Jennifer Edgar / Kindred Naturals

PO Box 498, Truro, Massachusetts (MA) 02666 • info.kindrednaturals@gmail.comwww.kindrednaturals.com

Brief Description of Your Business: Kindred provides herbal consultations and classes for women, as well as comprehensive doula services including lactation counseling, childbirth and newborn education, product consulting, and registry development. Inspired by the wisdom and art of Western community herbalism and the midwifery model of care, Kindred offers methodical, evidence-based support while embracing the unique and intuitive dimensions of healing, birthing, and womanhood.

I am currently living in Washington, D.C. and I spend summers on Cape Cod where I offer classes and consultations. I am available to travel/teach/consult in the Boston area in July and August, and I am always available for phone consultations. Please contact me for further details.



1001 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, ma 02138 • freshwatermassage@gmail.com • www.freshwatermassage.com

Sonja works from the understanding and appreciation that each person is an individual and deserves a unique approach. She combines her many years as a competitive athlete and vast knowledge of anatomy with her intuitive & Shamanic practices when conducting each session. Each session is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the client's body and begins with a brief dialogue in order to better highlight any physical ailments and/or emotional stressors that may contribute to discomfort. By attuning and attending to changes in breath, muscle tone, and movement, Sonja works to free the energy and “stories” we hold in our muscles and energy centers. Please refer to the list below when requesting a session.

Swedish & Relaxation / Deep Tissue / Myofascial Release / Active Release / Trigger Point Therapy & Acupressure / Sports Massage / Reflexology / Aromatherapy / Pre & Perinatal Massage / Chakra balancing


Cindy Hebbard, Master Herbalist

Brattleboro, VT and, Roslindale, MA 02131 US • healingwisdom@gmail.com 

Cindy Hebbard, Master Herbalist, Wellness Educator and Health Coach, has practiced herbalism and using food as her family's medicine for most of her life. Cindy healed herself nearly 20 years ago from childhood arthritis, eczema, fibromyalgia, digestive troubles and severe chemical sensitivity using healing foods and herbal remedies. Cindy has put her deep exploration of the healing arts to work by teaching people how they can also heal themselves from conditions such as Lyme, severe pain, autism, ADD, digestive, liver, skin, sleep, or mental health disorders, cancer, Alzheimer's, and a wide variety of degenerative and chronic auto-immune conditions. Cindy provides comprehensive Herbal Wellness Consultations, Private and Group Cooking Workshops, Healing Retreats and Intensives, introductory talks, product development consulting, and more. She offers her services in person in the Greater Boston area and Brattleboro, VT, and by Skype or phone throughout the world. She is also a Facial Rejuvenation Massage practitioner.