Cambridge Naturals was founded as a purpose-driven business in 1974, and if we could have become a certified B-Corporation back then, we would have. B Corp Certification is to business what Fair Trade is to coffee or USDA Organic is to food. For much of our existence, there wasn't a group that assessed the high standards we practiced and aligned us with our peers across the country. There is now. 

Our vision has always been to create a business that inherently promoted a quadruple bottom line - people, planet, purpose, and profit. From selling products that support both the health of people and the environment, to donating thousands of dollars every year to local non-profits, Cambridge Naturals endeavors to help create a more just, equitable and sustainable world. We strive to provide the best choices in nutritional supplements for health and wellness, clean body care products and organic, local and fair trade foods. 

In 2014, we chose to complete B Labs' rigorous assessment process that evaluated our standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We became certified and joined ranks with over 1100 companies in 33 countries and over 60 industries, working together toward one unifying goal: to redefine success in business. 

In 1974 we set a standard for that success. 40 years later, we've found our tribe. 

To learn more visit B Corporation.

(Growing) list of B Corporation Products We Carry:


≫ Badger
≫ EO
≫ Essential Living Foods
≫ Leap Organics
≫ Good Clean Love
≫ L. International
≫ Emmy’s Organics
≫ New Chapter
≫ Sustain
≫ Yogi
≫ Mamma Chia
≫ Numi

≫ Peeled Snacks
≫ Seventh Generation
≫ Traditional Medicinals
≫ Cleanwell
≫ Nutiva
≫ Chico Bag
≫ Alter Eco
≫ Kleen Kanteen
≫ Runa
≫ Bhakti Chai
≫ Preserve
≫ Guayaki