory for (20-40) body care lines
    • Perform daily/weekly/monthly inventories on individual lines in coordination with Body Care Lead
    • Check inventory of specific SKUs for buyers as needed
  • Order body care lines for CN at Porter Square
    • Work with Body Care Lead to:
      • Set auto-reorder parameters
      • Check on quantities/inventory
      • Set monthly promotions + occasional product trainings
      • Track sales of BC lines and set goals for growth
      • Maintain positive relationships with vendors
  • Perform customer service specific to body care
    • Help customers locate particular products, and educate if need be on particular merits of the body care lines we carry
    • Provide product samples to customers
  • Keep up to date with the latest research on body care lines
  • Attend Body Care related trainings as needed
  • Work with Body Care Team to seek out and consider new products for both locations
  • Maintain beautiful appearance of Body Care Section via tasks as described in CSS duties listed above

Customer Service Specialist

  • Perform Excellent Customer Service
    • Ensure that every customer is provided with an excellent experience (friendly, approachable, helpful attitude and demeanor) and that they (to the best of our abilities) find the products they are looking for.
  • Maintain awareness of customers on the floor. Greet and check in with customers to see if they need help.
    • Learn each section of the store floor in order to be able to direct customers to the right area to find what they’re looking for.
    • Direct those customers by walking them to the products they are looking for and/or the appropriate staff person to answer questions when necessary.
  • Listen to customer and actively promote our products to meet the customer’s particular needs.
  • Front and face systematically through each section as directed by the manager-on-duty.
    • Clean shelves with appropriate cleaning products when necessary.
  • Perform closing staff duties as scheduled/needed.
    • Take out trash and recycling
    • Sweep and clean sales floor after close
    • Ensure store and mezzanine are neat before leaving for the night
    • Help front and face shelves for the morning
  • Proactively communicate with Manager-on-Duty (MOD) to ensure daily tasks are completed.
  • Actively work with other staff to complete tasks, promoting a positive and team oriented work environment.
  • Ensure that all sections of the store appear neat, clean and organized.
  • Provide register coverage, handle transactions with accuracy and maintain a clean and organized register area.


    Other Miscellaneous Activities (as needed)

    • Cleaning shelves, desks, bathrooms, register area, etc
    • Lifting & opening boxes up to 40 lbs.
    • Attending trainings, workshops, tradeshows, staff meetings as needed
    • Following trends through trade journals, news articles and more industry info as provided
    • Responding to emails in a timely fashion; ensuring that all communications are efficient and organized.
    • Taking out recycling and trash throughout the day if needed
    • Providing floor & section coverage
    • Ringing customers at the register, providing register 2/3 coverage